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Idaho's National Day of Prayer - a Counter-Demonstration   May 5, 2011  Boise, ID.  USA

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    It's off to the protest... meet up @ Flying M Coffee House, 500 West Idaho Street...

   Two Mikes:  Mike Lee (left) -- the Religious Antagonist made You Tube videos.

 Richard Andrews, Founder of the Utah Chapter of American Atheists and Susan Harrington,American Atheists State Director of Idaho.




<<  the Religious Antagonist makes videos...

  Susan Harrington, American Atheists State Director of Idaho

     On to the capitol building...

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Praying longer, louder, harder.
The Speed of Prayer    Faith is...

   Across the street...

Evolve Beyond Belief

For your car, for your lapel...

Pick one up for a friend!

...the atheist crowd... 


Timothy Dicks made a You Tube video about this.

Now they're going full bore, nationalism near its zenith -- flag waving, pledging, saluting... what's a name for that American gesture of placing one's hand on one's breast?

"... one nation under god..."

The atheists across the street seem jealous... They are outnumbered.

Left to right: Richard Andrews, Founder of the Utah Chapter of American Atheists , Ernie Rufner,
Susan Harrington, American Atheists State Director of Idaho, Harald Illig

  It's called "The Sure Sign Of The Nail" .   

Mormon Opinion :     

We have an opinion about gay marriage, too!
 (See Mormons and Negroes - Mormon Alphabet )




It looks like the Religious Antagonist made two new friends.


Afterwards we ate Mexican...

...And one of the religionists, a preacher (so I'm told), stopped by our table (not pictured).
   He didn't talk much, but he paid for everyone's meal; plus tip!
 What would Jesus do, eh?
I wish I had ordered another beer :(

Charles Seldon holds the American flag while praying Thursday afternoon on the steps of the Idaho Statehouse. Several hundred people came out for the 60th annual National Day of Prayer. Speakers included Idaho Lt. Gov. Brad Little. A group of less than 20 gathered across the road to demonstrate against the prayer day some holding signs such as "Don't pray in my government." ~ Chris Butler / Idaho Statesman 

Photo IdahoStatesman

We had a great time yesterday...eighteen of us took part in the NDOP protest. Fourteen of us were from Idaho, three from Utah, one was from Oregon, and one from Montana (who lives in Idaho part-time).

The Statesman has only one picture that includes any of our protestors or signs

We'll have more up soon on our Facebook page. After the protest, we walked downtown to the Matador restaurant for a Cinco de Mayo lunch. One of the local pastors followed as there and ended up paying for our ~$200 lunch (even though some of us had declined and told him that we didn't feel comfortable with him doing that)!

 ~ Susan


... and then the Idaho prayer group followed us back  home to Utah.

Mormonism, or the LDS Church, is one of the world’s fastest growing religions. But unless you were raised a Mormon, you probably don’t have a clear picture of this great religion, which was unearthed by Joseph Smith, a nearly illiterate ...

What does " Pay lay ale " mean?  It's from the Mormon Secret Temple Ceremonies.

  Mormonism and  Islam compared

  Mormon  Opinion:   Overcoming Masturbation

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   Jesus the Myth - Man of the Indefinite Past:   Alvar Ellegård
   The Jesus Legend,  by G.A. Wells


   Beyond Belief  

   " Only a Fool would have a False religion"


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