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 You can't sell someone a gizmo and then expire it -- without warning them before the purchase! 

"This version of EasyLink Advisor has expired"  WHAT ?!@#$???

Google Answers --
Q: What is the Cisco email address for Gene Scott, Cisco Director of Sales?

A:     LINK   (Jul 2002)   <-- NO LONGER VALID ADDR.

Cisco's problem report feedback page:

Here's what I told Cisco on its problem report web page:

1.) Privacy policy -- too long and not understandable.
2.) I'm here because I get "This version of EasyLink Advisor has expired". WHAT??? How can it expire when I paid for this gizmo!!! (clicking on LinksysAdvisor.exe). My wirelessly attached Mac's connection is down and i need some help right away. Please email me...


LinksysAdvisor.exe no longer works...

This is what results...


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