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Good Mormons

To: julischofield@yahoo.com
Subject: Furnace

Juli --
The furnace is OK. I have a document from the inspector which shows the CO emission, and they are near zero -- well below acceptable levels. The inspector tells me we definitely have no problem. I'll nevertheless have the furnace inspected each year. Thanks for bringing the rent money. As you know the next rent is due again, but as of today you are still within your grace period. I did not bill you a daily late fee for the missed pmt deadline last time, because of the bounced check, but I did have to pay a $5 bank fee and I'm passing that on to you, by adding that to your bill, OK? As soon as we get the roof fixed, I'll get someone started on repairing that ugly wall. FYI, I will be out of town at the end of April the first 2 weeks in May.

To: julischofield@yahoo.com
Subject: Hi, Julie-- will there be a problem with this month's rent?

Hi, Julie-- will there be a problem with this month's rent? I'm just asking, so that if you know you will be late, you could inform me so that I can make plans, thanks. Also, please remember to pay in cash, no account deposit let's decide later when we shall go back to checks. I will make myself available to be home so that you can stop by, or I will come to your place to pick up the payment. Thanks!

To: julischofield@yahoo.com
Subject: Rent receipt


Julie --
Attached is your statement.  I put all your payments into the month -- March, where they were applied, even tough you paid some later, in April. The dates paid are still shown, as before.

I did not charge late fees in March and April -- offsetting entries in pink and in red show how much the late fees amounted to, and that the same amount was "forgiven". In the column for March, $675 was subtracted because it is shown at the bottom as the last month's rent, prepaid. The Other table at the bottom shows the $200 payment you made, to cover the cleaning deposit.

For April you paid 600 dollars in cash today, and that amount was applied in the April column. This means there is still $75 owing for April. If you would please send a check it would be really appreciated. Please let me know if you have any questions, and if any adjustments to the attached statement are in order. Thanks for bring the cash in person, I appreciate what you have dome.

I'm sorry we did not get to talk about the repairs that are being done -- I remember you started to tell me about them, and then for some reason we forgot to continue the conversation. If there is something I ought to know, or do, please let me know. I apologize for the problems that happened due to the leak in the roof.

I hope you get better.

To: "Juli Schofield" <JuliSchofield@yahoo.com>
Subject: then you for your payment
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2002 21:32:34 -0600)

Your deposit has not registered yet as paid, in my Wells Fargo account.
I'll send you an up to date receipt when I know the deposit has posted and
it won't bounce, or be withdrawn again, like last time.    Until then, your
payment is NOT considered paid -- we've done this too many times now.
Depositing money in my account seems not to be a good way of making payments. 
Last time, your deposit was DEDUCTED from my account after that length of time.
Please pay cash for your next installment -- I will also accept a money
order, or such; I can bill your credit card, if you like.

To: "Juli Schofield" <JuliSchofield@yahoo.com>
Subject: your receipt -- and billing
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2002 22:46:05 -0700

Juli --
attached is a file showing the accounting of your payments.  I credited the $150 cash which you gave me on Friday OCT 25, 2002 towards a previous period, from which you owed.  As of OCT 29, the amount is $1935.  I would like to put an ad into the paper, and I hope you will be kind enough to show it if someone wants to see it, as long as you are still there. Let me know if this is inconvenient.


To: "Juli Schofield" <JuliSchofield@yahoo.com>
Subject: Julie-- EVICTION NOTICE

Juli, Your rent is overdue again, and again you did not warn me ahead of time that you would pay late. I want you to move out. Pease contact me so that we can make arrangements for turning over the keys.

From: Julibeth Schofield <julischofield@yahoo.com> 08/21/02 04:28PM

I tried to call you before lunch to let you know that
my mom was running late so I hope that you received

Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 13:44:07 -0600

Best regards

From: "Elaine C. Schofield" <elaines@digis.net>
Subject: Spam: Julibeth Schofield
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2009 19:29:29 -0700

This letter is in referral to a web page I came across recently regarding Julibeth Schofield & Aki. The Landlord that put these things on the website is inacurrate. If this information is not taken off this website immediately, my attorneys will be contacting you for false information and slander for what looks like the past 6 yrs. I moved because the landlord raised the rent and were told to move or pay the rent increase!! Not only that his intentions were less than honorable on several occasions. I got tired of putting up with his crap as I'm sure he was with our shortfalls as well. Nevertheless if this is not taken off, I will take legal action to the fullest extent of the law!!

