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Riggs High School  Pierre, SD

My high school made me stupid.

Would you have pride in such a school? 


             When I attended Riggs High it was decided...

   ...to Censor the Juniors' and Senior's biology text book by physically cutting out the section on human reproduction.  The class was taught by Jack Robinson.  I couldn't see what was censored so I did not learn any of that sex-stuff in that particular center of learning.  I had to rely on mail-order books and on the Kama Sutra, for Christ's sake, to learn about those things!  And I learned it in the back seat of my '53 Chevy; Linda Ann Thompson was my teacher and later my wife.

Link    A similar thing happened 51 years later in Arizona: ArizonaHonorsBiology.com/. Riggs High School was ahead of its time!

© Dimensional Form 1971.

   ...to Fire the best and kindest librarian we ever encountered, Miss Audrae Euginie Visser, because she had a son (illegitimate?) who frequently visited her at our school.

She is the author of beautiful books, including Rustic Roads (1961) and Grass Roots Poetry (1991).

 Ms. Visser became Poet Laureate of South Dakota -- from 1974 until 2001.

Me. 1963.


  I'm on the toilet in the Mir.
 Star City, Russia 2000


  West Lake island,
Hangzhou,  China 2002

K.M. Illig,
Addis Ababa, 1955
In Memoriam

Schorndorf, Germany, 1954     Enlarge



I took two years of biology at Riggs High, from Mr. Jack  Robinson.  We had text books with a censored Human Reproduction section -- from that section, all the pages -- had been CUT OUT!
Nowadays' South Dakota legislators (2006) had the same text books;  this is what not knowing about biology yields -- this is what Faith-Based  ideology hath wrought...
South Dakota's Riggs High School
made me stupid.

AUDRAE VISSER  1919 - 2001

Death of an Old Farmer    

Out of this sunlit world you went today
Into that other world of peace and dark;
The wrens still trill their songs, the farm dogs bark,
The air smells good with new alfalfa hay--
All things you loved--but you have gone away,
Your spirit like a run-down clock now stark,
Refused another winding; thus we mark

Your end, which science could no longer stay.
Were you a humble man? You were not rich
Nor ruled those realms where high intriguings lurk--
And yet, I’d say you were a man of wealth;
In life you had your own respected niche,
And friends, a wife and children, honest work,
And almost to the last, your priceless health.


Books by Audrae Visser:  (Amazon.com)
Grass Roots Poetry
Prairie poetry
Rustic Roads and Other Poems


Subject: Audrae Visser
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2006
Audrae Visser was my mother-in-law's cousin. Both were wonderful women. I didn't know Audrae was fired. Are you sure about this? Didn't they know about her son when they hired her? Audrae was Poet Laureate of SD until her death a few years ago.
I got a kick out of your web page.
Sincerely, Kathy



Subject: Re: Audrae Visser
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2006
Hi Harald,
Thanks for responding to my message [...] Audrae and Gerry's mom were very close, so I got to know Audrae when she came to visit Alma and Robert. I know a fair amount about her, and would be happy to share it with you--I probably have an obituary somewhere. I'll look for it.

I don't want to intrude into your personal life, but I'm curious as to why you are so enamored of Audrae, especially after all these years. She was a wonderful woman, but I know she had "crushes" on some of her students. Were you by any chance one of those lucky fellows? You don't need to be angry if she were, indeed, fired, as she had a wonderful life after Riggs. There is life after high school, isn't there--and it is as good as we choose to make it.

Hope I haven't offended your sensibilities, but from the tone of your website, I'm not too worried!! I gather you're outspoken, as am I; more so since Gerry's death.

Take care,

◄     Eva Olson
Date: Fri, 09 Jan 2009
From: "Eva Hageman" <Eva.Hageman@
Subject: Riggs High School

I think you must have way too much time on your hands to dwell on these two issues from our days in high school. I think we got a very good education at Riggs. We scored much higher on entrance exams to college than do students now. Do you really think that one chapter in a biology book makes or breaks the quality of your education? Had that chapter been covered would you have been smarter? The answer to both questions is "No." And, the school district knew that Miss Visser had a child. You are stirring up old rumors that had no basis then and still don't now. What you should do is come back to one of the reunions, visit with old friends and classmates and talk about the good times of which there were many! Quit dwelling on the negative, which in this case is really very minor. respectfully,
eva olson

Eva Hageman, MA, EdS
Nationally Certified School Psychologist
Deer Valley Reserve Psychologist

"We scored much higher on entrance exams to college than do students now."
Riggs High School has a lower rating now than it had in 1963? )


From: "Mark Nellermoe" <footdoc@nventure.com>
To: <Nowscape@yahoo.com>
Subject: Harald the
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2009
Microsoft Office Outlook
◄     This guy is a Doctor!     ( 2 Stars  on Yelp in 2014
         NPI No. 1386733541;  Lic. No. PO00000507 WA

You sound so unhappy. So you think you were short changed by your alleged censorship. Grow up. Your education obviously was good enough to get you through life. You certainly would have faired much worse growing up in the places you glorify by your adventure pictures: Communist Russia and Red China. Do you think there in no censorship in those worker’s paradises?

