Mormonism has many Gods. Just like Heavenly father has planet Earth which he administers from His Home Planet, so do other as yet undiscovered planets have their Gods, also. Each planet, populated by sentient beings, is administered by a worthy Mormon male. Dead Mormons -- they might have lived on your block in life -- once resurrected, now administer their very own planets neighboring those of Extra-Terrestrial Space Aliens.

The wives of resurrected Mormons-gods, act only in a supporting role. They produce young. The Mormon name for the spouses of Gods, and for their spouses here on earth is "Precious Vessels". Offspring born to the Gods are immortal. They travel through outer space to the third planet on our solar system and appear through the birth canals of women who have had sex. They appear as the sons and daughters of doctors, lawyers, and Indian Chiefs, of rapists and of the raped, of cannibals and missionaries, of the rich and poor and of the congenitally challenged.

Christians may find this disturbing.

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The God Makers

by Ed Decker, Dave Hunt

Earthlings are born when a soul arrives from heaven. Space aliens are born when a soul arrives on an alien planet from its heaven.   Heavens are usually on not-too-distant planets. The Gods of other Space aliens are polygamous Mormon males, too, (except of alien races which have more than two sexes.   To find out which sex will be God when those beings die, we must ask Heavenly Father for the answer in sincere prayer.  Faith is of no use to answer this question, especially since Faith so often gives us the wrong answer.  The Moslem religion is an example which is falsely believed by its true believers to be true.  But it is false, of course,  because Mormonism is True.

Mormonism has a Trinity, just as Christianity has one, too. God, of course is only part one of the Trinity. Jesus is part two. The Holy Ghost rounds out the Trinity. In Mormonism there is not only just one Trinity. Every planet in the universe is administered by a different set of gods, each planet with its own Holy Trinity. All Trinities are members of the Mormon church. Gods are allowed to administer their own planets as they please (of course!)

Mormons on Earth worship only Jehovah, the God of Earth, Jesus, and of course, the Holy Ghost. They are not permitted to worship and pray to any of the other planets' Gods. Mormons live under the impression that as long as they do not actively worship the other Trinities, but only believe in them, they will not be counted as polytheists.

Everyone knows that Christianity is a Monotheistic religion. Christians worship only the One Trinity. Lesser religions, like Judaism, Islam and Buddhism have no Trinity at all. Atheism is a corruption that has no Trinities and no Gods.

The architect of the Earth is Jesus. He made the planet about 6,000 years ago. Jesus is credited with inventing the Fault Line, which snakes around the earth like the seam on a baseball. Before this marvel of godly engineering, most tectonic plates had to remain stationary. Earth was the first planet which sports moving continents, volcanoes, all floating on subterranean oceans of fire.

God has many thousands wives, but he never married Mary, the Holy Virgin. Mary is only one of the concubines of God. Jesus' half-brother is Beelzebub, the devil. Beelzebub is the son of one of god's wives, Gonhora. Mormons are prohibited to pray to Mother Gonhorra, and they are discouraged from praying to God's (or Jesus') other wives, also. This is so that Mormons can better differentiate themselves from Catholics. Mormons are not usually told the names of any heavenly wives. This is so they don't accidentally pray to any of them or use their names in vain. Note the similarity with Judaism, in which JEHOVAH is only an acronym for His real name, which cannot be uttered. Like Jews, Mormons call themselves Gods' chosen people. Mormons call themselves Saints.

The Holy Ghost is the last Trinity member. Like the name implies, the Holy Ghost is invisible and cannot be touched. Just as every habitable planet in the Mormon universe has its own God, its own Jesus and Devil, so do all the planets also have Holy Ghosts. For Jehovah, Mormon Thinkers believe that it is the Holy Ghost who is the vital force in Gods' heart and lungs. Mormon Scriptures prove that Jehovah has no blood. Instead a powder careens through Jehovah's veins. Needless to say, God does not rely on oxygen to fuel his otherwise humanoid body's cells. Mormon hieroglyphic spell out plainly that God's vital power is the Holy Ghost. Other inhabitants of heaven have normal biology, like ours earth -- but not God's children.

In heaven, Gods' children are spirit children, invisible and untouchable, like the Holy Ghost. This is so that they cannot be harmed by space travel. A normal body would find the rigors of faster-than-light space travel very demanding, indeed. God's spirit children are the precursors of human (and Space Alien) souls, and as such must be able to travel quickly between the stars and galaxies. God's spirit children live in each of us. They are our souls.

Some day, when I die, I, being male, shall have an excellent chance at being a God. I'll have my own planet and my own wives, my own heaven, hell, devil, and only begotten son and my own civil servants. The universe will be wall to wall Jesuses, and I'll stake my claim before space runs out of space. "

"Pay lay Ale!" Hear the words of my mouth! These-things-I-say-in-the-name-of-Jesus-Christ-Amen.

H.L. Mencken:  Where is the graveyard of dead gods?