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 lips_r1.gif (1858 bytes) A Romance Scammer...

Quote from her online profile: hello baby hello am jummy zach, i stay in usa, but i
need a realy gut to get settle with, so i will love to meet u , if u dont mind here is
my yahoo id, u can add me to this id so we can chat and talk about it , i will be
expecting u,i will right there for u

He / she pretends to be a model from US or Canada,  in reality the most active female [?] scammer from Nigeria.

Nelly Smith hails from
Canada / Nigeria

Hair:   Brown Height:   5'8"
Eyes:   Brown Bust:   37"
Dress:   5/6 Waist:   28"
Shoe:   8.5 - 9 Hips:   38"


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  This was good for a laugh when it was opened, but a bit too much of a good thing for real life. It is quite impressive, but I think it would not be too comfortable for most. My wife doesn't want near that thing!
I received an email...

"I believe i am being led astray. I met this lady on the net. she saw her name is nelly smith. she says she needs to renew her Canadian passport. she now lives in Nigeria. after I help get a new visa, she would like me to get a plane ticket to America. I think it is a scam. here is her picture."

Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2006
Subject: Hi,Nelly, You certainly take a nice picture!


You certainly take a nice picture! You are so pretty and full figured, too. I
just wanted to say hi. Iím too old for you, Iím sure, but if you ever leave
Africa and come to Canada or US, let me know, maybe we can get together for a
coup of Java :)

Best Wishes!
John Pendergast Jr.

Introducing... Nelly --

Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2006
From: "Nelly Smith" <>
Subject: Re: Hi,Nelly, You certainly take a nice picture!

hello dear

          how are u doing today? so sory i dont really know who is talking to me say u are too old for me do u say that ?....dont u know that age is just a number?...honsetly speaking sound louder than every thing u may ever think of .......really want to know ur name , where u from , how u are ,and what u do for living ,and if u are married and with kidds....i also need one or two of ur photo to know u well nelly as u know together with my pic u told me u saw .....thanks for the mail u send to me and look ahead to hear from u ...ur words sounds nice ,that i look forword to hear more from u and get to know u well .........thanks for writing me
                                                                        urs affectionately

(What an angel he is, this scammer.)

Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2008
Subject: Nigerian Marriage scam

I feel your pain. I was also scammed by a Nigerian who I brought into the USA and only 7 weeks after arriving here he left me saying he had what he wanted and no longer needed me. Little did I know I was not only out of over $20,000 USD but I was also pregnant. I was not able to abort my child because of my Christian beliefs and is now presently the proud mom of a lovely 19 month old. This man though the had his papers but once he found he did not he remarried another American lady who just had another child for him and they are as he states "happily married". I wonder if America will give this loser papers to stay here. He is nothing but scam.

Sincerely deborah

At 11:57 PM 4/25/2008, you wrote:
Saturday April 26, 2008.

Please, To any one that can help,

I am very happy to have come across this site for right now I have a women that says she is from a Bank in Burkina Faso and the letters that have come to me have been totally the same except some of the names are different.

I'm in hopes you may be able to help me in one issue of this that I made a mistake of doing?
At the start of this I did give them a good Bank account number of mine, a bank account I just opened with only $25.00 Dollars in it, there is no over draft or credit allowed against this account.

The Question I have is can this information I give to them can it be used in any way against me, what can I or should I do at this stage of the game now.

I have not been into computers very long and was very shocked to see and hear of such things going on so if anyone can help me out on what to do I sure would be grateful for I'm a disability pensioner and have very little to no money and can not afford to be taken on such a scam as this.
I'm hoping to hear something as soon as possible that may help put my mind at ease or what I should do about this.
If you are to use this letter in anyway could you please with hold my name.

I am very Thank-Full for any help you may be able to offer.


The cost of staying connected in Nigeria
Source:Wired magazine, May 2006

Internet Cafť costs:
It costs $0.77 to connect to the internet for one hour, for Nigerians -- 28% of daily per capita GDP.
Other places...
  Paris:     $ 4.86 ( =5.9%)
  Shanghai:  $ 0.62 ( =3.7%)
  Moscow:    $ 1.50 ( =5.1%)
  London:    $ 1.78 ( =2.1%)
  NYC:       $12.80 ( =11.1%)



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