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Foreign currency fee litigation

Wells Fargo goes 1/2 Way

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 Quick - read:

  My wife closed her account.  I was there.

  Suddenly,  WELLS  FARGO  threatened to close my account too.

   They kicked me out of the bank too and called the police.

worm.gif (3649 bytes)      Wells Fargo Calls the Police...
I tried to help get her money out. Then...

605 E 500 S, S.L.C., UT    84102,   
Robert Hatch -- Where your money goes -  Donation of $4,600 to Presidential elections 2008.

 Returning It

Wells Fargo

...then they began harassing me...

  That's not "Rob's" real business card... Well, we did do the nose :) ~ I did add the picture.  He called the police when my wife tried to close her account at the Trolley Square (recent fatal shooting rampage) branch.  I was there too.  Yes, she finally did receive her money but closing an account at Wells Fargo was a hassle.  The Manager expelled me (not my wife) from the bank; we both had accounts there.   There had been no 'abuse' -- in the current politically correct sense or in any sense. Rob simply instigated this.  He just kicked me out for no reason, or just to be mean, to flex his flabby muscle, it seems.  WELLS FARGO seems mean -- it seems to hate at least some of its customers -- see links below.   Would YOU be satisfied?


 Update: Wells Fargo flunks 'stress test'

"Some of the largest banks are stable, the tests found. Others need billions more in capital. Government officials have said a stronger banking system is needed for an economic rebound.  Among the 10 banks that need to raise more capital, Bank of America Corp. needs by far the most ó $33.9 billion. Wells Fargo & Co. needs $13.7 billion..."

Source: Thurs., May 7, 2009


 The short of it...

My wife did not like the bank. Wemy wife and I each each had an account there.  We went to our local branch to close the account.  We were led to a clerk.  A conversation ensued; later the clerk said he would close my account, too, against my will. The manager was called; he told me to leave the bank.  I did -- peaceably.  He called the police.  The police came.  All my wife tried to do was to get her money back because she (and now I, too) don't like the bank.

In April 2009 Wells Fargo asked me to join again...

<- Wells Fargo sent me a new credit card.


Stupid Don Robinson.


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worm.gif (3649 bytes)The police came; here are the pictures.  One of the policemen told me he might call the FBI because my wife took pictures -- the bank building walls happened to be in the background.  I'm guessing that's an Islam-related fear, what with 9-11 and all... I don't know.  Osama bin Laden might be interested in my wife's snapshots?!  I think he's more interested in killing infidels... Mormons, atheists and others; but what do I know.

 The boring details...


The WELLS FARGO branch in Trolley Square is housed in a converted SALT STORAGE facility.  Trolley Square was once the central garage for trolleys in Salt Lake City.  In these photographs, one can still see the concrete chute in the wall above the ATM (not pictured), which was used to access the salt.   445 Trolley Square, Salt Lake City, UT 84102 (801) 364-6003.  After the last picture (above) was taken, the policeman asked me to ask my wife to stop taking pictures.  It's a public place for gods' sake!  The TV crews were'nt asked to stop filming, during the recent massacre next door!


 Update:  Update February 2012:  

Salt Lake City police took its website offline after it was hacked.

From: Police PR Unit <>
Subject: SLCPD investigation into computer attack continues; please change your password
Date: February 1, 2012 5:20:52 PM MST

If you are receiving this email, it is because you supplied your email address to the Salt Lake City Police Department through its website, As we continue to investigate the scope of the computer attack (...more)


Here, the police seemed unconcerned about having
 their picture taken, as they filmed the demonstrators.

In 2008 - 2009 the world 'expreienced' another financial depression, caused by America. The US government gave more than $700,000,000 - yes over 700 billion taxpayer dollars [sic]  to managers our like Mr.  Don Robinson here, and his ilk. So now he at Wells Fargo can afford to offer me credit again (for $12,000) after having screwed up the economy royally.

