I am a director; I lived in Salt Lake City for the past 14 months...

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Note: The author of this letter, Donald C. Iarussi, created an award-winning series of PSAs in New York about rape.
This material has been circulated as email, in 2002 and is now presented as a web page.
Reprinted without permission of the author. 
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I am at the Sundance, no dance, slam dance festival where liberals gather and pretend to care about what goes on in the world, but these drones gather like lemmings to find the next liquor serving party and are ready to slut themselves to any cause in order to get their project recognized.

It is funny that a liberal like Robert Redford would choose Utah to hold his so called alternative film festival in a non-union, anti-gay, anti-minority, anti-women's rights, anti-black state that has just last year recognized Martin Luther King's birthday, a state which uses and spits out minority labor, where a black persons voice is not heard on any TV news show or anchor position. In a state that has a majority religion that calls
Gays "latter day lepers" where Mormons believe blacks got their skin color because they did not side with Jesus in Heaven and were condemned with Dark skin, while white people were called the "delightsome"

This does not seem to bother liberals like Christine Ricci, Robert Redford, Mira Sorvino, Lisa Kudrow, Mariah Carrey, John Sayles, the egocentric staff of Sundance and other so called "liberal" stars.

I am a director and have been living in Salt Lake city, Utah for the past 14 months and am very intrigued by the lack of protest by Jews, blacks and other minorities to the state of Utah and to their state religion, LDS, Latter Day Saints, Mormons, and whatever other names these people choose to go by.

As a New Yorker and an Italian Jew, I read a lot of newspapers and listen to many news shows produced back east. I hear the protests of many minority leaders, the complaints are many and are also valid.

Yet the discrimination against Jews, minorities, Catholics, etc. are minimal compared to the Nazi like regime in Utah and the sins committed by Utah and the church of Jesus Christ and latter day saints.

Jews may think Baptism of the dead is a settled problem. I assure you, it is alive and well, Mormons are feverishly baptizing Golda Meir, Menachim Begin, Anne Frank, Albert Einstein and thousands of others into the Mormon faith after their death. This ritual strips Jews of their cultures and religion and in the eyes of Mormons; they are now Jesus Believing, God Fearing, and  Heavenly Father worshiping Mormons in heaven or whatever planet they are to serve the master Mormon on!

Jews urge Mormons to curb zeal for posthumous baptism Einstein, Freud, Anne Frank have all appeared in database Salt Lake City -- David Ben-Gurion, Albert Einstein, Menachem Begin and Sigmund Freud have several things in common -- they were all Jewish and they have been posthumously baptized by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The Mormon Church agreed to remove hundreds of names of Jewish luminaries from its genealogical records last month after they were spotted by a keen-eyed researcher.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center was alerted to the problem by Helen Radkey, a Salt Lake City genealogist, who found Jewish names in the Church's Database including Moshe Dayan, the Israeli war hero; Golda Meir, Israel's first female prime minister; Theodore Herzl, the founder of Zionism; and Holocaust victim Anne Frank and more than a dozen of her relatives.

"They did not get baptized when they were alive and they had a choice, and doing so after they are dead is beyond the ethical bounds," said Aaron Breadboard, a researcher with the Wiesenthal center. "They are also showing a tremendous insensitivity to the living."

The LDS Church believes the dead who did not have a chance to convert while alive can and should be baptized. According to Mormon theology, they retain the ability to choose or reject the baptism in the next life. The Church refers to a passage in the Apostle Paul's first letter to the Corinthians as its authority: "Else what shall they do which are baptized for the dead, if the dead rise not at all? Why are they then baptized for the dead?"

All Mormon believers have a religious obligation to track down their ancestors and baptize them in sacred ceremonies in their temples, where living Mormons temporarily assume the names of the dead. The Church's founder, Joseph Smith, even warned that those who failed to find ancestors did so "at the peril of their own salvation."

The quest for forebears to baptize has led the LDS Church to create the largest genealogical database in the world, the Family History Library, housed across the street from the faith's main temple in Salt Lake City.

Inside, dozens of people, including many non-Mormons, tap away at computers looking to fill in gaps in their family trees from the two billion names on record.

The original records are stored in a vault excavated in a canyon about 40 kilometers from downtown Salt Lake City. Although Church rules only call for direct ancestors to be baptized, enthusiastic proselytizers have scoured records of names from around the world, including Jewish encyclopedias, genealogies of European aristocracy and lists of names of immigrants to the United States in their bid to save souls.

Jewish groups first approached the Church in 1995, demanding that Jews be removed. As a result of the agreement, the Church no longer includes the names of Jewish Holocaust victims in its genealogy databases unless they are submitted by a direct descendant.

Jewish groups have also complained about how wide the Church casts its net looking for lost souls. People baptized into the faith include Adolph Hitler and his henchmen Hermann Göring and Heinrich Himmler, all of whom have been removed from the Church's files.

Jews who are not Holocaust victims are dealt with on a case-by-case basis, which is why the first prime minister of Israel and the father of psychoanalysis ended up in the Church's records. The Church says it has removed the names of hundreds of thousands of Jewish Holocaust victims From its records, but because the database is so massive and is constantly being updated by volunteer users, this is a Sisyphean task.

"While the Church counsels members to submit only names of direct-line ancestors, it cannot prevent individual members from again submitting the names of Jewish Holocaust victims," said Kim Farah, a Church spokeswoman.

"When the Church becomes aware this has occurred, the names are immediately removed." Despite the occasional friction between Jewish groups and Mormons, the Church's family records have proved a boon to Jewish genealogists, who often travel to Salt Lake City to consult them.

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Reprinted without permission of the author. 

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