Such brewing anger and hostility, you make me think of the storie's of those dudes who crack and end up aiming their deer rifles at playgrounds from a bell tower. Harald’s neighbors hear me; take his guns away before he pops a cork.
Sent by: Mark Dale Nellermoe, DPM
1310 S Union Ave Ste a201,Tacoma, WA 98405-1907
3929 Bridgeport Way W
Tacoma, WA 98466 Ste#308,
Phone: (253) 627-4181
Riggs High School
Pierre, SD
Class of 1977

Do I think there is no censorship in the "workers' paradise" of red China and communist Russia?  It would be stupid for one to think that -- what a queer question to askAnd we have  censorship here, too!

After I pointed out to Nellermoe that he is mean-spirited and tactless for saying that I am wicked, that I am a coward, childish and that my neighbors need to be warned because I might try to shoot them -- before you can say Jack Robinson, the foot doctor Mark D. Nellermoe intentionally, he says, fired off further malice, belligerence  and insults. (He mistakenly thinks Audrae Visser is my relative)


Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 2009
To: Mark Nellermoe
Subject: Re: Harald the wicked

You are mean to me for no reason, Mark. You say that I am wicked, that I am childish, need to grow up, probably embrace communism and that I might try to kill my neighbors. For Christ's sake! Have you no class, no education, no tact?

Best Regards, if applicable.

Subject: RE: Harald the wicked
Date: March 26, 2009
◄     Mark Nellermoe, Riggs High School graduate -- 
Really, if you can’t take a malicious swipe, than stiffen your spine. I am standing up for my high school, where I have received a rather fine education, even with Jack Robinson as a Bio. teacher. I have no comment on your relative [sic] as I can have no knowledge of the incident. She seems to be a fine person; I even printed that poem as it struck a chord with me.

My intent was to off you an offence the like as yours to Riggs [sic].

What is the intent on that email trace? Is it in your nature, perhaps from days with The Company or are you trying to track me down to confront me?

Subject: In Reflection
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2009
◄     Mark Nellermoe.  After the DPM saw this post, he "reflected"...

In reflection I believe I was rude and mean to you. I had no reason to treat you in such a manner as I did. I hope you will accept my apology for unkind words to you.

Best regards,
Mark Nellermoe





  Family ca. 1961.


802 West Pleasant Drive, ca. 1961.

  802 West Pleasant Drive, Pierre, SD.  2008.

The Husleys on Maple St.; 2008.

  Four generations - Richland, WA, ca. 1971  (TOUCH to enlarge)


      802 W. Pleasant Dr, 1962.

      Oil painting, K. M. Illig

        (TOUCH to enlarge)




For a booklet prepared by the 2008 Reunion folks...

At home 1988  

  3RD Armored Division "Spearhead".  Ft. Belvoir, Va.


Something else...

Harald (left) and Richard K. Widdoss (right)
(Photo Mark Simmons, 1963)

 S.L.C.  UT 2008

Frank Mellon (left) and I in my bedroom "computer lab",
Summer 1978.
 (TOUCH to enlarge)

 Link:   Blackjack

Minox camera

This photo  of me was made the
day after my mother died in 1999, 
so it's NOT a happy face, but here
it is anyway.



Touch image to enlarge it.

View from living room window to SE, 2003.

What set me off to make this web page?...

Sent: Tuesday, February 07, 2006
To: info@pierreeducationalfoundation.org
Subject: This alumnus' contribution _ Pierre 'Educational' Foundation
Dear Mr. Brakke

Your letter invited me to contribute or pledge a financial gift to my alma mater. This is the school which censored, from our biology text book, the entire chapter on human reproduction, by brazenly cutting out
all of its pages!
This is the school which shamelessly abused our librarian, Miss. Audrae Visser, who later became South Dakota's
Poet Laureate.
You should be ashamed to ask for money now.

Kindest regards,  [etc...] (Class of '63)
From: info@pierreeducationalfoundation.org
I am very sorry that you had a bad experience at Pierre High School. I hope you understand that we had no control over your experience,[sic] and hope for nothing but the best for you, and our other alumni.
 Thank you for your note. Best wishes to you,
 Kim Brakke
 Pierre Educational Foundation

Principal -       Mr. Fugitt
Asst. Principal - Mr. Mutchelknaus
Terry Cummings -  Mrs.Cummings



One bully who never has apologized to me... or to anyone else whom
he wronged, I bet -- Mike Pellerzi.

I thought he graduated with us in the class of 1963, but it was a year later.
Now I see why he isn't in the yearbook, Gumbo...
...apparently he didn't make it thru the 11th grade on the first try.

