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-- This website is about Scams  -- Dishonesty -- Recalcitrance --  Incompetence --

My suggestion -- steer clear of Aros

Mr. Brown...

Feel the Farce, Luke.

Returning It

The  SHORT read:  
 Steer away  from 
 It's a hassle.


email  (800) 313-9782

BOYCOTT Aros.net

My opinion ~ What happened

Aros was my first Internet service provider in 1994.  I was satisfied UNTIL Aros cancelled my account for spamming --  I didn't spam.

During one week, I replied to about 50 or 60 previously received emails. That's a lot of email but a reply is not spam.

Spam is unsolicited email.  I merely REPLIED to previous email communication.

Several months after Aros had thus declared me persona non grata, ca. 1994, (by throwing me out... and NOT refunding my money), some snot-nosed pimple-face from Aros contacted me by phone to ask if I would like to open another account with Aros!



* For ~ $10 dollars LESS / mo,
 THIS domain has been served
Yahoo! ...

For ~ $10 / month or LESS... 
Don't buy .. check out others.

Ha, ha, ha!!!   As of now, in 2009,  1994 is 15 years in the past.  Using Aros' present fee structure, the amount of money Aros lost is around  $ 3,400 *  .  Aros is stupid and dishonest / unethical and uncaring... mean, overpriced and a pain in the ass and a waste of time.

What a bunch of CLOWNS!      Steer away  from  Aros;  it's not worth the HASSLE... 

Aros is headquartered in Slat Lake City,  Utah, USA -- Mormon country.

AROS does not have an email address... of course it has one, but it does not reveal what it is -- it's secret  (I spoke with them 4 times now).  The name ( of the unknowable person) at Aros' published telephone number, (800) 313-9782  won't reveal Aros's email address.  Try it... call (800) 313-9782.

The content of this web page has been brought to the attention of the subject Aros.net. Aros does NOT give an email address on its URL - as far as I can determine as of this writing. The snot-nosed pimple-faced kids who answer the telephone number, no email address or snot-nosed kid's name [sic]) has been given.  Phone:  (800) 313-9782  respondents do not give their full names.   They have been notified of the existence of this web page. It is almost impossible to communicate with AROS.

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The content of this web page has been brought to the attention of the subject.
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