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 The Short Of It 

My woman found a cell phone in the toilet at the airport.

 We tried...

We had tried to find out who owned the phone. An email to the email addresses in the phone made a U-turn and arrived at the phone. We hoped to glean some clues by examining the pictures in it.  Then the the Phone rang.  It was K. Ramsey, the owner, calling from the airport!  Her plane was about to leave, so I told her I'd gladly mail the phone to her.

She gave me her Missoula, Montana, USA address.

 The next day...

We mailed a package to her, uninsured.

Letter in package:

To: K. Ramsey              4/12/2009
2619 Muirfield Court
Missoula MT

Upon returning from the Atheist conference in Atlanta today, my wife found this in the ladies’ restroom.

Best Regards

It's not that thanks or genuflection was expected. 

But a simple word indicating receipt would have been appreciated.

There was nothing.

So there.

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 5 days later...

Date: Mon, 04 May 2009 14:43:57
From:  nowscape<>

I hope you received the package with the phone... I haven't heard from you, a bit worried, distraught.

Best Regards...

 A week after that...

Date: Mon, 11 May 2009 13:53:55
From:  nowscape<>

Dear Kathryn,
I made this web page about you!

Best Regards...

 Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Date: Mon, 11 May 2009 At 02:42 PM:
I read your site. I apologize, but what you fail to understand is that there can be circumstances beyond my control. I do appreciate the effort you made in returning my cell phone as some people may not be as honest although I do like to believe that there are still many honest people out there. So, thank-you for being honest!

However, again without going into any of my personal details or the my reason for the delay in properly thanking you I was mystified by your reaction.

When my personal issues resolve themselves, you shall receive the properly handwritten thank-you that you deserve and I will not respond to the web site you felt the need to build.

Kathryn Ramsey

Date: Mon, 1 May 2009 16:40:50
From:  nowscape<>

Thank you Kathryn -- Until now my wife and I had no indication that you had received that package! I had emailed you a week ago; no reply again; I was beginning to worry that I'd made a mistake in addressing the mailing label! I tell you this to clear up, demystify for you, my reaction which mystified you, like you said.

I'm glad that your reading of my web page which I emailed to you 20 minutes ago, jolted you into making a reply.

Thanks for that, our minds are more at ease now, about this!

As they say, all's well that ends.


  So... after a little more than a month this has been resolved and can be put to rest. 

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