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Construction Bids which Failed        Salt Lake City, Utah  
  Todd Andersen   801-364-5161  West Jordan, Utah    atoddandersen@gmail.com


Todd Andersen showed up the day after I initially called him.  I asked him if he could do this project which I showed him and he said "I can try".  He said he's get back to me with his thoughts (estimate?), but I never heard form him again.  I emailed him 3 times and I left several messages on his phone.  I could be wrong, but now I think that this fellow may not be reliable.  
  Fine Remodel and Construction    Mark Blankman, Business Owner -  9520 South 500 West, Sandy, UT 84070    (801) 562-8995
4-15-2014 A fellow showed up, unprepared. I had posted several project descriptions ( 3 projects) including fairly detailed diagrams on the web but he'd seen only some of the things I'd put up on the Internet in preparation for this consultation, one of the three projects.  He didn't know there was more to see about this project online.

He said he could not start construction for about six weeks to two months and I told him that's OK. I told him that, regardless of when the job would be started, he should commit to a finishing time - a time of his choosing when the job would be completed, with a per diem if it's not finished by that date. He agreed, but the then he wanted a per diem fee if it's finished before that time (this is normal, I'm told). But since he was free to pick any time for the job duration and and I only want the job finished by a date date of his choosing, I decided that I did not want Fine Remodel and Construction  (9520 S. 500 W., Sandy, UT) to do my jobs.  I contacted Fine Remodel via its internet form and sent them what's posted here.  Posted review on KSL.com.

5-11-2014 Made this web page

Temple RecordsTemple Records 2 Stars  on Yelp, 2013:  www.yelp.com/biz/revive-remodeling-salt-lake-city#query:remodeling%20contractors )

http://fineremodelutah.com    See costs at http://www.remodeling.hw.net/cost-vs-value/2014/mountain/salt-lake-city-ut


  Parker Davis

Parker Davis
4230 Lynne Ln
Salt Lake City, UT 84124
(801) 274-3259



FYI – that Parker guy seems to be unreliable. After waiting a week for an appointment, just before the appointed hour, he called to say he'd be late because he wants to watch his son play sports and that he'd come by afterwards, but then he never showed up and didn't even call. And he didn't reply to my text -- just so you know about this guy.

                Revive Remodeling  530 S 800 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84102       801.207.4581   www.reviveremodeling.net/

Drew came - he will have preliminary estimate by Tue 3-25 (cost plus)

3-24-2014 4 Sent email reminder for estimate tomorrow
3-31-2014 8 Called Drew to set up meeting tomorrow with him & construction manager (Mike Elliott) - will email to finalize date

Mike Elliot of  Revive Remodeling
examines job description documents.
Apr 9 2014.

4-1-2014 1 Drew and Mike Elliott came & we went over everything in Detail, will make new estimate (because previous estimate erroneously contained electrical work, which has already been accounted for.) Together, Mike Elliott and I went over “Job Description” requirements in detail, we made some changes and he said he’d get back to me with a new estimate - less the electrical work, which had not been required to be included in the original estimate.
4-5-2014 4  No response - left a message for Mike and Drew on their phones to call back

 Left phone message again to be called back

4-8-2014 3 From: "Michael Elliott" <mike@revivegroup.net>
Date: April 8, 2014 at 7:26:29 AM MDT

I would prefer that an agreement is in place before we do more work there.
I don’t see why we cannot install a linear drain in your bathroom and when we get started we will know for sure.

4-10-2014 2 Revive sent "cost plus" contract via email but no new estimate (The already completed electrical work's cost was to have been removed)
4-29-2014 19 Email from Drew / Revive asking about continuance.  Replied via email - 'I hadn't heard back from you...'
5-9-2014 10 I received an email entitled "FINAL Reminder to sign document Revive Remodeling".  I replied saying that the changes agreed with Mike Elliott had not been reflected in the estimate.

Elapsed time:
50 days


Revive Remodeling gave me an estimate. I sat down with Revive's Mike Elliot to go over the details and we discovered that the estimate contained an item which needed not to be done. We agreed that a new estimate was in order, but that never came ABOUT!   I had reminded Drew about THIS. One  weeks later I received a "FINAL Reminder to sign document" email (on file) giving 24 hrs notice to sign.  Needless to say, that's not how one would do business, with this kind of high pressure.


                The contract was given to Daniel Carpenter of ESK Quality Remodeling
    The contract was given to Daniel Carpenter of ESK Quality Remodeling. The project went smoothly but over budget *.