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HotDog has been a pretty good program. It enabled me to write my first HTML. But then it stopped working. I’ve started using it several months ago and then it just suddenly quit functioning on my pentium. (When I try to open a file the program just shuts down and then the computer crashes) I’ve tried everything; I've written sausage for help with this problem, I've tried -- deleting HotDog and re-installing it, Un-installing and re-installing, downlaoding new versions and re-installing. I’ve checked for all the latest viruses. I've had my computer examined by an expert. I've spent a LOT of time with this puppy!

I’ve written Sausage many many times. Finally they got tired and now don’t respond. I purchased the professional version. It is advertised as $79 [US], but they billed my credit card $82.20. Now I’ve asked for a refund, but they only reply with sending new passwords instead. After about 12 weeks, they finally credited my Visa card with the full amount. But I had to write many letters to the Bank. It was a pain, I tell you!

WebEdit Icon I’ve been using WebEdit for months now. It is a very good program, better than HotDog in most respects, I think. And it was a lot cheaper than HotDog. The people there will even reply if you have a question! They are in the US, not in Australia, where it’s difficult to get your money back (if you live in the US, like I). The learning curve in converting from HotDog to Webedit was really minimal, and I wouldn’t go back to HotDog now. WebEdit is a much better program, in my opinion, and the customer support is much better too.
I'm using WebEdit 1.4. Email HotDog at query@sausage.com.au


A reply from Hot Dog http://www.sausagesupport.com/help/ticketview.php?cmd=view&id=40FE12CC&email=jjmilll@yahoo.com

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