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Her rich daddy  died in an airplane crash and
there's a  box  of  loot stashed at the security company...

Ifedy Magda

 1st letter --  airplane crash 

Dear respected one,
I am miss Ifedy Magda, 18 years, from Egypt. The only child of my parents, Mr and Mrs Salam Magda who died in a Swiss plane crash last time killing those on board.You can check on this site :

Please my dear respected one, I am contacting you to help me secure and invest this amount of 3.6 millon US$ I inherited from my parents. The fund is presently in the custody of a security company in uk where it was deposited in a consignment by my mother before her death recently that made me seek for this help now. She proposed this fund for the establishment of ranch or farm in abroad.

I pray that the Lord opens your heart to help me out sincerely and you reply me after reading so that I give you more details.
Thank you and may God bless you as you help me.
Miss Ifedy Magda

At 04:35 PM 5/16/2009, you wrote:
"Why insult me in that way ?"...

"I sold my gold jewrys that my mum gave to me when she was alive..."

I am so sorry to hear that. Not sure if I can help.
I hope all is well with you and I pray for you.
Where are you in Egypt? Cairo?

Date: Sun, 17 May 2009 08:29:30 -0600
To: p_de050@yahoo.co.jp
From: NewScape@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: Spam: Proposal to invest my fund
Here is an email from a NIGERIAN 419 scammer; your DOMAIN name
appears with the address in this attached message. Please tell
me what you did, if anything, by return mail.

Thank you kindly in advance for your reply.
Date: Sun, 17 May 2009 08:25:17 -0600
To: abuse@yahoo.co.jp
From: NewScape@yahoo.com
Subject: Fwd: Proposal to invest my fund <-- 419 Scam
Bcc: abuse@yahoo.com
Hello dear,
best compliments, I am very sure that you can help me easily without any difficulty because I have done all inquiries at the security cmpany to release my consignment to my chosen person abroad and they have granted it after all varifications.
Nothing is well with me at all, I am so lonely and know nobody in this country. I am presently in West Africa, a country called Cote d'lvoire, l am in the city called Abidjan. I am here because my mother is from this country but it is quite unfortunate that I am unable to locate my mother's place yet. I dont wish to remain here but l will be with you immediately my consignment (containing the fund) gets to your posession. This could be in 2 weeks or less if we follow up the retrieval routine of the security company according to their director.

I demand for your assurance that you will help me out and not to decieve me, secure my fund when it gets to your posession and not to cheat on me. Upon hearing from you, l shall send you more important information and document covering the consignment deposit as issued by the security company.

Thank you for your understanding and God bless you, l give you my photo in the attachment, I wait for your reply.

Date: Mon, 18 May 2009 17:57:39 +0900 (JST)
From: <p_de010@yahoo.co.jp>
Subject: Spam: Thank you from Ifedy Salama
To: NewScape@yahoo.com
Dear Ified,
I will pray that you and your mom will be re-united. God works in mysterious ways! Let me know what I can do to help, besides that. We must trust in the Lord, praying works! (If it didn't work, nobody would do it:)

Please don't wait long to reply; let me know how I can help. Our Ministry has a prayer team standing by at all hours.

Yours in Christ,
Rev. Sam

PS: Do you have a more clear photo?
Re: Thank you from Ifedy Salama
I have attacked the picture for you,
Thank you and God bless you while I wait for your reply.
Ifedy Salama


At 02:45 AM 5/21/2009, you wrote:
Thank you, dear, you are so lovely!
let me know...

GOD bless you!
Dear Rev Sam,
Thank you for your mail to me. Please indicate to me if you can help me for real ?

I really wish to retrieve this fund and utilize it with you in your country. It took me a great pain and difficulty to seek out for this help because l know nobody both here and in abroad but I believe God has led me to you being the sincere person.

To help me, You will be in direct communication with the security company on my behalf as the person I have chosen to retrieve my box from their custody in UK and deliver it to you. I have already informed them of this and they granted it.
If you are noy able to go to UK to pick the box, the security company will deliver it to you in your country through their delivery diplomatic officers that deliver their property worldwide. When the box arrives, the delivery official will contact you and you meet with him and pick up the box.

As soon as the box is in your hands, I will give you the secret key code which you will use to open the box and deduct 10% of the total money in the box. This 10% I give to you for your sincere help and to recover any expenses you may have made in retrieing the box.Then you will send me some money from the fund to obtain my traveling doculments here and come immediately and be with you in your place, continue my education there while you invest the rest of the money, establish churches and charity homes.

The most important thing I need from you now is to keep this affair very secret, it is very important for my safety here and the safety of the money and for our success in this affair. Those enemies that killed my father are looking for me because of this fund because they know that being the only child, I inherit my father's wealth.This is why we should be fast before they discover where I am and
where the fund is.
Reply with your personal information like:
Full Name
Direct telephone number.