Wells Fargo wants my business after its junior manager, Don, evicted me:  Here's an offer I can refuse -- I'll send it back -

  Links:  Free Credit card verification spreadsheet    Other really Free things


 Wells Fargo returned my wife's money 'mit Ach und Krach', but no heed (no refund) was given to the other bank-things we returned -- *recently purchased personalized checks.  The refunding was done inside the bank while I was forced to wait outside; so I could not complain about the bank not refunding the value of the personalized checks.

Family photo of Talović (2007)
Mass murderer at Trolley Square

 WELLS FARGO     The next-nearest bank branch that I know about is on North Temple HOME street in Salt Lake city, on the West side neighborhood near the freeway, across from the Motel 6.  That branch was robbed the day before yesterday; I saw a report on the local TV news. I think it had been robbed at least once before, a couple of years ago or so.  It's dangerous to enter a bank these days, it seems.  The branch from which I was ejected and where Mr. Robinson called the police, the Trolley Square branch, is adjacent to the city's old brick trolley garage -- it's now a shopping mall -- where earlier this year a young immigrant, Bosnian, if memory serves, went on a shooting spree and killed several people (see recent shooting rampage).  A man who said works for Wells Fargo called me (May 5 2007).  He said I'm never allowed to enter the Trolley Square branch.  I don't know if this was a hoax or if he really worked for Wells Fargo.  He also threatened to close my account.  All this because my wife closed her account where she did not like the steep overdraft fee? Is this good service?

Would YOU do business here?

It's my opinion that Wells Fargo should concentrate on keeping customers' money safe, pay descent interest, make timely money transfers, etc., and provide good customer service.  The bank should not be involved in willy-nilly threatening customers with account closure and the manager should not call the police or otherwise threaten a longtime customer.  Now, four days later, no one from Wells Fargo has contacted me to tell my why the police was called or why they threatened closure of my account -- my wife closed her account and my banking activities have nothing to do with that.  It's her money and she can do with it as she pleases.  Yes or no?

Trolley Square 2004. The Wells Fargo branch is in back, to the left

If the bank follows through on its threat to close my account, I'll have a new set of problems -- my automatic transfers into this account will go to never never land. What will happen to that money?  This is a good reason never to allow automatic transfers INTO your account!  If you change banks or if this happens, you'll have to re-arrange everything. Take banks out of the loop. I can think of better ways to spend my time.  Joseph Smith, the inventor of Mormonism and the founder of Salt Lake City, Brigham Young felt the same way.  After all, it was the Mormons who first issued "Anti-Banking" notes in America.

Blog of May 4 2007:  I called the Police to get a case number and report of this incident.  The police seems to have no record of it.  Soon I will go to the police station and show the pictures to identify the officers.  At least one police officer took notes (see pic #4 above). It seems that I'm entitled to some impartial account of why this happened.  Stay tuned...

May 6 2007:  I received a  letter from a Mr. Garth Oborn who identifies his title as "agent" in the word-processed letterhead, stating that Wells Fargo would close my account in 30 days.

Officer Zesiger, left

May 6 2007:  I obtained the name of the police officer by showing the picture here to the officer at the desk at the SLC police department.  There is no police report of this matter, but the desk sergeant recognized him and told me that the officer on the right in the picture is named D. Zesiger.  I left a message, as directed, for officer Zesiger to call me.  I want to know what the bank's complaint against me is.  I have been exchanging emails with the Wells Fargo internet people for several days now, trying to get to the bottom of this.  They are stonewalling, first saying they have no record, saying that the branch manager would contact me, and saying that they the main office at Wells Fargo would contact me.  as of today nobody has contacted me about anything.

May 8 2007: No call from officer D. Zesiger yet.

May 9 2007: The Wells Fargo internet people tell me that the regional manager has been notified about this problem and will contact me.

May 10 2007: Letter --

SLC Police                                           Officer D. Zesiger
315 E. 200 S.  SLC UT
                   May 10 2007

Dear officer Zesiger,

Four days ago I went to your station to talk to you but you were not in.  The officer at the desk directed me to a telephone in the lobby of the police station and I left a message on your answering machine with my contact information.  Perhaps you did not receive the message, as I have not received your reply. 

