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Would you use this service?

My experience...KODAK - Ofoto may not print your pictures.

Ofoto CENSORS your prints.  Would YOU be satisfied?

 The Short Of Itt

Beware if you use Kodak - Ofoto to process your digital pictures.  The people there may decide that your pictures are not fit to print.Beware if you use Kodak - Ofoto to process your digital pictures.  The people there may decide that your pictures are not fit to print.

 The Boring Details

The picture above is one such example.  My girlfriend in China emailed it to me. I uploaded it to for printing.  Ofoto said it is copyrighted and thus they would not print my picture.  It's not copyrighted!

On a another occasion, Ofoto told me that my entire  order will not be processed because it contains "objectionable images".   I know my photographs are not objectionable!

 My Advice

Kodak - Ofoto thinks that they are supposed to look at our photographs to decide if they should be censored.  Besides these problems, the service's upload is quite difficult to use.  PhotoWorks is a much better service; the prices and print quality are the same.

What  can you do ?

There is a BOYCOTT of KODAK
Ofoto going on.    Do your part...

Boycott Ofoto
Boycott Kodak

Out of business: ImageStation-Sony - Formerly OFOTO 

Subject: Re: Copyright cancellation order [...]
From: "labsupport@ofoto.com" <labsupport@ofoto.com>
Reply-To: "labsupport@ofoto.com" <labsupport@ofoto.com>

Dear Ofoto Member:

Your order cannot be processed because it contains objectionable images.
Please review the applicable guidelines in Ofoto's Terms of Service, at
http://www.ofoto.com/TermsOfService. These guidelines describe what
content is acceptable on our service.

Ricco Cox
Ofoto Customer Service Team
Ofoto - A Kodak Company
For Instant Answers, please visit http://help.ofoto.com

Subject: Re: Order ID 450547404103 (KMM3661450V63601L0KM)
From: Ofoto Customer Service <service@ofoto.com>
Reply-To: Ofoto Customer Service <service@ofoto.com>
X-Mailer: KANA Response
X-Scanned-By: MIMEDefang 2.39

Hello Harald,

Re: Order ID 450547404103

Ofoto, Inc.
Copyright Notification

Dear Ofoto member:

Your order has been cancelled and will not be processed because it
appears to contain copyright-protected images.

The original photographer owns the copyright in any photograph, unless
the photographer has licensed or sold those rights. The copyright owner
of a photograph is entitled to control the making of any copies of the
applicable image. Please review Ofoto's Terms of Service by following this link:
http://www.ofoto.com/TermsOfService [Haha]. If you are the original photographer, you can request a Print Consent Form by replying to this email with the following text in the subject
line: PRINT CONSENT FORM REQUEST You must [really?] reply to this message with the above text in order to receive a Print Consent Form. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding your Ofoto account or the Ofoto service, please let us know.

Kris Saefong
Ofoto Customer Service Team

Ofoto is a Kodak company

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