Thank you and God bless you while I wait for your reply.

Ifedy Salama
Date: Fri, 22 May 2009 00:19:35 +0900 (JST)
From: <p_de010@yahoo.co.jp>
Subject: Thank you from Ifedy Salama
To: NewScape@yahoo.com
Yes, I pray for your real help, dear.
Here is my address:

    Att: Rev. Sam B. Goode
    Mormon Heritage School
    5124 S. 1150 W. street
    Liahona, UT. 84405
    (801) 393-4475

God bless you!
Date: Fri, 22 May 2009 05:47:58 -0600
To: <p_de010@yahoo.co.jp>
From: NewScape@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: Thank you from Ifedy Salama


I won't help you if you always continue to wait so long to respond. I don't have all day, I am a busy man. Hop to it, OK?
Now you must tell me
why it takes so long for you to reply. DO IT NOW, in God's name, for Christ's sake.

Best regards,
Rev. Sam B. Goode
Date: Sat, 23 May 2009 01:11:10 -0600
To: <p_de010@yahoo.co.jp>
From: NewScape@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: Thank you from Ifedy Salama
Dear Rev Sam,
I am truly sorry for my late in response. It is because I dont have a personal computer, I use to communicate you from a cyber cafe in the basement of the guest house where I am staying now. Today I went to the security company where dad deposited the consignment before transfering it to London. The director gave me a written note to the court . I have submited the information (your name and address) and have edited the affidavit, they ask me to come back later in the day to have the endorsed copy from the Commissioner for oath.

I will send you a copy and another copy to the security company when it is finally issued later today. Please Rev. I keep praying that we get to the success of this transaction as soon as possible.
Wait to hear from me again soon.

Date: 06:12 AM 5/23/2009
From: <p_de010@yahoo.co.jp>
Subject: I went for the legal documentation
To: NewScape@yahoo.com
Dear Ifedy ,
You have to work fast. If you don't it may not be worth it. I will await your response TODAY. Else I shall consult with our prayer team to ask them to pray for your quick and successful transaction ASAP. Please don't waste time and even if you have nothing new to report I want to hear from you daily that you care and that we are still doing this deal. Please also send some better pictures, make new ones OK.

Awaiting prayerfully your soonest response,
Rev. Sam B. Goode
To: <p_de010@yahoo.co.jp>
From: NewScape@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: I went for the legal documentation
Listen, Ifidy my new friend,
I waited here in my office by my computer now for almost a day, for your email, but to no avail. I am sad that trust and rectitude could not obtain form you. I question your reliability. This is especially sad since you only need to take a few steps to descend to the basement in the guesthouse where you are staying now in order to use the computer! You are a lazy cunt. Perhaps this is common amongst you people?
Date: Sat, 23 May 2009 16:36:46 -0700 (PDT)
From: MAY <NewScape@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: I went for the legal documentation
r_20d01@yahoo.co.jp <-- original email address
Dear Rev,
The court did not issue the document on that sartuday because the commissioner for oath work half day on sartudays. It is this morning that the lawyer called me and we went for the document. I am sending you a copy of it now.

Rev, it is really not easy for me here, runing round, transportation and financing the legal expenses is not easy, Later I will tell you how I raised money to do pay the lawyer that solicited for us and obtain this document. Its really not easy for me here but I give great thanks to God for finding me somebody like you.

From: <p_de010@yahoo.co.jp>
Subject: Today
To: NewScape@yahoo.com
        I'd like to see these criminals punished, but I'm powerless.  The best I can do is to make them angry by making them do a lot of work, purchase a lot if time at  their village (or TUKUL) Internet bar, making them "jump through hoops" and best of all,  by insulting them and belittling them.  It's my only weapon.   And while they are making up stories for me they are not emailing stories you!   (You're welcome :)
The cost of staying connected in Nigeria
Internet Café costs:
It costs $0.77 to connect to the internet for one hour, for Nigerians -- 28% of daily per capita GDP.
Other places...
  Paris:     $ 4.86 ( =5.9%)
  Shanghai:  $ 0.62 ( =3.7%)
  Moscow:    $ 1.50 ( =5.1%)
  London:    $ 1.78 ( =2.1%)
  NYC:       $12.80 ( =11.1%)
Source:Wired magazine, May 2006
Dear Rev,
l am just returning from the court now and it has been a very busy protocol for me.

The affidavit of oath has been successfuly sworn into your name with all proceedures.
Get in contact with the security company head office here, l have already submited a copy of this affidavit to them and they are expecting your direct contact to them for them to proceed with the release and delivery of the consignment to you asap. Please follow all their insruction for our success.