From: Elaine Schofield <elaines@digis.net>
Subject: "
These Things Website"
To: "Olga Pronina"
Date: Wednesday, January 21, 2009, 2:48 AM


I am sorry that it took so long to get back to you. Somehow I sent you this email from my
mothere's email account on accident and I appologize. I do not know how long this information has been posted but I would appreciate it if it was removed. From what it looks like it may have been on there for yrs. possibly. Besides the incorrect slander posted about me, The picture [Link: Found Magazine] posted of me and the other gentleman was taken from the residence without permission and it makes sense as to why I haven't been able to find it since I moved. The checks that were posted would also possibly explain the identity thefts that have occured in my name as well as other incidents over the yrs. My name and old account information is quite clear on the checks visually. The man in the picture next to me is no longer affiliated with me and the information has a completely wrong last name for Aki ("X-spouse Aki" Hamala). I have moved on and I realize we have the freadom of speech but not when it is lies. Landlord was settled on money that was owed him and I was asked to leave by the landlord himself.

And furthermore the website advertising his condo at this time is falsifying that I was pleased with the apartment as his previous attendant for his marketing benefit. I will not endorse this at all due to how I have been treated. I hope that you can somewhat understand where am coming from and why I am so upset and concerned (not towards you). Please tell me what I need to do in regards to taking this information off the web. I appreciate you for taking the time to respond. Here is my correct email address for further reference and correspondence. Thank you again for taking the pictures off. I did notice and I am greatful


Sincerely, Julibeth

From: Elaine Schofield <elaines@digis.net
Subject: Re: "These Things Website"
To: "Olga Pronina"
Date: Thursday, January 22, 2009, 5:32 AM


As I put in yesterday's letter this is my mother's email address and the correct one to correspond to me would be julibethschofield@hotmail.com if that is ok. Sorry about the confusion. This all seems so petty to me to be going pack and forth with you as the middle person and I am sorry that you have had to deal with this. Those checks that were posted were paid for in cash in full, with interest and fees to a collection agency in Salt Lake City. I believe that was arround April of 2003. Also my parents paid a lump sum of rent to Mr. Illig at a different time in the form of a check drawn off of their bank which I will have to look up. We also primed, prepped and repainted that whole apartment when we moved in and we were to have been reimbursed towards our rent as well. I did have problems with payments, but I thought I was settled with the landlord. I will have to try to go back and see if I can track down receipts, bankruptcy papers etc. I put Mr. Illig in my bankruptcy to "cover myself so to speak". After I had moved he had thrown arround the threat of sewing me quite often. But almost immediately after the bounced checks were brought current I was given the option of paying $900.00 a month or to move and I chose to move cause I could not afford it. If I am wrong I appologize but I did what the landlord asked because he wanted me removed. We did not have a good relationship towards the end but I would appreciate it when you talk him if you would tell him I am sorry for any and all problems I caused. I am in a different place now in my life. I understand his frustration then and even now but I feel the website thing is pretty harsh and if he would forgive me and be willing to take the information off the web I would appreciate it. I have a little boy who this will affect if ever seen; and because that picture was stolen and used without my permission. This whole situation was 6 yrs ago and I hope to be done with it. The landlors has had 6 yrs to make his point publicly by posting this information online.

I do not have a fax but I will try to find the information for reference. I am sorry to Mr. Illig that I have brought this up at a time when his family is greiving. I hope that we can resolve this and that he can forgive me after all this time for affending him so. I would like the picture returned so I know that it will not be used again in the future. But I would also like to know that the address I am having it sent to will not be published or misused in any way whatsoever please.

Thank you, Julibeth Schofield    
(Orem, UT address withheld)

From: Julibeth Schofield <julibethschofield@hotmail.com>
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To: "Olga Pronina"
Subject: RE: "These Things Website"
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2009 20:22:29 -0700
Dear Olga,

Thank you for your kind inquiry, I am ok. This whole thing is a little upsetting but life could be so much worse. I was not thinking of Mr. Illig as evil but frustrating and quite
judgemental of people. I am not confused and nor do I have the wrong landlord. I feel the fact that Mr. Illig feels it necessary to insult my intelligence and take these verbal "punches" at me; speaks of his character.

In the conversation I had with him for the raising of the rent, I told him I could not afford that much rent/mo. and if he could do this? He said yes and I could either pay it or leave. I did not have a legal team at the time nor could I afford one and was yes, dumb enough to believe that he was being honest and new what he was doing as a landlord as far as the law was concerned so I felt I could not challenge him and had to leave. What may have been common knowledge for other people was apparently not for me. I had never been in this situation or anything close to it so I honestly never new that was an option.

As far as the intentions: I stopped by his house to drop off $200 cash towards rent. He opened the door in an open shirt and his underware (boxers) and nothing else. He asked me to come in and said "I better go put some pants on" I told him I could wait at the door and he jokingly and casually reponded "What, you don't want to see my penis!" and laughed. I felt so uncomfortable and gross!! I paid the money and from then on never returned to his house to pay a rent payment personally. The other thing that quite bothered me was the time I had revealed to him that I had just miscarried after 31/2 mo. and he said "GOOD! that the child that was unborn was lucky and he had never known anyone as evil as me".

