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 The Boring Details...

It's the second pair of glasses I bought there. 
One lens was light grey and the other dark grey.
Now I'd give Wolcott another chance.


 Six easy steps to buying glasses

(1)   Trip #1:  Bring prescriptions, make selection decisions (photo-grey, etc.) and give contact info.. phone number (don't leave message on answering machine, please).  Receive a small discount offer for having screwed up on previous visit -- (one lens was light grey and the other dark grey).

(2)   Trip #2:  Pick up glasses / lenses; pay.

(3)   Trip #3: Return to explain that one of the lens sets was made wrongly -- Wolcott forgot to make them photo grey, as agreed.  Discover that it would cost $100 dollars more to re-make the lenses.

(4)   Trip #4:  Return again to pick up new photo-grey lenses, after waiting a month (Wolcott left message on answering machine, despite being told not to -- my answering machine's outgoing message asks that no message be left  on it; and it   explains that no one listens to any messages, in any case.)

(5)   Watch Wolcott try to bill over $220 instead of the $100 dollars for the photo grey job.  Apparently Wolcott had forgotten that I had already paid and mistakenly tried to bill again.

(6)   Make this web page.

Does this suck?

A copy of this web page has been shown or sent to all parties involved.

3-D: Cross your eyes. 


  Stereoscopic seeing:

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