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Nigerian Scam (419)  Temple RecordsTemple RecordsTemple Records Sit-n-Sleep Co.  Temple RecordsTemple RecordsTemple RecordsTemple RecordsTemple Records
A new insidious kind of scam Temple RecordsTemple RecordsTemple Records The Greatest Prank Call
Wolcott Optical   Temple Records Ear Candles   Temple RecordsTemple Records
Midwest Optical Company VibraVision: Merpati Putih   Temple RecordsTemple Records
Utah Driver's License Symantec  Temple Records
Knights Inn   Temple Records Tenants: Juli Schofield, Aki Hamala (Hande)
Airway  Inn  LaGuardia   Temple Records Tenant: Gillenwater Temple Records
Holiday Inn  Marriott Hotels
Cat Laxative Hilton Doubletree
Cat Malpractice?  -   Cat Cam  
Wells Fargo goes 1/2 Way

Newspaper Censorship

Wells Fargo calls the police  Temple Records Junk Mail: Returning It
Enterprise Car Rental Seven Eleven
Buca di Beppo Buy Cheap Software   Temple RecordsTemple RecordsTemple RecordsTemple Records
PIPA's Asian Tapas & Sake Bar INVENTHELP
"I was going to go buy, however, you saved me all
the trouble.

Consumers do not randomly complain and create web pages for lack of something
better to do"
Applebee’s Overnight Social Media Meltdown Mark Miller Toyota
  JustAnswer.Com cheats
  Utah Tourist Trap: Cove Fort
Riggs High School, Pierre, SD Verio.Net Censorship
Bush-43 Temple Records Aros.Net Censorship Flash of Genius
Taylor Gifts Million Buy
Spy Ville Iran 'Doctored' Rocket Launch Temple RecordsTemple Records
Do-not-call: Mormon Ins. Salesmen Adult Friend Finder -  PENTHOUSE
Do-not-call: Mormon Energy Salesman Hale Plumbing Heating & Air

Do-not-call: National Registry Rheem Furnace & Air Conditioning's Sally Boulware Jeremy Barnes Epic Contractor's "Total Absorb" Dog Pee Pad Gary Gish Handyman's Totally Bamboo Arrowhead Blumenkrantz
Amazon's Caesars-e-Palace Pella will Spam  You's TexereSilk Revive Remodeling
Build Right Products Fine Remodel & Construction
  Thank you, Kathryn Ramsey
  Same Day Air
Class action:

Foreign Currency Fee Litigation Settlement

Vonage Litigation Settlement
TD Ameritrade Litigation Settlement
The Police Frisked us

Salt Lake City Police:

SLC Police Ooma
Utah Speeding Ticket Stolen Cell Phone - Returned Phone
Wells Fargo calls the police  Temple Records Cell Phone "Secrets"
"Our recommendations to people is "DO NOT SHOP THERE." Product Reviews -- Bad tCell Phone Coverage Map Temple RecordsTemple RecordsTemple RecordsTemple RecordsTemple Records
Cisco Gizmo eBay's Vendor: 2theMoon
Review: Imagelab Gizmo Sony "Service"
Review: LG 60-in Plasma TV Sears WeedWacker
Review: Logitech Camera 750 Lawn mower - Black & Decker
Review: BOSCH DLR130 Measurer Lawn mower - Honda
Review: Bosch GLR225 Laser Rangefinder A car powered by water
Review: Testing Siri on the iPad DHL: Slow Boat to China

Returning It



Shutterfly is Unethical Million Buy
Software Etc. Norton Anti-Virus
iPod Trend Micro's PcCillin

"Of course you are free to
maintain this complaint
on your site..."

    Glenn Durrant
    Director of eCommerce, I've been authorized to
find another provider for [our]
ENTIRE company.

I think these companies are now out of business:

Sit-n-Sleep SLC
Hot Dog
Tel America
VoiceStream / T-Mobile 
Midwest Optical Company
Ofoto Censorship - KODAK


Reverend Dr. VanBuskirk Temple RecordsTemple RecordsTemple Records

BYU Professor X Temple Records

Arno Nobody
  Summum: Corky Ra  
  Mormons Baptize Adolf Hitler  I Paid a Bribe
FGM: Female Genital Mutilation Schadenfreude
Westboro Baptist Church Salesmen's faith
  Mormon opinions - Barbara A. Lyman
  The L-word: Disingenuous Catholic Church stole; Protests
  Amitava - Art Of Living Do Not Vote For My Dad
GOOD-GUY Reports: Humour
PC Tools Apostrophe Hell
    Ora Fardan
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