I left that apartment cleaned. Walls washed, carpets cleaned, cupgoards and cabinets washed and cleaned as well and I know for a fact there was no trashbags left there because I removed them myself. The picture was on my fridge the last time that either of us saw it. I know for a fact he did not take that from the garbage. And it shocks me that he is saying this!! He had admitted that he had been in our apartment when he was upset at the sight of Christmas presents sitting by the fireplace. He said if we could afford to buy all these gifts then we could afford to pay rent but the gifts were actually given to us by a family that chose us to be there recipients for "Sub for Santa" that yr because we were in a desperate way. He didn't believe me and it just fueled his dislike for me.

The electrical by the front door was the same as when we moved in and the landlord new that. My boyfriend (Aki Hamala) at the time was suppose to return to do some repair work which would explain the pizza in the fridge (I was unaware of that).

I left a msg. at my attorneys office to set up an appt. with them as well as you at some point. The bank is looking up check records and will get back to us next week as well.

I tire of this situation as I'm sure you are too. I am hoping to get this resolved soon as well. My little boy however is having surgery on Tues. and will require my close attention this next week. So please forgive me if I do not respond as quickly due to the fact he takes priority over this. As soon as I get any new information I will be sure to forward it to you with quickness.

The other party in the picture
(boyfriend Aki Hamala)
was a very bad situation for me. He got in to drugs quite severly at the time we lived in that appt. He would steal $ from me which is the reason for so many bounced checks. He was very abusive in every sense of the word and quite extensively. The fact that this picture was taken, and not out of the trash ,and is now posted on the web is in fact dangerous to me and my son. We have eluded him with the help of law enforcement, family and good friends thus far but he still to this day is trying to find us. I cannot be linked with him in any way whatsoever and have him fueled by seeing this picture to make him more determined to find us. There is a quote from a local newspaper as well as a picture posted on the web of me also that I am getting removed for this same reason. That is why I am so upset that the landlord can't take any responsibility and be honest about his actions and his contribution to this mess when he truly took that from our apartment while we still lived there and has used it out of hate for me. Please do not reveal this delicate situation to him. As it shows, it seems he has not changed much and he would not take it serious and I feel he would jest about this situation. My priority is to keep my son safe.I appreciate your willingness and patience in this whole situation.

Thank You kindly,

Julibeth Schofield

[emphasis - ed.]



From the 'Net --
I like sitting on top of  my roof
watching the sunset to see if  I
 can name all the
difrent colors
 atleast pick them out".

"...there's nothing better then the fresh mountin air and a cool canyon breeze."

"...I have still found that people, in their most primitive ways, are infact stupid, not nessarly that they are not inteligent or wise, simply short sighted and shallow. When we have no other people to think of, no desideding force but our own to press us forward into the great beyond there is nothing to keep us from making the most inain mistakes and brutal errors known to man"..

Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2009 20:03:09 -0800 (PST)
  From: Amanda G
  Subject: Comment
IP address: from United States - Utah

  First of all, consumers DO randomly complain and create web pages for a lack of a better thing to do, case in point.... your web site, other cases in point, ANY FORUM.

  Second, you seem to have a strange understanding of the 5 senses. For instance,
you can't not smell[sic] something that is on the TV, and you can not SEE someone that you are only talking on the phone with (video phone excluded). Therefore any description of what you can not actually experience is simply an assumption and since you seem to try to further degrade someone in such given assumptions (giving them a heinous description with senses you can not apply to the particular situation.) you seem to simply lack the vocabulary, or even the mental capacity, to do so.

  Third of all, you have no actual ability to rate the companies that you are complaining about, you blatantly have no understanding of even the base mechanics that are involved in their operations.

  Also, you seem to have very little ability to actually research what


 you are complaining about. Case in point, your list of companies that have gone out of business; most of those companies are still up and running and have had very little if no other customer problems other than you, who having nothing better to do with your time, call in to complain about the most inane things.

  Fourth of all, I highly doubt anyone has had the same issues as you. Those whose comments you have posted as being from other people... either those people do not exist or they are family merely writing to make you seem legit. They have the same bad grammer[sic] and voice tone in all of the comments. And when a legit person comments, being very civil in their email to you, you are rude, curt and you lack the ability to comprehend what they are actually saying.

  In short, the only thing your website is good for is for an occasional chuckle, mostly for the preteen insecurity and short man complex mixed with bad grammar of the website creator. To put in terms that you may understand: Everything you say makes you seem like an idiot and like a teen who never got over puberty. The reader is wishing that there was a great vacuum created by human stupidity that this website can get sucked into.

More About Me
Interests: I like to read and write, and on very rare occation draw, but mostly I like sitting on top of my roof
watching the sunset to see if I can name all the difrent colors or atleast pick them out. there's nothing better
then the fresh mountin air and a cool canyon breeze.

Expertise: I might beable to fix your Computer.

And given enough details I can defintly write you something.

[emphasis - ed.]


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