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I bought some software from PC Tools ( Spyware Doctor ). It worked fine. Three weeks later, a pop-up appeared telling me to upgrade to version 5.0. (Stupid me, there was no ver. 5.0).  So, I "upgraded" and soon my computer was severely crippled.  It took me several hours to fix this problem. The solution was to un-install PC tools.  My computer worked fine.  I reported this to PC tools, and they gave me a refund.  I had to ask twice, but they did it.  I'll try this software again later.

 Emails                 3/13/2007

Yesterday I was prompted to install version 5.0 (if I remember correctly) of PC Tools. Then my computer died, after installation. It took me 4 hrs to figure out that this install was the problem. I've un-installed it, and immediately my computer was working again. So, I think I need to get a refund from you. This product screwed up my computer horrible.

Thank you kindly in advance for your reply,

Two days later:
Thank you for contacting PC Tools.
Your log file has been escalated to our Malware Research Center for in-depth analysis.
Please make sure you stay up to date with the latest Smart Updates. If any threats or new variants are found in your log file, they will be resolved via Smart Update.  To check for the latest Update, please click on the 'Smart Update' button at the top right hand corner.

Two days later:
Thank you for contacting PC Tools.
Our Malware Research Center had adviced for you to uninstall Spyware Doctor 5.0 and reinstall 4.0 as there will be no updates for 5.0 as we are currently trying to fix the issues that exists.
Please note Spyware Doctor 4.0 will remove the infections on your computer.

Yes, thank you Timothy, for your reply.  I figured this out myself, eventually, as I mentioned in ,my letter to you.  I have un installed PC Tools, as I told you before, and now everything is OK.  My question was about my refund.  I'm not using your program.  My second question is how this could have gotten past PC tools in the first place!

Best regards.

PS: Please don't tell me that I need to contact another department, etc., for this refund; please cause this to happen.  Thanks in advance.

Two days later:
Thank you for contacting PC Tools.
Your refund request has been accepted. You will receive more details from us shortly. Malware can be downloaded if you run malicious programs, rogue anti-spyware/virus, browsing a bad site etc.
Thank you for your patience.
If you require further assistance, please reply to this email.
Timothy Yip
Technical Support Representative PC Tools Customer Support Services

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