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In 2012 Terry wanted to pay the rent he owes.  He didn't offer money, but he wanted to give me a Chinese bell  which "has substantial value" [sic], - it's huge and comes complete with real railroad ties and incense!             Listen to the conversation.


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2012. Photo by Chen Miao
Click Model / Talent Mgt. Inc.

After he lost -- after the the trial in 2007-- Mr. Gillenwater, threatened,
"You'd better get some insurance; you'd better get some insurance".

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Terry  Gillenwater
T h e  T e n a n t  
f r o m   H e l l

Can't Cheat In
a Small Town



Moving out
Jul 1 2007

Photos found after Gillenwater abandoned his dwelling:


Jade & Terry, front row, 9-1-1990

 The short of it...

In 1988 I rented an apartment to Terry Gillenwater.   During 2007 He paid no rent at all.  His dwelling was filthy.  At the end of June in 2007 he abandoned the dwelling without paying rent since the beginning of the year.

 The boring details...

His apartment was in a prestigious residential area, on a hill overlooking Salt Lake City, UT. -- 7 minutes from downtown.  He owned / operated several talent - modeling agencies (see BBB Reliability Report).  There was only one business, but its name changed often. The names were Michelle ('s), The Perry Premiere Salon, Image Mgt., (map) Space & Time Media INC., Click Model / Talent Mgt. Inc. / elite agency / Star Casting.



Some BEFORE pictures of the apartment, ca. 1999.  These photos were abandoned amongst Gillenwater's trash. 


  Link    Below, the AFTER pictures --
The several-month long
[+] moving process and pictures taken on the day Mr. Gillenwater abandoned the apartment.

It's embarrassing to ask him to move...   Listen to the conversation.



     Link:   Chen Miao

 Watch Your Step

   Below are photos taken on the day Mr. Gillenwater abandoned the apartment.

  The Living room...     These pictures were given as evidence at the time of the trial.

Eeek !!
 There's a
 in here !!

Embiggen if you dare.



Video "Sessions"

               TEENAGE SEX TRICKS  !
               BE MY SEX SLAVE !
               HIGH HEEL WORSHIP !
               SPIKE HEEL WORSHIP  !
               CROTCH LESS PANTIES !

(BATHROOM TRAINING is crossed out.)

  Mr. Gillenwater's kitchen




   ♪♫   "What's that smells
   like fish 'round here? I really
    would like to know..."

  Master bedroom...


  Second bedroom...










Under the bed...  


  A secret compartment in the bed?




 Perhaps the bathroom sink was in disuse for some time ?


 Cleanliness is next to godliness 

Lost and found -- Flower Power       Link: Found Magazine

Mouse carcass -- click to enlarge Link: Mark Twain

Testing... One...


GOLDEN PLATES. January 2007
Terry, discussing antiques, politics & religion with Dr. Heinerman.

Dr. Heinerman wrote about Mormon space aliens. He also has written extensively about health and fruit juices.  Dr. Heinerman is a BYU graduate. Readers interested in the Mormon space aliens (inhabitants of the moon), should see "People In Space" by John  Heinerman, Ph.D., published by Cassandra Press, PO Box 868, San Rafael, CA 94915, in 1990.  ISBN 0-9459946-08-02.

Terry and Andy,
"The plump guy"

 Moving out: 4-28-2007

Terry said that Andy,
"the plump guy",
my URANTIA book  




 note in his



He still had

or vacated
(or paid).

 He has paid no rent this year (2007).


  by B. Kliban

  Moving out again 5-13-2007... 



After the remodeling    

With God'$  help, the damage was

Living Room

Dining area



The kitchen, under construction.



Amount Owed  



Legal expenses:

$   363



TOTAL : owed since 2007:



Five Years later - Terry called. He apologized and wanted to repay me.  He didn't offer money, but he wanted to give me a valuable Chinese bell -- it's huge and comes complete with real railroad ties and incense.  I wouldn't know where to put the thing, so I asked him to sell it and he could repay me after that.   Listen to the conversation.

On Second thought... This Chinese "Bell" of which Gillenwater spoke "has substantial value".  So If I'm going to get paid, I might as well help Gillenwater to sell it.  I'm waiting for his call to make arrangements...




