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 What happened... short shrift 

It's been good software... until now.  I used the virus protection software form Trend Micro, PcCillin,  for a little over a year.  I recently signed up for another year.  Then I received a pop-up window saying I'm eligible for a free upgrade.  I took that.  The upgrade software deleted the original version, the active virus protection software.  Next it advised me to remove Spy Bot. 

SpyBot is a problem finding utility with which I have been pleased.  And it's freeI've used it for almost 10 years.  SpyBot finds computer problems which no other virus protection software finds -- to my knowledge -- or is designed to find.  It's just swell!  Needless to say, I didn't remove SpyBot.  I still have SpyBot, but my TrendMicro software has evaporated.  And the customer service won't help or address my concerns.

I emailed TrendMicro (Subject: SR1-1-271142991) and a week later someone replied that I must remove SpyBot.  I wrote back again to explain.  TrendMicro then replied to me saying that I didn't understand or didn't read read its previous correspondence to me.  Each time I received an email from a different respondent.

That's when I disputed the credit card charge form Trend Micro.  The software was good -- not as glitzy as Norton or McAfee -- it worked quietly behind the scenes, but Trend Micro's customer service leaves something to be desired.  And its free upgrade is something to avoid, I'm sorry to report.  And the company sucks.

I'm going to go back to the McAfee anti virus software.


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