Gay marriage ban backlash against the LDS Church  November 7 2008  Salt Lake City, UT, USA

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~ 3,500 protestors, members and supporters of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community -- gathered around Salt Lake City’s Temple Square (Utah USA)  Nov. 7 2008 to demonstrate against the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ involvement in the campaign to ban same-sex marriage... not in Utah, but in California, no less !

Former Salt Lake City mayor Rocky Anderson, a longtime human-rights activist, gave they keynote address.

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Boycott Utah

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Atheists showed their faces... friends found each other amongst ~3,500 protestors !


  Mormons say:  The  THINKING  has been  done !

   F A I T H - B A S E D   F A M I L Y   V A L U E S

Corrective Rape is a practice, whereby women are raped by men, sometimes under supervision by members of their families or local communities, purportedly as a means of "curing" them of their homosexuality... (Wikipedia)




Secret Temple Ceremonies !          



           Are you worthy to enter the temple ?


Utah atheists made their presence known

A Mormon-owned TV station, KSL, reported as the protest started that only 200 people had gathered near Temple Square at around 6 pm, but station KTVX (channel 4) offered its far higher estimate of the crowd as "thousands" in a 7:44 pm report.

      "Trust us ... We know"


Protestors and Mormon apologists confront each other at the temple.


                  Mormon church reports spending $180,000 on Proposition 8

B y   J e s s i c a   G a r r i s o n   02-01-2009       Los Angeles Times

Top officials with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints filed reports Friday indicating that they donated more than $180,000 in in-kind contributions to Proposition 8, the November ballot initiative that banned same-sex marriage in California.

The contributions included tens of thousands of dollars for expenses such as airline tickets, hotel and restaurant bills and car-rental bills for top church officials such as L. Whitney Clayton, along with $96,849.31 worth of "compensated staff time" for church employees.

The church said the expenditures took place between July 1 and the end of the year. The church's involvement has been a major issue in the campaign and its aftermath. Individual Mormon families donated millions -- by some estimates more than $20 million -- of their own money to the campaign.

On top of that, some Prop. 8 opponents say church officials violated election law by failing to file campaign disclosure reports outlining church funds being spent on the campaign. Fred Karger, who filed a complaint with the Fair Political Practices Commission after the election alleging that church officials had not properly disclosed their involvement, said he thought today's filing proves that his complaint has merit.

"They said they reported all their travel ... now, when there is a [complaint filed] they disclose 25 [airline] tickets just in October," he said. "They were required to report this" in an earlier filing, he said.

Church officials could not be reached for comment.

Mormon Church's official burp-rag...
Considering the source which admitted this wrong-doing, it's a sure bet that the real story is WORSE. The Mormons lie about everything that's important.   -- Also see PLANET KOLOB

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An Early Mormon protest -
   The tarring and feathering
   of Joseph Smith, Inventor
   of Mormonism



Mormon policemen -- they oppose lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people

Mormon secret police trying to evade capture by cameraman

Protestors and Mormon apologists confront each other at temple square entrance.

    FLDS leader Warren Jeffs kissing his child
|bride,  daughter of sect leader Merril Jessop.

Mormonism, or the LDS Church, is one of the world’s fastest growing religions. But unless you were raised a Mormon, you probably don’t have a clear picture of this great religion, which was unearthed by Joseph Smith, a nearly illiterate ...

What does "Pay lay ale" mean?  It's from the Mormon Secret Temple Ceremonies.

About 3,500 protestors near SLC’s Temple Square demonstrate against the church's involvement in same-sex marriage.

 Mormonism and  Islam compared

 Mormon Opinion:  Overcoming Masturbation

Mormon Opinion:
 It's called "The Sure Sign Of The Nail".   

Mormon Opinion:    

We have an opinion about gay marriage, too!
And we make complete sense!
 (See Mormons and Negroes - Mormon Alphabet)

Haken Kreuz

On baptizing the Nazis

 It's used like this:
       Here is THE Logic -  

 1   Suppose you meet someone and you think he may be the devil.  Shake their  hand the normal way.

 2  If they feel like noting -- like air, you know immediately that this person is the devil or a spiritual being!.  Act accordingly !

 3  If they feel solid, like you or I,  they may be probably OK,  but we don't  know for sure, do we?
   Try the secret handshake with this person   If they reciprocate -- if they know the secret handshake -- they are an angel  If they don't know the secret handshake, they are surely a real person, because they feel solid

 4  If they refuse to shake, you can be certain you are dealing with a "Just man made perfect",  a male, who knows the secret handshake, but he nevertheless is not solid, and thus can't shake your hand.
Instructions given by Joseph Smith, Nauvoo, Illinois, February 9, 1843.

Mormon Temple locations... but NOT in Africa.  Why?
Mormon Temple Ceremonies: 1990  ~ 1931 ...The TRUE sign of the Nail ! -- Current VERSION   


Salt Lake City CBS News 2 Prop 8 Protest In Salt Lake City 

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