Friendly...  this conditional apology from Terry ca. 2006:   (I don't remember what this was about)





Almost a movie...

Mr. Gillenwater was a major producer, helper, gofer of a major new motion picture, Due soon on the silver screen.


NAILED: Ten Christian Myths That Show Jesus Never Existed At All,
which critically examines the historical evidence of Christ.



  Almost an admission...
"I know I have been mishonest...irratating..."

"... I'll give you the kit...I am cold turkey.
I want to stop."


  "It has been difficult for each other."        http://foundmagazine.com  (found near the dumpster)



 Link:    Web search for Terry Gillenwater, Salt Lake City, Utah

 Link:   http://movies.groups.yahoo.com/group/wasatchfilmgroup/message/3175  

From stanleycarter@... Fri Sep 21 11:07  2007
To: wasatchfilmgroup@yahoogroups.com
Subject: Acting scam agency

Acting scam agency

Beware of a new acting scam agency called "I Extras" located at  #222. Owned by Terry Gillenwater. He used to be "Star Casting" back in 2003/2004. Then he was "Click Film and Model Management" in 2005. Now he is starting up again. He asks for money to get on his website and gives you a bunch of promises but has closed shop within three months each other time he has set up and doesn't do

I filed a complaint with the Utah Dept of Commerce, Consumer Protection, about his scam agency. They told me it is a $2500 fine to take money and not perform the services promised. It could also be Theft by Deception, a criminal offense. They will investigate. If any
of you remember him and paid him any money, please contact them to make a complaint 801 / 530-6601. [Ed:  This is useless -- they do nothing for you]

He is incorporated as "I Mgt Inc."    

Link:    Utah Department of Commerce:  Email - Kevin Olsen, Director

From its_the1andonly@... Wed Sep 26 11:30  2007
To: wasatchfilmgroup@yahoogroups.com
Subject: Re: Acting scam agency

I think he also had Elite Agency in 1999/2000.


       Salt Lake City Justice Court  Case No.: 220700298
At Mr. Gillenwater's trial, to recover the lost rent and damages, was scheduled for Aug 30 2007.  Before the trial began, The judge asked of Mr. Gillenwater, the defendant: "You look familiar.  Do I know you?  Have I seen you before?".

Mr. Gillenwater responded in the negative.  The judge called both parties to the bench.  It was then that Mr. Gillenwater remembered that he had appeared before her previously, in another matter.

The Judge rescued herself and set a new date for trial on 9-13-2007

Table showing how many times Terry Gillenwater has been sued in the Third District Court in Salt Lake City. 
Knowing this, it's no wonder that the judge asked "Do I know you?  Have I seen you before?"

  Salt Lake City District Court in which Terry Gillenwater  was a sued.  (Born Oct 10 1948)   (see DETAIL .pdf)

Filing date Defendant
1 MD 502811263 11/10/1988 TERRY L.
2 AJ 502843929 8/15/1989 TERRY
3 MO 860090323 12/19/1986 TERRY
4 MD 25902446 3/21/2002 TERRY L.
5 CV 873209880 10/21/1987 TERRY L.
6 SC 874018521 9/4/1987 TERRY AND
7 SC 874018521 9/4/1987 TERRY DBA
8 MO 881010273 11/22/1988 TERRY LYNN
9 CV 883205886 6/8/1988 TERRY L.
10 CV 893204876 5/30/1989 TERRY
11 SC 894011358 6/22/1989 TERRY
12 SC 894019374 10/23/1989 TERRY
13 SC 894019374 10/23/1989 TERRY
14 MO 901013089 11/19/1990 TERRY
15 CV 913000710 1/18/1991 TERRY L.
16 CV 913013266 10/2/1991 TERRY
17 SC 914001524 1/29/1991 TERRY L.
18 CV 920013570 9/24/1992 TERRY
19 TN 925016593 6/5/1992 TERRY L.
20 AJ 926953598 6/4/1992 TERRY
21 MO 931011469 8/23/1993 TERRY L.
22 TC 935029448 11/9/1993 TERRY L.
23 TC 945005956 2/22/1994 TERRY
24 SC 968003584 7/29/1996 TERRY
25 SC 978003479 8/14/1997 TERRY
26 TC 995901849 1/13/1999 TERRY LYNN
Cases in SLC District Court in which Terry Gillenwater was sued  by someone.