Here is the contact information of the security company for you to you wish to reach them directly.

Email: infovigassistancefr@yahoo.com
TEL: +225 67035679
Attn/ MR PATRICK TOURE , the director.

Do not reveal to them that the consignment contains fund because da deposited it and declared it to them as containing our family treasures. This he did for security and confidential reasons.

Find the affidavit in the attachment and also the certificate of deposit covering the consignment. The director promuised to call you on phone today.
Thank you and God bless you. I wait for your reply.

Ifedy Salama

ubbi.com ...  does not work;  www.ubbi.com is a valid URL -- 

Prima S.A., Avda. San Juan 1170, Capital Federal, BSAS 1147, AR   Domain Name: UBBI.COM

Date: Mon, 25 May 2009 19:54:42 +0900 (JST)
From: <p_de010@yahoo.co.jp>
Subject: The progress today
To: MAY <NewScape@yahoo.com>

Here is an email from a 419 scammer; your DOMAIN name appears with the address,   infovigassistancefr@yahoo.com, in this attached message.
Please tell me what you did, if anything, by return mail.

Thank you kindly in advance for your reply.

To: abuse@yahoo.com
From: NewScape@yahoo.com
Subject: Fwd: The progress today
Why insult me in that way ?

Does it mean that you dont understand all the round I have been running to get money, secure the attorney that solicited for us and also get this legal document ?

Where did I go wrong ? would it have been better that we keep exchanging emails every minute but no progress, then how can we make the success ?

The consignment is now in your name for the retrieval and no other person, l expect you to show pleasure for this progress I have made here, I sold my gold
jewrys that my mum gave to me when she was alive and the traditional bid I inherited from my father to raise the money I used to pay for all this.
It is an abomination to sell items of memory in our place but I didnt mind to do it and change my consignment into your name first to enable us get success.

Please let us proceed.
Date: Tue, 26 May 2009 05:36:30 +0900 (JST)
From: <p_de010@yahoo.co.jp>
Subject: Displeased
To: KRP <nowsc@yahoo.com>
I am very sorry, please accept my apology Iffydie.

I just now found your attachment; I did not see it before, earlier today. I've forwarded this document to our church's Office Of Records Department for Examination (OORDE). I expect to hear from them in a couple of days. You say "Where did I go wrong ?" Where you went wrong is by not answering all my questions!

It would behoove you to read again all my previous emails and wherever there is a question mark -->[?]<-- that is the place where you should write an answer. For example, I asked you for a clear picture, a big one, where I can see your eyes clearly. You can tell a lot form looking deeply into someone's eyes. Please comply right away, I want to move this transaction forward as quickly as possible without delay and what I ask and asked is a prerequisite and you are holding things up by being slow.

Prayerfully yours,
Rev. S. B. G.

PS, if you are temporarily short on funds, no problem I'm willing to help tide you over. No problem. On the other hand, now that you have sold all your dear old mum's jewelry, you should be set, financially for a while. Let me know. I can have my bank transfer money to your bank -- it's only a loan, OK. If you like call me, you have my number, we can talk about it, perhaps it's better that way anyway.
Dear Iffydie,

I am sorry, our accountants at OORDE said that there may be a bad problem with your documents -- just to let you know now, ahead of time as a heads up.  I want this transaction to proceed!!  What can you do to fix the documents OK.

Your in Christ,
Rev. Sam B. Goode

PS... aslso --when you computer asks you to verify that you have read / received this message, you must click YES, for security purposes, please you must do that from now on.  This project is too important to mess up and go to waste for lack of security, I hope you understand. - Rev. S.B.G.
Date: Tue, 26 May 2009 21:16:26 -0600
To: <p_de010@yahoo.co.jp>
From: KRP <nowsc@yahoo.com>
Subject: Is a possible problem ?
No reply for quite a while... so I'll try another email using a different email address:
Re: Proposal to invest my fund
Wednesday, May 27, 2009 11:01 PM
From: "Olga Pronina"
To: p_de050@yahoo.co.jp
Bcc: NewScape@yahoo.com
No reply again... Once more I'll try another email address:

Hello... I am so sorry to hear of your loss...how can I be of help to you... if you explain it more fully perhaps... I shall pray for you... where did you get my email address?


Joan Nanning

BS:... sorry for delay I was on a business trip

Sunday, May 31, 2009
From: "Joan Nanning"
To: p_de050@yahoo.co.jp
Bcc: NewScape@yahoo.com
That's all she wrote.  Shucks :(  At least I pissed ths guy off and made him waste time...
"Why insult me in that way ?"...

"I sold my gold jewrys that my mum gave to me when she was alive..."

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