I am writing about the incident at the Trolley Square branch of the Wells Fargo bank on May 1, 2007.  You were one of the offers who responded to the branch managersí call to the police.

It seems that no case number has been assigned to this.  So I am asking you to please respond to me to tell me what happened, and what the reason the branch manager, Mr. Don Robinson had for calling the police.  Any other additional information is greatly appreciated by me.  I ask that a case be established and that I be given the case number.

Thank you in advance for your kind reply

June 25 2007: Officer Zesiger did not bother to reply.

June 25 2007:  Wells Fargo sent me a check some time ago, sans any kind of accounting to show how deposits were credited.  Now I'll need to call to find out what happened to the money.


RE: Don Robinson, Wells Fargo branch manager Trolley Square branch, Salt lake city, UT -- Incident Mar 1 2007 -- police report was filed:


From: Wells Fargo Online
Posted At: May 4, 2007
Subject: Personal Credit Management questions (#7482-005214-5221)

I have forwarded your message to Mr. Don Robinson, you will receive a response directly from him.

Wendy Smith
Wells Fargo
Online Customer Service

I have not heard back form anyone at your bank; I would like to ask again why my wife and I were treated so shabbily at your branch and why the police was called.

I ask you, because there seems to be no extant police report of the incident.

Thank you kindly in advance for your soonest reply


From: Wells Fargo Online
Posted At: May 7, 2007
Subject: Personal Credit Management questions (#7482-005214-5221)

Thank you for your recent reply. I spoke with the branch manager directly on your behalf. For additional information regarding this incident, we ask that you please contact Garth Oborne of the local police department. Garth Oborne can be reached at 1-801-246-8562.

K. Davis
Wells Fargo
Online Customer Service

Thank you for your response. Before, you told me to contact Mr. Don Robinson, and now you tell me to contact Mr. Oborne. I wasted a whole week following your advice, contacting Robinson at the email address on his business card. After reading your email I did go to our local police department downtown, today, as you suggested -- and they do not know of your Mr. Garth Oborne.

So why don't you kindly relay to me the information concerning my problem which you gleaned by your conversation, with the branch Manager, Mr. Robinson. THAT would be greatly appreciated. That failing, please have someone higher up contact me or reply here, as I am very tired of this stonewalling and run-around.

Please give me the mailing address of your headquarters and of your regional manager.

In addition to the things I mentioned before, I now request to see or obtain a copy of your surveillance video and other records of the incident on May 1 2007 between 4:15 pm and 5:25 pm at your Trolley Square branch, SLC UT.

Thank you kindly in advance for your soonest reply.

From: Wells Fargo Online
Posted At: May 11, 2007
Subject: Personal Credit Management questions (#7482-005214-5221)

I am writing regarding your recent email and I apologize for the confusion.

Garth Oborn is with Wells Fargo Corporate Securities Department and he is now handling this matter. He has asked that we forward the following information:

I have been directed by Wells Fargo Corporate Security to remind you of the following:

You were sent a letter dated May 4, 2007 wherein you were informed that Wells Fargo has made a decision to close your account on June 6. Within that letter, you were informed that you may choose to close the account on your own should you choose to do so, yet do not return to the Trolley Square bank. As well, you were informed that your assigned contact regarding this matter, is Wells Fargo Security Agent, Garth Oborn. Should you have questions, you may call Mr. Oborn during regular banking hours at 801-246-8562. Further efforts to bother other bank employees with this issue is considered harassment. Applicable to this matter, Wells Fargo Corporate Security directs you to "Cease and Desist" all efforts to communicate in any manner with the manager of the Trolley Square bank.

