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My experience...

   The thing that participated this blog can be seen below, under  "The boring details".

   Since then, the president's office called me.  At first I thought that is was president Bush, calling to apologize about making everything FAITH BASED, and for making SCIENCE STUPID, and for the WAR, and For....  But no, it was only someone from the DHL president's office. 

   The fellow explained, to my satisfaction, that yes, a mistake had been made, but my package had still arrived on time.  Since then I have sent two other packages to China using DHL and no mistake was made and they arrived more quickly.  Thanks for calling, Mr. President!

The boring details...

My letter to DHL --

Att:  President / CEO:

DHL Express

1200 South Pine Island Road
Suite 600
Plantation, FL 33324


Dear sir,

After more than a week, my shipment still has not arrived at its destination.  I might as well have put it on a Slow Boat to China! Please send a reply immediately and a refund and explanation.  I paid $55.26 for this “service” and it arrived at an incorrect facility, causing further delays.  I will wait a reasonable time, then Blog next week, if no contact or reply; you may email me.

Best regards,




From: "Dave *****" <d*****@att.net>
Subject: DHL
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2009

Love your blog! They screwed me, too. I received a "free" shipping offer from DHL, which I used to mail my sister her X-mas gift last year. Imagine my surprise when today I received a notice from a collection agency stating that I owe DHL $17.84. Bastards.


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