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Shipping and Handling

  I tried to buy this digital recorder.


I don't think they treat their customers right

Returning It: CLICK HERE 

 Here is how it began

I ordered online.  I thought the shipping / "handling" charge ($11.50) was quite high for a pen, and I told SpyVille so at the time of order:

"How do you expect to sell it without 'handling' it?

Do you also have  'manufacturing fees ' ?

This is VERY expensive, will report this if no discount for 'handling'.

 What resulted?

The company refused to fill my order and suggested that I take my business  elsewhere.  And I received an explanation for the shipping fee: it's because of the overhead!


We incur many fees to sell our products [to the consumer]. We are not a manufacturer.. we are a retailer. We buy these products and pay shipping to have them shipped to us. Then we pay to ship them to you.. [sic] we also pay to have them packaged.. this involves boxes, tapes, packing material and a wage to a person who "handles" our shipping. If this product was not in our store we would have it drop-shipped to you from our supplier who is also NOT a manufacturer, but a distributor. They charge us an additional fee of between $3.00 and $10.00 in addition to the shipping and handling charges they charge us to do this.

In addition to this, we are one of the few on-line stores that offer Free tech support. We pay a heavy fee through our toll-free number for these calls. Especially for items like the 8 HR. Pen Recorder which many people have a hard time using.

There are some on-line stores that offer free shipping.. we think you may prefer to buy your product there. We have not charged your card.

Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2005 10:50:56 -0700 (PDT)
From: Send an Instant Message "Spyville.com" <spyzilla@yahoo.com>

Subject: Spyville Order  Re: S&H fees


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Thank you for your quick reply regarding my order --

RE: "Then we pay to ship them to you.." This isn’t even true! I *was* billed for sipping! It is I who
would have paid the shipping; you would *not* have paid for shipping! How can it be that both you and I
would pay? This is stupid, or you are puffing... trying to make your overhead sound like more than
reality. I think this is dishonest. No. It *is* dishonest.

And it’s a rip-off to attempt to charge over eleven dollars just to mail a pen!

RE: "We incur many fees to sell our products to the consumer." -- Yes; it is *you* who decided to be in
this mail-order business. Now, you try to trick people into ordering by offering a lower price and
then more than DOUBLING the normal shipping costs by claiming these sales costs must be borne by the
consumer, because, -- oh, good grief -- you MUST handle them in order to complete your sale! Jesus
christ, don't cry about having to handle the product you want to sell
! Quit complaining. Be a man. Be
honest. Tell me up front how much the damn thing will cost, not after I've typed in all my information on
your web page.

You now tell me that the 8 HR. Pen Recorder is difficult to use, for many people. Nowhere in your
sales page does it say that this is a crappy product.  Why sell it, then? Or why not tell your potential
victims that this is a difficult product? I have experience with several such digital voice recorder
products, such as the older Samsung recorder / laser pen and the still current SanDisk MP3 Player. One
was easy to use and one is difficult to use, so I know what you are talking about -- you s/b honest and
say it's crap, difficult or tricky, if you are trying to sell difficult tricky crap. Be honest; be forthright.
There is *no* reason not to build your overhead into the sales price, except to trick customers into
falsely believing they are getting the item for cheap.

Best Regards
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2005 11:42:55 -0700 (PDT)

Subject: Reply from
To: Send an Instant Message "Spyville.com" <spyzilla@yahoo.com>
 We were not "complaining".. we were explaining.
 The product is an excellent one.. excellent sound  quality.. nice design.. "difficult to use" does not
 imply "crappy". [sic]
 We pay UPS for the shipping and then charge you for  it. Shipping UPS ground to Utah from CT. with
 insurance cost us $8.95. The difference is handling  which you did not understand ..hence the
 How would you like to proceed.. do you want us to place the order for you or not?
RE: "We pay UPS for the shipping and then charge you for it." ... So what's the big deal? What’s your
point then, when you complain, sorry, when you “explain” that you pay the sipping? You are just
puffing, as I said. It's dishonest what you do. Be nice.

I do understand "handling", bub. I'm not stupid. It's often called overhead, or cost of doing business.

You ask how I would like you to proceed. Well, you canceled my order, gave disingenuous, evasive,
stupid "explanations";  you did not charge my credit card;  you suggested that I purchase elsewhere,
yes? So, I think you can proceed by shoving it up where the sun don't shine, bub.

For potential consumers, I will report everything on this blog page:

Best Regards
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2005 13:47:30 -0700 (PDT)

Subject: Re: Reply from
To: "Spyville.com" <sales@spyville.com>



An Old Samsung Pen Recorder

I took SpyVille.com's advice.  I found this item at DefenseDevices.com

I saved money because this company does not charge shipping for expensive items such as this.

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