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worm.gif (3649 bytes)  Tel America SUED ME...  worm.gif (3649 bytes)

This company over-billed me,  I but only by pennies per call.
I wanted my bill to be accurate; I refused to pay until the billing was accurate.

Tel America SUED ME.  Guess what?  They won !   I even had to pay Tel America's lawyer's fees.

(all this happened circa 1983, and I'm still angry)

Now  you know...  Tel America might sue you !

Do you want this for your telephone company ?
In my opinion, NO... This company seems to be out of business.

"You can't stay in business AND sue your customers"


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From: "Rosemary [...]
Subject: Tel America
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006

Tel America is in business...I know because they are currently making my life a living #@**. (Sorry....ladies don't swear). But I am looking for someone else, can you recommend?

When I started working for my new boss, he told me that my long distance would be through the company's account on Tel America. If I wanted to choose a different provider, that was up to me, but it would not be paid by the company. Apparently we have a nice group rate with them.

Well, when Tel America was told to set me up, they set me up on an individual account and the bills have been coming to my home ever since. Since I'm not on the company account, I have to pay. I have called, begged, and faxed my heart out trying to get it fixed. I've been on hold for up to 36 minutes waiting to talk to someone at Tel America. Every time I talk to them to get it fixed, they assure me it has been taken care of, but the next month comes and the bill stills comes to my house, it's still not on the company account, and I still have to pay it. Trying not to be a pain in the neck to my boss, I just brought this up yesterday. He was irritated to say the least, apparently, it's not the first time Tel America has messed things up and been reluctant to fix them. So I've been authorized to find another provider for the ENTIRE company. I'm looking for someone good, any suggestions? P.S. do not display my email address on your website. thanks Rosemary


 --- Mike Jasper wrote:

Do your research before letting false information go out. Tel America is not out of business and it looks like a judge saw a dead beat who wouldn't pay his phone bill.

It seems TRUE, after all ! They seem to have a small web page.  Once it had offices in sky-scraper buildings, now it has this for a web page: (when this web page first appeared Tel America was nowhere to be found on the 'net. :)

 Now, an email exchange from the "director of marketing" at TA:

  Sent: Thursday, March 17
  To: Mike Jasper
  Subject: Re:

 I would pay my phone bill... money wasn't the problem I only would not  pay the
 penny extra. Maybe you didn't read correctly. What business is Tel America in now?

 --- Mike Jasper wrote:

WE are a Utah Based long distance company located in downtowm SLC. We
have been around since 1982 and have a Excellent reputation with our

 Sent: Friday, March 18
 To: Mike Jasper

 You over-charge and can't get your billing right. When the customer
 complains, you stonewall, you are unresponsive and then sue the victim, for
 christ's sake! I could be wrong, but you used to have a large operation, a
 plethora of customers-victims and now you know what it feels like to be a
 victim, too, judging from the minuscule size if your "business". It serves
 you  right, what happened to you. Don't sue customers until you have addressed their
 complaints! Don't litigate over a one cent complaint. Listen to your
 It's very BASIC, but you are too mean (or stupid) to know and do that.

 Best wishes.

 Thank you for viewing complaint pages

--- Mike Jasper wrote:

 I feel bad that you feel the way that you do, I have been with Tel America
 since 1986 I have know Idea what happened in 1984 I wish that things could
 have been different, I wish I knew who was over this here at Tel America
 because with what you have said I cant believe what happened to you, I would
 have been MAD ALSO. But I believe the people that I work with here now would
 never sue for a penny.

 Best of luck in the future.

Sent: Friday, March 18
To: Mike Jasper
Subject: RE:

I paraphrased. The problem was not over a penny... it was consistent,
recalcitrant over-billing by one minute. I feel bad that you don't know who
it was; perhaps you could find out, fix this problem once and for all, and give
me a refund. Customers who get sued over an inequity such as this will tell
their friends, everyone, the whole world, even, now with the Internet and all.
Thanks in advance.

Actually, there is no need to learn "who was over this here at Tel America"
in order to do this refund, yes? What is your position at TA?

Thank you for viewing complaint pages

--- Mike Jasper wrote:

If there was anything within reason that I could do for you I would, I am
the Director of Sales/Mkt I dont mean to bug you about this, but I pride
myself and the company
to be the type of Company that I believe are
customers love. We are know to keep customers longer than anyother long
distance company in the industry. Most of our customers have been doing
business with us for over 10 years. We are the nations 4th oldest and not
one of those you hear about going out of business. All that I would have
would be to invite you and a guest to our suite at the delta center for a
jazz game with dinner [sic]. Thanks for your honesty about how you feel that you
have been wronged.

A friend trying to change the way you feeel!

Sent: Friday, March 18
To: Mike Jasper
Subject: RE:

You're the 4th oldest, perhaps so you should be near the top, not at the bottom. If you
had treated your customers right, and had worked hard, you would still be there
instead of where you are now.

To think that you could placate someone by forcing them to sit thru a sporting
event is... well, it's beyond my imagination (I'm being kind here). Not
everyone likes sports, my friend, some of us would rather have a root canal
than to watch such a stupid no-point-artificial pedestrian plebeian contest. Your
offer shows me your momo mindset. Instead of making things right I receive
what to my mind is another insulting slap in the face.

Thanks for writing after all these years, you are doing our job well as
marketing director. My complaint-page has been on the net since 1995 and TA's
entry was the first; I hold a grudge against TA since about 1983. Now that I'm
reminded I'll have to get around to updating those pages with comments from
previous readers as well as yours. Check back, if you like as your comments
will be there also.

You may have victimized people for over 10 years, (none from 20+ years ago?)
but they are all getting on in years now; soon they will be old and dead.

Nobody in his right mind would, in my opinion, use your phone if they knew how
TA treats its victims. One just don't sue one's good customers -- one listens
to their needs and complaints. It would not hurt you to give back a few
minutes of billed phone time, especially when you tried to cheat the customer by
over-billing those minutes in the first place. Accurate billing and fair
conflict resolution is one of their main needs.

Remember, your suite at the Delta Center is purchased with money you cheated me
out of. Why don't you people work and use the money to improve your business,
instead of buying and expensive suite at the Delta Center; can't you enjoy the
games like ordinary people?

Instead of an insulting sports scenario and false puffing ("I pride myself and
the company" what does it mean to pride a company?), instead of that, an
apology or a refund would be acceptable, perhaps both. But none will be forthcoming, so...


----- Original Message ----
From: Candydier66@[...]
Sent: Thursday, July 6,
Subject: help please

My mom got caught in one of those pyramid sceems from Tel America International, inc.  Well I shouldn't say that she was the one that was stupid and tried the whole pyramid thing "  I made $ 30,000 my first week " right .  No she was a good friend to a lady that was stupid and did the pyramid thing.  Any ways she bought 6 pre paid phone cards with 60 units from this  fireworks.  Now each one of theses card have this on them.  "  The greatest Opportunity in American Business Today " also   " a company of destiny "   and collectible serial numbers on them.  Here's the thing --------- I don't want them I want my money for there's great investments that my mom paid for , but I cant seem to get a hold of any one at Tel America ---- heck I cant even find them on the Internet ---------- so what do I do ????? HELP ME
candy -------


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