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Ear Candles!
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Don't (Ever) Buy Paraffin Ear Candles!
   Paraffin is the #1-reason ear candling has been called a scam, and rightfully so!  Paraffin and all it's market names, i.e.: Food Grade Wax , Cheese Grade Wax, Gulf Wax, Candle Wax , etc. is made from petroleum (crude oil, for Christ's sake).

For years we were taught that "all that gunk" in the bottom of the candle was from our ears, when actually it's from the PARAFFIN!  Saddam Hussein loves paraffin.

"Gunk" in the ear candle is a marketing ploy used by ear candle manufacturers to scare you into buying their ear candles.

   Paraffinis a cheap wax;  Paraffin is petroleum based;  Paraffin is a non-renewable product!

   Paraffinburns "dirty" leaving a bulk of "gunk" or residue which is HOT and can potentially drip into your ear and cause burns and other injuries.

   Paraffin clogs the ear candle cone usually with in 30 seconds ! The ear doesn't benefit from the candling session. You spend most of your time unclogging the candle. Or someone tells you that you have a lot of "gunk" in your ear.

Buy only 100% Beeswax or a Beeswax, our  / SOY WAX blend.
Beware of candle manufacturers who claim to be selling 100% beeswax. Many mix it with paraffin to cut costs!
The general public doesn't know the differen ce -- It acts and seem just the same; it's IDENTICAL.

Review the Q & A for help in determining if you are buying the right ear candles

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