 Links:     Gillenwater's SLC, UT; Court record case search Result [.pdf]             UTcourts.gov





The new trial happened in small claims court before a new judge.  Gillenwater was ordered to pay the back rent.  In trying to weasel out of paying the rent, he claimed that he he had given me an expensive Pakistani prayer rug (supposedly a $4,000 value.  Yes, there was a rug --  but I never wanted it!), I had tried to refuse it when he forced it onto me, and I only accepted this worn, moth-eaten rag to be nice -- and not in exchange for anything.  The judge did not allow that to count as rent payment.  The judge looked at the pictures shown on this website.  I showed many of these pictures on this page to the judge -- apparently he thought that the filth in the apartment was about normal for a nineteen-year occupancy.   The pictures which appear here were entered in evidence to the court. My claim for compensation for extra cleaning and repairs and loss of rental income was denied. Nevertheless I won a judgment against Gillenwater:

"He's an alcoholic atheist" , Gillenwater exclaimed, [chuckles from the audience]  -- the judge told him to get to the point.  (I had asked to be sworn in under a No-god oath.)

"The Plaintiff has always been jealous of everything I own", he told the judge, [more chuckles from the audience] and the judge cut him short,  asking Gillenwater to get to the point -- did he or did he not pay any rent in 2007?   Gillenwater admitted that he had not paid any rent in 2007 and so the judge ruled that he must pay $ 3,811, including court costs.

I am involved in the movie industry, he explained to the judge, and again, the judge cut him short, saying that this is beside the point. [See THE SHROUD, A major motion picture slated for release in theaters in the US in EARLY 2005.

I gave the Plaintiff a $4,000 Pakistani rug, Mr. Gillenwater told to the judge.  (My wife and I had tried to refuse this dirty, smelly, moth-eaten thing, but only to appease him, I reluctantly accepted it.  But Gillenwater had said that he wanted me to have it, "No strings attached");    I gave the Plaintiff a dining room set, he said to the judge.  The judge asked if he had any paper, showing that this was in lieu of rent; Gillenwater admitted, no -- and again, the judge told him that this is beside the point.  (Yes, he had tried to give me a table w / chairs, but I refused; (I had recently purchased a Scandinavian dining table and chairs).  However, I  helped facilitate transfer of his table w / chairs to a Chinese / Tibetan acquaintance;  I never even touched any of these items).  I was helping Terry to get rid of these tings, or so I thought.

One of the things I sued for was the return of a book he had borrowed -- but I did not prevail.   I received nothing -- Gillenwater claimed that I had given him the book  (it's a goofy book:)  -- which he had actually only borrowed.*  Gillenwater told the judge that it is  a a witch-craft-devil worshipping book (Actually, I came onto this, "The Urantia Book" [-- no known author! ] by way of a dear Mormon fiend's death, Ronald Thurston (see his entire computer's contents here -- external Link) and this book was amongst his collection).

Five years later, Gillenwater told me that his friend Andy, "the cubby guy" who had helped him move his belongings, burned the book.

After the trial, I asked Mr. Gillenwater if he really intended to keep the book which he borrowed.  He said angrily:  "You'd better get some insurance; you'd better get some insurance! ".  I asked the judge if that statement should be interpreted as a threat, but he said nothing to this.  I'm thinking it's a THREAT!  Stay tuned...



 Links:   Terry Gillenwater's Court record case search Result  [gif]
           Statewide Case Search

 Link:     Gillenwater's Xerox machine for sale

 Link:     BBB Reliability Report for Star Casting: "D +"
       Business Contact and Profile for
Star Casting
       Phone: (801) 366-4087 - DISCONNECTED
       Address: 406 E 300 S # 231  Salt Lake City, UT 84111-2607
       Principal: Mr. Terry Gillenwater, Owner   (801) 366-4087
       File Open Date: May 1995
       Classification: Modeling Agencies, Modeling Schools 
       BBB Accreditation: Star Casting is not a BBB Accredited business.

 Link:     Way Back Machine 5-6-2009


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