Friends: Cindy Gibson, Gary Wallace, Sara Cease, Nancy Lemieux, Ken Abrahamson...
             16% of graduates from Mike Pellerzi's school like to
             30% of graduates from Mike Pellerzi's school like


Class of 1963 Rigggs High, Pierre South Dakota

Adams, Gale

Holle, Janet

Palmer, Brent

Adams, Maxine

Hunsley, Donald

Palmer, Loren

Ashmore, Marge

Hunsley, Jerry

Parker, Patricia

Baade, David

Illig, Harald

Parlet, Mary

Bad Moccasin, Clifford

Jacobs, Robert

Paulson, Marilee

Bauer, Doris

Jacobsen, Ed Joe

Peitz, Mary

Bauman, Jeanne

Jennings, Marilyn

Pellerzi, Michael

Big Eagle, Jerry

Jensen, Shirley

Pickney, Lois

Black, Sharon

Johnson, Dwight

Pool, Laronn

Collier, Georgina

Johnson, Susan

Porter, Gary

Boyd, James

Kelly, C. James

Purkapile, Diana

Brashear, Mary

Kelly, Mary

Pyncheon, Carol

Bruce, Kenneth

Kilian, Betty

Quenzer, Joyce

Burke, Kathleen

Kindt, Kindt

Reed, Karen

Butler, Carol

Kitchen, Jack

Richards, Kathy

Carr, James

Lambert, Myrna

Roberts, Leonard

Carr, Janice

Lamster, Richard

Rogers, Trula

Carroll, Karen

Larson, Judith

Ruzick, Jr., Sam

Christianson, Mary

Lemcke, Cheryl

Samco, Charlotte

Colbert, Nina

Leonard, James

Schlaak, Betty

Colby, Carole

Lewis, Ruth

Schlim, Thomas

Crance, Patsy

Lindstrom, Jon

Schomer, Diane

Crandall, Keith

Longland, Rose

Schultz, Steve

Creager, William

Lucas, Anthony

Sherburne, Earl

Cruse, Kay

Madison, Donald

Sheehan, Doda

Dahlgren, Danna

Mascher, Marlys

Shueth, Vi

Dilley, Warren

McLauchlan, Marianna

Simmons, Mark

Douglas, Thomas

McQuay, Jerry

Singleton, Ward

Eakin, Loren

Meadors, Phillip

Smith, Richard

Eckert, Penne

Menors, Richard

Smith, Ronald

Eich, Mary Anne

Miller, Pete Jack

Smith, Sharyn

Eldridge, Bootz

Miller, Richard

Sonnenschein, Diana

Erikson, Noel

Moore, Larry

Sorenson, Edmund

Farries, Carole

Morris, Larry

Spicer, Ruth Ann

Fineran, Wanda

Morris, Milton

Sneed, Jerry

Flannery, Sandra

Mullally, Robert

Staph, Sheryl

Forney, Bonnie

Naasz, Dennis

Stiles, Ihlene

Freiberg, Al

Neiber, Susan

Stoehr, Barbara

Gage, Randi

Neilan, Darrell

Stoeser, Linnette

Gates, Frank

Neiles, Daniel

Suiter, Molly

Gilsinger, William

Nielson, Cliff Alan

Temple, Linda

Green, Constance

Neuharth, Steve

Thomas, William

Gregg, Nancy

Nickels, Mary

Thomas, Julianne

Grubbs, Wayne

Olesen, Roger

Thomsen, Alan

Hansen, Vicky

Olesen, Ronald

Thompson, Linda

Hanson, Joe

Olson, Eva

Tobin, Janet

Hanson, Richard

Ondricek, Julia

Tommervik, David

Harris, Michael

O'Rielly, Robert Dean

Tyler, Tyler

Hawkins, Merl

Otto, Maxine

Volk, Paula

Hegg, Paul

Ottum, Mickey

Waddell, John

Hineline, Grace

Owens, Barry

Wagner, Phyllis

Hirsch, Jerry

Owens, Peggy

Walsh, Marie

Hogan, Harry

  Link  Here is a link to the class roster of the class of '63.

SD Abortion:   http://www.abc.net.au/pm/content/2006/s1578073.htm
               SD Abortion:   http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/12/26/AR2005122600747.html
               Pierre School District
               My buddy, Courtney Flateau (RIP), Class of '65 His book, 1980, h ere: (Amazon).
               "Dakota Lullaby" by Albert and Gage (You Tube)


Ken's Guide to the Bible
by Ken Smith
With precision and pig-iron wit, this
compact volume lays bare all the sex,
gore, and and lunacy that the Bible
has to offer...

According to its newsletter to alumni, the first
four listed accomplishments
in 2005 and 2006
of the Pierre Educational Foundation

1. New logo
2. New updated brochure
3. Website pierreeducationalfoundation.org
4. New redesigned newsletter
5. Other http://riggsclassof63.com

Separation of State and church does not exist in SD ...

 Link   The Wall of Separation


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