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An Open Letter to the Media:

The continued advancement of Reason must eventually come from better education of the public. It seems likely that atheists will not succeed, in the near term, in doing what public schools and universities should have already accomplished.

The idea presented here is that Islam can serve as a pattern with which one may examine oneís religion;  the media can help with this and they need some help.

Nowadays many people are asking questions about the nature of Islam. Apologists of this religion often assert to the media that Islam is a religion of peace. People who have not read any of the Koran often have the same idea, because it sounds familiar to them from media reports. It is usually a Mohammedan true believer who makes such a public proclamation. In todayís political climate, it is likely that a harsh, but honest, exposition of Islamís central ideas is of interest to Westerners.

   Mein Kampf

Talking-head news announcers frequently inform us that Islam is a peaceful religion. When interviews of representatives of Islam are presented, the claimant is seldom pressed to explain the scriptural basis of Islamic intolerance, or why todayís, faith-based terrorists are Islamic. The news presenters do not know enough abut Islam.

One thing that is within our power to accomplish in the near term is to instruct the people who present information to us via the media. If this is done, it may be possible to let independently thinking members of the public discover for themselves that religion is bunk.

The claimant is rarely asked to explain what the scriptural / spiritual basis of the terrorism is thought to be. The answer, of course, would be -- faith in the Koran. The Koranic dictum should be stated in the press. References should be given. We must argue that it canít be that the Koran is merely misunderstood. When the Koran urges to kill and to torture the unbeliever, the Jew or the apostate, there is only one possible way this can be understood.

Osama bin LadenIt is the Taliban and the like, who understand the Koran as Mohammed intended! For centuries, the Koran has been interpreted the Taliban way. It is the fundamentalists who act morally with regard to their Holy Scripture. This must be made clear to the public. Once this is understood, anyone may examine the source of the Koran's authority and compare it with that of any other holy scripture. That authority, of course, is faith. Faith can lead to opposite opinions. Because of this, the question may be asked: What value has faith?

The comparison with other religions should not be emphasized initially. People may discover for themselves some parallels with their own religions. For now, the momentum should carry the idea that there is something wrong at the core of Islam. In effect, Islam has invited the relatively free thinking West to enter its Jihad.

Why I Am Not a Muslim,
by Ibn Warraq

Raised in the Muslim faith, Warraq came to reject religion and now spends his time lecturing and writing. He recently authored a piece "Islam, The Middle East and Fascism" which critiques the Islamic Holy Book, the Qur'an.

The Quest for the Historical Muhammad
 by Ibn Warraq

Publishers Weekly: "... Warraq has provided a highly readable critical survey of the literature of this quest..."

Book:   "Why I am not a Christian"

One way to accomplish the distribution of knowledge about the Koranís dark side is to educate press pundits, media interviewers, writers and opinion brokers. It is prudent now to contact media-public figures and news organizations. We should learn their email addresses so that we can respond quickly. Atheists should maintain an exhaustive email list. Factual background knowledge can be presented. We can offer advice about better questions which could have been asked.

In today's political climate, we may succeed in demonstrating that Islam, when interpreted as intended by its founders, is a religion that is hateful and vindictive. When criticizing Islam, we could hint at parallels with those elements of Christianity with which Islam is congruent. This analogy should not be explicitly stated, but ought to be left as a mental exercise. The ideas in the Holy Koran can serve as a model for any faith-based system. When Westerners discover that Christianity is in many respects like Islam, they may become more critical of their own religions. Perhaps the "non-organized" religious sentiment would become more
prevalent. Islam allows many practices which are thought to be abhorrent to modern Christians, such as the subordination of women, stoning to death, slavery, polygamy, torture of nonbelievers, having sex with children and with animals. Islamic practices such as female genital mutilation, still common today, but not based on scripture, should be exposed. We should not shy away from identifying modern Islam with these practices.

The question on the minds of many people is: Why do they hate us so much, to kill themselves and thousands? We must make it clear that the only honest answer is:
It's the religion, stupid!

If you google the net, you will find many references to Islam and the Koran. A glimpse of the dark side of the Koran is shown at Today, many of these things would, in the US, be considered hate crimes.

The idea presented here is that Islam can serve as a pattern with which one may examine one's religion. It is the atheist's burden to inform media announcers and interviewers to be critical in accepting the claims of Islam. In the West, Islam is nowadays in a precarious position. Atheists can take this opportunity to stimulate the public to think about the validity of religion in general. Atheists should keep in close contact with influential public figures who may be persuaded to think critically about these issues.

Why I Am Not a
Christian,and Other
Essays on Religion
and Related Subjects

by Bertrand Russell

 "Great book, solid arguments,
a challenge to believers. Easy-
to-understand logic dominates
the work, presenting an almost
watertight case against
contemporary mythology.

The Holy Qur'an:
Translation & Commentary

Abdullah Yusuf Ali (Editor)


Holy Bible:
King James Version:
Standard Text Edition

 Holy Bible on

Ken's Guide to the Bible
 by Ken Smith

With precision and pig-
iron wit, this compact
volume lays bare all the
sex, gore, and lunacy
that the Bible has to offer.

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   Religious Fundamentalism, Imperialism and "The War on Terror"
   What is FAITH?

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