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 The SHORT READ:   Sisna will take your money,  provide  NO SERVICE  and
 then not  give a refund. That's what happened to me.
Steer away from Sisna.

"I wish I had seen your report about Sisna before I signed
up ..."

What follows are the highlights of mail exchange with Sisna, a so-called Internet Service Provider, www.sisna.com in Salt Lake City, Utah. I got no service of any kind, canceled, asked for a refund and Sisna stonewalled me. Sisna will take your money, provide NO SERVICE and then not
give a refund. That's what happened to me.

To: customer service  

Last week I signed up for a new account.  Two days ago, when 
I tried to use it; the account was not active.  I'm not at a 
computer where I can try it right now.  I wrote to you with 
this same question yesterday.

I want to know if my account is active now.

My username is [***].

From: customer service  

i was not able to locate your user name or full name on the 
server. please indicate when you paid and under which account, 
tribune, state, or unlimited so i can track it down in 
accounting. thanks

Dear Sisna,

I can never get connected when I want to. Your phone rings,

and rings and no modem picks up. Right now I've been on hold

for 10 minutes, telephone to ear, and no one answers on your

voice support line!

You took one week to activate my account [even though Sisna

promised 24-hr turnaround - Ed.]. I would like to cancel, and

get a full refund. If you have a problem with that, I'll

explain it more if you call me at [telephone number removed - Ed.]



[acct-password information removed for publication - Ed.]

[SISNA Refund Policy]

In order to cancel your account you must follow the following procedure:

Cancellations will only be accepted in writing via U.S. mail [sic]
to the following address:

Attn: Cancellations
1405 E. 2100 So.
Salt Lake City, UT 84105

The following items must be included in the cancellation letter:
1. Full name and address
2. Username and password
3. Subscription date
4. Reason for Cancellation
5. Method of payment
* Credit card number used

In order not to be billed for the next billing cycle, cancellation requests
must be received 10 days prior to the end of your current billing cycle.
Please allow 10 days for the processing of refunds.
SISNA Refund policy

1. Setup, software and shipping fees are nonrefundable.
2. Cancellations after the new billing period, but before the 15th of he
   initial billing cycle will receive 1/2 months credit for any unused months.
3. Cancellations after the new billing period, but after the 15th day of
   the cycle will receive no credit for that month.
4. All refunds are reimbursed in the same matter as the initial payment.
   Any questions contact the accounting department at 467-7852 between the
   hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm.

John DeGrey
System Administrator     webspinner@sisna.com
(801) 467-7852          (801) 467-5166

Dar Sisna,

Our procedure mandates that your communication to us must

ALSO be in writing. Thank you; So I shall expect a letter

from you that says what your email just said. I will also put

out a web page describing the troubles I've had with you.



If you wish-I am sending you a photo-copy of SISNA's

cancellation policy. When we tell you to put it in writing-we

are only trying to help you go through the proper procedure.[sic]

As always-SISNA is apologizes if we did not service you

properly.  [Sisna serviced me, all right! --Ed.]

Dear Sisna,

Yes, you may send me this.
I never read this policy before. If you like, I will send you
a photocopy of OUR policy which delineates how we are not
bound by policies we've never had a chance to read. Please
respond if you want.
Meanwhile, I will tell my friends and co-workers about the
trouble I'm having with you people, and how you, Sisna is
trying to cheat its victims by not providing quality
service and by trying to keep the money.
Please include in your printed policy the level of service
I could have expected from SISNA.


Email or SISNA on 8/7/96

Dear Sisna,

Thank you for the Xerox copy of your policy, which arrived
That you sent the policy paper to my home means that you
have no doubt that it is really I with whom you are
dealing. You just want me to jump thru some hoops before
I can get my FULL refund. Queer, I think.

The Xerox you sent me contains essentially the same
information you have already emailed me, but some parts
of it has been censored-out.
Why is that? The top part of the paper,  “SISNA CANCELLATION
POLICY” has "CANCELLATION POLICY” blacked out, but if I
hold the paper up to the light, I can read it well
enough. Similarly, near the center there once was the
heading “REFUND POLICY”, but it, too, is censored with
a big felt-tip pen. What am I to make of the alteration?
Your Refund and Cancellation “policies” ask for the
same information I’ve already given you; and nowhere
in your policies do you require a signature from me!
How queer. Why make me go thru all this? Why risk poor
customer relations? Is it just to hang onto my few
dollars a bit longer?

The fact that you will not give a refund makes me
think that you want to cheat your victims out of the
money they paid. We expected good service. I my case
I haven’t gotten it but I will get my money back!!
I’ll get an apology too, I bet. I enjoy
corresponding with you very much. Please continue,
or send me my goddam money back.

Kindest regards,


To: INF02@worldnet.att.net  (by way of Jeff Barton )
From: "Henry J. Smith" 
Subject: Re: I enjoy corresponding with you
X-Sender: Henry@mail.sisna.com
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 96 21:34:50 +0000

Please indicate what you are talking about.
Where are you e-mailing from?

[...Copy of previous part of THIS web page removed --Ed..]

