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In the Mormon sacred (formerly secret) temple ceremonies we are taught that other worlds exist which are th e domain of our God (Elohim) and of the devil (lucifer).  In those ceremonies, which are enacted on stage inside the temple for the elucidation of the Mormon pedestrians, the dialogue between Elohim and Lucifer and the others goes like this:

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The God Makers
by Ed Decker, Dave Hunt













Adam: I heard thy voice as I was walking in the garden and I was afraid because I knew that I was naked, and I hid myself.
Elohim: Who told thee that thou wast naked? Hast thou eaten of the fruit whereof I commanded thee thou shouldst not eat?
Adam: The woman that thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the fruit and I did eat.
Elohim: Eve, what hast thou done?
Eve: The serpent beguiled me and I did eat.
(To Lucifer)
Lucifer, what have you been doing here?
Lucifer:  Oh, the same as we have been doing in other worlds -- I gave them some of the fruit to open their eyes.
Elohim: For this that thou hast done, thou art cursed above all cattle. Upon thy belly shalt thou go and dust shall be thy meat all the days of thy life on the earth.
And I will take of the treasures of that earth, silver and gold, and buy up armies and navies, popes and princes, and will reign with blood and terror.
Elohim:  Begone.

This dialogue is part of the Mormon secret / sacred
 temple ceremony, specifically here.

Lucifer and Elohim have been playing this same game with God's creatures in many other worlds.  From the Sacred Temple Ceremony we are reminded and ensured that other worlds do indeed exist, just as Mormon doctrine assures us.

This shows Elohim's and Lucifer's influence covers more than planet earth.  It shows our general distaste for eating of the fruit of knowledge.  Thus, education is not our most valued value.

This also teaches that Elohim's and Lucifer's doings are repeated on countless worlds and that Elohim curses Lucifer, ad nauseam, "above all cattle" and makes him eat dust as long as he stays on earth or on these other countless worlds.

All this leads Mormon scholars to the understanding that Elohim, our god is a god not just of other planets such as Earth and Kolob (the song). And Many gods and Lucifers play this game throughout the cosmos.

Mormon scholars teach that's "other worlds"… this means at least one galaxy or galactic clusters and perhaps even scores of superclusters of galaxies.  This leaves other such huge structures in outer space to be governed by other Mormon gods, but traveling there is impossible (see Mormonism on Space Travel). As we are taught, we beleive that each of us, if we are male, may become a god of other worlds; so that leads Mormon scholars to the understanding and many worlds hypothesis that the god's universe is really really huge.


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