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Indian House Keeping oil ca.1980
Indian House Keeping oil ca.1990
Eastern Washington [USA] pastel 1993
Fantasy on Oregon Coast oil ca. 1989
Canard Airplane oil
Costa Rica State Park oil 1988
Composition oil 1991
Forest Edge water color
Abandoned: Noise Pollution, Des Moines [USA]
Columbia River, Richaland WA [USA] ca. oil 1994
Col. River Flood pencil ca. 1970
Alpine House After a painting by L. Riedel. (18 x 23.4cm)
Alpine Composition Swiss High Alpine Village oil (9 x 12in) 1992
Icicle River Composition 1 oil
Icicle River Composition 2 oil
Nordheim, Bavaria [Germany] oil 1978
Ipshofen, Rädelser Tor. [Germany](12 x 16in) {photograph}
Oregon Coast [USA] water color
Forest Road Near Leavenworth WA [USA]
Forest Clearing, Leavenworth WA [USA]
Portrait, Renata Illig charcoal
Uncle Sam Is Ill watercolor
Christmas Card pastel
Still Life: Flowers pencil
Cabo San Lucas [Mexico]
Portrait oil 1981
Portrait oil 1981
Self Portrait charcoal 1979
Canoe Pencil
Still Life: Vice and hammer
Wet Beach 1995
Canyon; Mini-Grand 1993
Flowers In White 1995
Maize circa 1990
Sailship In Harbor 1995
Portrait; Renata Illig
Small Town Winter Scene
Driftwood 1995

Church Drawing - Early 1930s [large]
Village Scene - 1964, a study

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Ipshofen, Rädelser Tor.
(12 x 16in).

Painting 1986. Made in
Richland WA [USA] ,

K. M. Illig. This, and several other similar oil painting were made in 1991 to 1994. (18 x 23.4 cm)
 After a painting from L. Riedel.

Harald.jpg (8994 bytes)

   Harald Illig  ca. 1980






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