Henry J. Smith

From guest Wed Aug 21 23:28:39 1996
From: xxxxxxx@aol.com
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 1996 23:28:36 -0400
Subject: New user

Hey, was about to go online with those guys. It's wed. 
I spoke with Sisna on
Mon. They told me that I'd be online on Tues. 
Still not on with'em yet !!!
Great job on publishing your correspondence. 
Very Cool !! 
Any advice you give I'd appreciate.

 3-11-97 Dear Sisna, you for attempted to bill my credit

 card again, after all this time! I'm sorry to have taken up

 so much of your time on the telephone today. It was kind of

 you, after about 20 min, to take my suggestion to look up the

 answers and then call me back to tell me it. And you did that.

 What you said, in effect is that you tried to bill me

(unsuccessfully) since September of last year!

 I have told you again today, about this web page and have

 offered to correct any of it that you find not to be true.

 Unfortunately, the lady at 801/467-7852 number hung up on me

after I again requested a refund. I think she was rude.

Your computers were slow today. It shouldn't take 20 minutes

to look up an account.

ps: I still want my money back!

From: webguy (by way of customerservice@sisna.com) <webguy@sisna.com>
Date: Wednesday, January 27, 1999 9:34 AM
Subject: Re:

this information is really outdated 96, 97 issues.

we have since moved downtown and purchased all new equipment. 
you will notice no 99 information on your site.


Dear Sisna,
You have never refunded the money I paid when I cancelled my account.
I still want my money back! Please let me know if you intend to repay it.

In your reply, from yesterday (above)  you do not deny the accuracy of my
[this web site's] account; you only state that the "issue" is 2-3 years old.
That is how long you have kept my money!

The issue is correct as stated!  I have no idea why you would want to
fluff up your story by announcing that you have new equipment.  Everybody
buys new computer equipment, for Christ's sake, especially after 2-3 years.

I've had 3 computers since we last talked.   It's much to do about nothing!

I think you attempt to make a big deal of having purchased new stuff .

Please refund my money.

Thank you kindly in advance,

From: ???@aol.com
To: Nowsc@yahoo.com
Date: Sunday, April 04, 1999 
Subject: Hi

I just read your page, and I think its great- I hope you have 
gotten, or get your money back!

From: Nowsc@yahoo.com
To: ???@aol.com

Date: Sunday, April 04, 1999
Subject: Re: Hi

No, I have not yet gotten my money back... I will post it when
and if it happens.  Thanks for investigating the scam files
on the net.
P.S.:  RE  http://nowscape.com/sisnasuk.htm

Date: 8-8-2000
To whom it may concern,

I found your Sisna page via a Yahoo search. 
( http://nowscape.com/suck/sisnasuk.htm )
Not only did I find the information on the page accurate,
I have otherinformation you may be interested in.

I worked at Sisna in their technical support divison from
January to May of 1999. In that time period, I witnessed
many situations that were disturbing.

Sisna provided (and continues to provide) low-quality
service, while not accepting responsibility for their
problems. They always find someone else to blame for
connection of service problems.

Also, their treatment of employees is abysmal, to say
the least. Tech support operators are given as little
information as possible, not briefed on new hosting
accounts that Sisna has acquired (more on that later),
and kept in the dark as it pertains to most issues.
They are also encouraged to give stock answers to
customers that call in, even if the answer is a lie.
Sisna wants the public to think it provides 24-hour
support, yet uses the support staff for nothing more
than PR agents, there to answer phones and tell
customers lies to get them off the phone as
quickly as possible.

Another area where Sisna should cone under scrutiny is
their hosting activities. Sisna currently hosts several
other ISP's services. Sisna tech support is required to
answer calls for these other services as well. A Sisna
tech support operator is not allowed to identify
themselves as a Sisna employee, in order to fool the
customer into thinking that the operator works only
for the ISP they have an account with. Operators are
trained to answer the phone with the generic greeting
"internet tech support". The low quality of the Sisna
service is resold under several other names,
including T-Three (www.t-three.com) and Deseret
Online (www.deseretonline.com). Sisna has spread
it's already thin resources even thinner, making
a tech's job harder, and their service even worse.

With all the problems Sisna has, they manage to keep
only the worst employees for any amount of time.
Practically eny employee who lasts more than nine
months is put in some sort of authoritative position.
As such, they are allowed to get away with stunts
that most ISP's (or any other employer) would not
allow. Employees have used company resources to
host mp3/porn servers.

You may feel free to use any of this information
you choose, although I would prefer to remain

[Signature removed by author's request; -- ED]

Subject:Sisna refunds
Date: April 3, 2010 1:08:09
Cc: jclosch@copper.net

To all:
Good God! I am about to attempt to get a refund for
what amounted to no service. I was never able to get
a working email connection, and I spent nine days as
pen-pals with tech support before giving up. I wish
I had seen your report about Sisna before I signed
up for three months. I do intend to send all
pertinent information to my credit card service.
In the past, they have been able to persuade
recalcitrant foot-draggers to correct their
mistakes or scams, as the case may be.

Did the original poster of this report ever
get his money back?
[No. - ED] I believe the posting
went up just exactly a year ago today.

John Losch

[Signature granted by author:
"Feel free to post my message, signature and all." -- ED]

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