Kathy Jackson
Wells Fargo
Online Customer Service

I have NOT been contacted by your regional manager yet, like you said -- promised. That's what I am waiting for. It seems that each time it's someone else of you who responds, making communication very difficult, ineffective an inefficient since I have to explain everything over and over again, ad nauseam. Please fix this so that it's the same person, if Iím to be contacted again and use my email address or my mailing address or my phone number. This s/b easy, not difficult.

Best regards,

From: Wells Fargo Online
Posted At: May 14, 2007
Subject: Personal Credit Management questions (#7482-005214-5221)

I am writing regarding your recent email and I apologize for the frustration.

The District Manager will not be contacting you because Mr. Garth Oborn has taken over this matter. In our last response we provided his name and phone number as the person you need to contact. Please call Mr. Oborn directly at 801-246-8562, his is now your point of contact for Wells Fargo.

He is fully aware of your concerns and can answer any and all questions you have related to this situation.

Kathy Jackson
Wells Fargo
Online Customer Service

Posted At: 07:10:41.000 05/14/2007
Posted To:

First you say the District manager will contact me? I wait one week and now you say she will NOT contact me. What kind of outfit are you running there, at Wells Fargo? I will therefore contact her myself.

Please give me her mailing address, phone and email. I have not heard from Mr. Garht either.

I am writing regarding your recent email and I apologize for the continued frustration.

Online Customer Service is unable to assist you in this matter. I have forwarded your latest email to Mr. Garth Oborn for review. Please contact him directly at 801-246-8562, for further assistance.

Kathy Jackson
Wells Fargo
Online Customer Service

That's all she wrote.


From:(On file)
Subject: Wells Fargo Injustice
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2008 17:24

I am very appalled by what transpired for you and the run around that
you were given from Wells Fargo, but I hate to say that I am not

I am a college student in Utah, married last year, poor, and living
the average college student-married life.

I closed an account with Wells Fargo on August 21st of last year,
(2007), to bring the money to a different bank with my husband. The
bank, luckily, gave me no trouble, although, now I wish they had
bothered to mention something to me.

I recently got a collector's call fro ma certain agency saying that I
owed them, on behalf of Wells Fargo, almost 800$.

I have had a perfect credit and do not recall purchasing any item for
800$, so naturally, I call the debt department of the bank, who
proceeds to tell me that they were for a sprint bill of 234.20 and a
Chase Credit Card bill of 494.19, both payments sounding accurate that
I would have those amounts to those particular businesses.

The only problem was that the customer service man, Dennis was his
name, told me that the payments had gone through, not just been
posted, on August 20th, and that I had closed my account on the 21st.

When he put 2 and 2 together, he said audibly, "Oh, well, that's
weird." And admitted to me and my husband on a 3 way call that it had
been their mistake..... but we still owe them 800$.

Back in my single days, when I closed the account, I had been smart
and made sure the payments went through before I closed the account,
which had obviously not happened.

When I closed my account, the teller told me of no payments pending,
and proceeded to, evidently, give me TOO MUCH MONEY, which was only
brought to my attention [now], a YEAR after I closed the account.

Going from being a rich single adult, to a poor married wife
obviously makes a world of difference in this matter. As I withdrew
about 8,000 $ that day, 700$ would not have mattered in the slightest,
and I was responsible to make sure this payment had gone through.

Is it US that must pay for this mistake? I understand that I do owe
you money, that I TRIED to pay you, and your records SAID I did in
time, and I will be happy to pay you, ON MY OWN TIME, as I had
intended to when I made sure those payments were processed initially.

I could have even paid it 3 months later, 4, 5 even, but a year? They
have given me 30 days to pay this large bill or it will go on my
credit, and given me 2 hours to decide if I will do so or not.

I've called the local branch to see who I could contact, and I was
told that the only representative that could help me at all was this
Dennis I had already spoken to who had been less than helpful.

Why are we, this good, nice mormon couple, being punished for a
teller's mistake?

