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  It was cold and LOUD


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Could you sleep here?
"The heater was screeching so loudly, one could hear it on the street."

The man behind the desk told me he was from India.  The price was right, so we decided to stay at this motel.  My friend and my wife and I rented two adjacent rooms.  Our room was cold -- the heater only put out low heat.  During the night, the heater's fan became louder and louder.  I went outside to sleep in the car.  The heater was audible even in the car in the parking lot!  In the morning I asked for a discount... I suggested 50%.  When my credit card statement arrived, my discount was only $9.06.  I disputed the change with the credit card company, CHASE.

My friend, who had the adjacent room had a problem with the toilet.  It auto-flushed itself constantly throughout the night.  He could not sleep either; he had to take a sleeping pill in order to make it through the night.

TV reception was crap; cleanliness was marginal -- walls dirty (see picture).


I disputed the charge with my credit card company.  I received a CREDIT form the credit card company:

The loud, weak, heater is in back. The blow-drier didn't work either;
my wife is attempting a repair with her Swiss Army knife.

Cardmember Service Post Office Box 15299

Wilmington, DE 19850-5299
March 20, 2008
RE: 4640188008566

As your credit card company, we value your business and want you to be completely satisfied with
your credit card account.

At your request, we have researched the $60.37 charge from Knights Inn-Kingman that posted to
your account on January 16,2008. We have made several attempts directly with the merchant in
an effort to obtain a credit on your behalf. Unfortunately they are unwilling to issue a credit to your
account. We have resolved your dispute [Emphasis mine - ed] by issuing your account a credit in the amount of $40.00.
You will see this, including a credit for any related fees and finance charges, on your next monthly

Please understand that we at Chase always attempt to assist the Cardmember. We wish that we
could have obtained the resolution you requested but due to the fact that you did not check out of
the hotel when the problems occurred, we cannot recover full credit to your account. The remainder of
the charged has been removed from dispute and will be included in your balance on your next billing

If you have further questions, please contact us at the toll-free number noted on the back of your
card. [888 / 247-4080 - ed] For your convenience, we are available 24 hours a day to assist you.


Kay Hoobler Financial Service Advisor

I received a CREDIT form the credit card company:

These Indian people still owe me about ten dollars.  Am I going to let them get away with cheating me for this amount? I called the credit card company. CHASE. I spoke with Chris, who transferred me to Robin, who transferred me to Paul who transferred me to Shuntica.  Shuntica told me to send a letter to explain the whole problem again.  So, I'll play this game.

Cardmember Service                                                      3/31/2008
Post Office Box 15299
Wilmington, DE 19850-5299

Dear Kay,

Thank you, Chris, who transferred me to Robin, who transferred me to Paul who ungraciously transferred me to Shuntica.

The thing why you denied my full claim is incorrect: that I "did not check out of the hotel when the problem occurred." I did do that!!

Thank you kindly in advance and please cause a full refund to be applied ASAP.

RE: [CUSTl776.doc 17083730.PXO]


I disputed again.  I talked to Chris, Robin & Paul, the mostly unresponsive answering people at CHASE ... this time it seems more difficult, as Chase bank tries to weasel out of recovering the missing the dollars.

About a month later Chase refunded tomme the difference between what Kingman Inn refunded and my cost.

Read reviews -1   01-26-8... Cleanliness was marginal and it was LOUD.

Read reviews -2: A DUMP -- By A Yahoo! Contributer, 02-21-08... A place to stay away from:
I have stayed in this property twice in 2005 and was happy with the accommodations. This time I was with my wife and looked forward to staying at the same place. Based on my past experience and my initial look-see, we checked into the motel. Lo and behold when we turned on the lights, (the ones that worked) the worst nightmare of a place to stay during our trip to and from Houston was discovered.

The carpet in the room was saturated with dirt in addition to the last painters boot tracks thru-out the room. The condition of this room was not only [due to] maintenance but a lack of cleanliness, ownership and care of a person in charge that deserves the write up that your website provides. We selected to stay instead of just leaving without a request for any refunds because we were absolutely exhausted from a long drive from El Paso, TX. [...]

I will contact AAA inspected by AAA and the Health Department. Some bits of the facility (Pictures taken and sent if requested) ROOM CONDITIONS, GENERAL:
1. Armoire holding TV falling apart.
2. Lighting fixtures unplugged and out of reach of plugging in access.
3. Alarm clock unplugged, we needed to pull beds out to find an outlet.
4. Telephone-Handset. Slimy / Greasy / Dirty and NOT WORKING.
5. TV. Bad connections on most stations.
6. No blankets provided under soiled bedspread. Needed to raise hell with Managerto get blankets...
7. No washcloths, one hand towel and two see thru unmatched bath towels.
We, ourselves are Lodging Providers and we own our place of business. In our experiences with the Lodging business as well a our previous life experiences we would place the Knights Inn in Kingman, AZ. as a place to stay away from.


Knights Inn
1225 W Beale St
Kingman, AZ 86401
Phone: (928) 753-3881

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