If there is a number or person or email you could make me aware of to
help me in my situation, seeing as I have been able to locate NONE,
that would be great. I live in city-name, and check my email at

(name withheld)

From:(On file)
Subject: my wells fargo experience
Date: February 22, 2010

February 22, 2010

Mr. John Stumpf
Wells Fargo & Company
420 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, CA 94104
Dear Mr. Stumpf;

After dealing with your company for the past 16 months and getting denial after denial Wells Fargo FINALLY came up with their version of a loan modification.

I want to state for the record that after making my three installments of $1845.17, as requested by Wells Fargo, I was given the Loan Modification Agreement with less than 5 days to go over the terms proposed by your legal staff. Furthermore I contacted Wells Fargo immediately to get a detail of the terms since my English is not very good. Wells Fargo on February 12 informed me that a letter was sent out to further explain the terms. NO LETTER arrived.

Look at the records, I spoke to someone at your company nearly every day and not once did anyone mentions that I had until February 18 to get the papers back or you will foreclose on my home. Now that you have taken my money, time has expired and you have a foreclosure sale date of March 4, 2010. Now I am told this process has to start all over again if you donít foreclose first. Why?

You hear the news of someone bulldozing a foreclosed home or flying a plane into the IRS. Now I understand their frustration.

(name withheld)

Wells Fargo Evicts Terminally Ill Woman Despite Federal Court Order
By D i a n e   S w e e t


This may well be a new low for a bank. On the morning of October 10, 2012, Niko Black was in bed when her front door was kicked open by the Orange County Sheriff's Department. Black, who has terminal cancer, crawled to her wheelchair as four-to-six deputies entered and proceeded to hold a gun to her face. She was then taken outside without any of her medication. When she called the Garden Grove Police, they did nothing. Since all of her medication and other means of treatment were in her home, Black began to have difficulty breathing, and very quickly and had to be taken to the hospital.

The 37-year-old Mescalero Apache woman, who suffers from a rare, malignant and metastastic form of cancer, refused to open the door, saying that they had no legal right to be there. On the other side was a taped copy of a court order obtained from Federal Bankruptcy Judge Theodore C. Albert in late August that she firmly believes should have prevented the OCSD from carrying out the eviction. The deputies acted anyway.

"They break down my door," Black recounts. "I'm sitting there in my wheel chair. I'm about 100 pounds of shriveled-up cancer and a threat to no one."

What came next, she says, was much more harrowing. "Sergeant Bob Sima puts a gun to my face, finger on the trigger, no safety and walks around me," Black states, pausing to emotionally gather herself. "There's no reason, except for to threaten my life, for an intimidation factor, to put a gun to my head."

With neighbors lining up outside watching, Black's health began to worsen. "I needed my medication, I couldn't breathe and I was having a seizure," she said, claiming that deputies were unresponsive to concerns about her condition; one officer even remarked that she 'looked good' to him. An ambulance finally arrived at her friend's behest and she was forcibly removed from her home and hospitalized.

If this situation weren't complicated enough, according to an online petition circulating in support of Black, she never even had a mortgage with Wells Fargo!

Since the eviction, Federal Judge Theodore C. Albert (who signed the court order favoring Black) has ordered Wells Fargo and county representatives to appear in court on November 13 to explain the eviction.

CEO John Stumpf received total compensation of $9.4 million in 2008.

Wells Fargo shrinks CEO's base pay to $2.8M

        Feb 26, 2010 Reporting by S t e v e E d e r

Stumpf to receive base pay of $2.8M; down from $5.6M

Pay will be in all cash, instead of stock and cash mix

NEW YORK, Feb 26 (Reuters) - Wells Fargo & Co (WFC.N) cut in half the base pay of Chief Executive John Stumpf, according to a regulatory filing on Friday.

Stumpf will be paid a cash salary of $2.8 million starting on March 1, down from the $5.6 million cash and stock salary he used to receive.

The San Francisco-based bank said it would defer decisions on compensation performance pay for its top executives until it had conducted a review of peer compensation data.

It seems that Wells Fargo wants my business again -


In 2008 - 2009 the world 'experienced' another financial depression, caused by America. The US government gave more than $700,000,000 - yes over 700 billion taxpayer dollars [sic]  to managers and their ilk like our Mr. Robinson here.  So now, he at Wells Fargo can afford to offer me credit again (for $12,000) after having screwed up the economy royally.
Wells Fargo
wants my business after its junior manager, Don Robinson, "evicted" me:  Here's an offer I can refuse -- I'll send it back -


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    Wells Fargo agreed to pay $12.8 million to settle a lawsuit

Ps: I recently had a break-in in my car -- some things were stolen.  In chatting with officer D. Zesiger (above), he told me that the Salt Lake City police will likely not do anything to investigate the theft, even though -- as I told him -- I had given the police good leads to follow)

From: Police PR Unit <>
Subject: SLCPD investigation into computer attack continues; please change your password
Date: February 1, 2012 5:20:52 PM MST

If you are receiving this email, it is because you supplied your email address to the Salt Lake City Police Department through its website, As we continue to investigate the scope of the computer attack (Police Department Website Temporarily Offline Due to Hack), we have learned that citizen complaints regarding drug crimes in the community were also accessed. These forms included phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, other personal information, and details about suspicious activity from a variety of sources. As a precaution, SLCPD advises you to change email passwords immediately, especially if you used the same password for the SLCPD website that you use at home or work. Rest assured, SLCPD is working diligently to find a solution so it may continue its public safety partnership with citizens.  ~



Salt Lake City police website hacked; anonymous group takes credit
By  C I M A R O N   N E U G E B A U E R   Jan 31 2010

Salt Lake City police took their website offline Tuesday afternoon, after it was hacked.

At about 2:30 p.m., police started seeing information on the departmentís website that "werenít in line with our typical postings," prompting closure of the site, said Salt Lake City Police spokesman Shawn Josephson. All employees also changed their passwords.

The group taking the credit for the hack is a collective known as Anonymous. According to a news release from police, the hacker group says the attack is a response to an anti-graffiti paraphernalia bill being sponsored by state Sen. Karen Mayne, D-West Valley City. Currently, the bill in its amended state, prohibits any person to possess any instrument, tool or device with the intent of vandalizing an area with graffiti. Offenders would be guilty of a class C misdemeanor. Depending on the extent of the vandalism, the crime could be boosted to a felony.

On the website,, the people claiming to be responsible for the hacking posted their motivations for the attack. They criticize the bill for being too broad, an attempt "to resolve an inconvenience with a flamethrower." The post ridicules the billís attempt to enforce law "based on suspected intent."

"Has your Senator Karen Mayne watched Minority Report too many times?" the writers ask.

Mayne does not live in Salt Lake City or represent it.

Josephson said police are looking into all possible scenarios of how access was obtained and when the site was hacked.

Police intend on securing the site before it is brought back online and looking into what criminal charges may be filed against the group or individuals involved.

"We are seeking prosecution," Josephson said.

Those claiming to have hacked the site tweeted Tuesday evening that they were able to obtain confidential sensitive information. However, Josephson said the site is not linked to information in police reports or other confidential documents. Hackers gathered email information of registered users on the police website. Police said no confidential information was taken from the site.

"The website was built as a standalone communication feature to increase dialogue about public safety issues in a proactive manner. For this reason it was not integrated with Department or City databases," the news release states.

The police website was designed to allow communication with the public and police. There is not a set date or time for when the site will be back up and running, but in the meantime the public can maintain access to news from police at

"It is important for the public to be involved and we donít want to let a group prevent us from making that communication with the public," Josephson said.

The hack will not affect the routine work of the agency, but now citizens cannot access information on the site.

If there are any inaccuracies in this report I invite interested parties to bring them to my attention and they will be corrected or deleted.

A copy of my other web page, linked to here has been shown or sent to Wells Fargo.

Do these things suck? ~~ Unpleasant experiences with companies and organizations. Scams.

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