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Can you help me with Family History research?
Yes.  We have the best genealogical research facilities on earth! Anyone can do research there and it's free.

Can You Write My Paper for Me?
We can do even more for you!  We'll pray for your research paper.

What does LDS stand for?
LDS stands for 'Latter-day Saint' which is a nickname preferred by Mormons. (But we don't like to be called Mormons).

Can You Help Me Locate a Latter-day Saint Friend?
If you are trying to locate a Latter-day Saint, please call 1-800-453-3860 and ask for the Locating Service in the Membership Department.

What about the secret handshakes?
They, too are no longer secret because  of non-Mormons or Infidels.  They are merely sacred now. Click here to see the formerly secret handclasps.

Can women hold the LDS priesthood?
No.  But only in that respect are our women unlike males.

Can You pray for me?
We try to pray for all the worlds & Christians constantly.

What is 'Mormonism'?
Members of The Church of  Latter-day Saints  of Jesus Christ were nicknamed 'Mormons'. Mormon is a character from the BOM.  He now resides on the planet Kolob.  In 2001, the use of the word Mormon was forbidden by our prophet. 

What is the Book of Mormon?
The Book of Mormon is a volume of sacred writings comparable to the Bible. It's principal purpose is to testify of the divinity of Jesus Christ and the truthfulness of his teachings.

What about the secret Temple Ceremonies?
They are no longer secret because non-Mormons and other  Infidels have infiltrated the secret rites and have published them.  They are merely sacred now. Click here to read the formerly secret, now only sacred, temple ceremonies.


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Do Latter-Day Saints believe in the Bible and Christianity?
The honest answer would be "No!".  We believe that the Bible is true as far as it has been translated correctly.   We will often say that we accept and honor the Bible as the word of Heavenly Father.   But we believe that meaning is of secondary, nay, tertiary importance, especially when explaining elements of true TRUTH.

What about Polygamy?
Atandard Mormon theology teaches us that Jesus is a polygamist (Journal of Discourses vol. 13 page 109, the Seer by LDS Apostle Orson Pratt). There are many spirit children that have been waiting for a body of flesh and bones, born of the loins of Heavenly Mother Gonhorra.  Jesus is a polygamist too and early Mormon leaders taught us that He was crucified for this reason. (Journal of Discourses vol. 2 page 210, vol. 1 page 345).
Polygamy, was compulsory to become a god (Journal of Discourses page 11 page 269), and Heavenly Father (God) and Jesus have practiced it.

Are Mormons Christian?
 We try to act like Christians, but our beliefs are in may cases opposite of those of Christianity.   For example, we hold the cornerstone of Christianity --Original Sin -- to be a false doctrine.  We have a polytheistic religion:  we believe that "worlds without end" exist, and each is governed by one of its own gods (and daemons, too:).  We believe that the normal Christian Trinity -- of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost are a false concept.  Instead, we combine Jesus Christ and Jehovah as one person.  Additionally we have a god called The Heavenly Father.  We do not pray to the Holy Virgin.  Instead we revere Heavenly Father's number one wife, Mother Gonhorra .  But we are NOT to pray to her.  Mormons do not memorize and know  the Lord's Prayer.  Like the Christians, our mission on earth is to return to the place in outer space, where our Gods live.  That place is called the Planet Kolob, which is nigh onto God.


of historians and writers who
lived during Christ's lifetime
or within 100 years later

Ancient Greeks' & Romans' conspiracy about Jesus

Aulus Gellius
Dio Chrysostom
Dion Pruseus

Florus Lucius
Justus of Tiberius

Pliny the Elder
Pliny the Younger
Pompon Mela

Quintius Curtius
Seneca the Elder
Seneca the Younger
Silius Italicus
Soscius Senecio
Theon of Smyran
Valerius Flaccus
Valerius Maximus

Why Are The Ancient Historians Silent About Jesus?
Read more about it:  holysmoke.org/sdhok/jesus5.htm     by By Richard Smith

Why do Latter-day Saints Try to Convert Others?
To be honest, we do it because we believe it's good for them --  we feel a responsibility to make the message of the restoration of Christ’s Church available to all who will hear.  Frankly, this is also good for the church leadership, because we do expect converts to pay 10% of their income to The Church -- before taxes, and for as long as they live.  In return, we promise salvation and resurrection in the afterlife Only a fool would have a false religion.

What Do Latter-day Saints Believe About God?

We're with the Holy Bible on that one.  Specifically...
Gen. iii:21 is a tailor and clothier
Ex. vi:4 is a baker
Ex. xxxii:14 changes his mind
Prov. xxvi:10 rewards transgressors
Jer. iv:19 is troubled in his bowels and his heart
and makes a noise
Amos. vii:7 he stands on a wall with a plumbline
Just like our brothers the Christians, our Church believes in jealous gods of love, who have all knowledge and all power (see 1 Nephi 11:22; 2 Nephi 1:15; 2 Nephi 9:20; D&C 38:1-3; Moses 1:6; 1 Nephi 7:12; Alma 26:35).  Take the Potato Qiz

How Many Members Do You Have?
We are a very fast-growing religion business because of our successful missionary work world wide.  We have temples just about every place on earth, except for Africa where we have perhaps one or two.  In Africa, we like the country of South Africa the best.    (Load this world map of our Temple locations).   South Africa is racist, yes, but black people are the descendants of Cain (the evil brother from the Bible).  We are the second-fastest growing religion in the world, right behind Islam.  for a comparison between Islam and Mormonism -- similarities and differences -- see Mormonism vs. Islam.

Are Mormons Aliens?
 Yes, but we try to act as if we're not.  The fact is, we were once space beings from the Planet Kolob (Constellation Cancer, sector 1328) .It's our plan of salvation to return to that heavenly orb, after death.  Joseph Smith, our first prophet, teaches of Kolob and of other planets.  They are named Planet Oliblish and Planet Enish-go-on-dosh.  See also our Kolob Hymn.

Do Mormons believe in the Trinity?
If by "the doctrine of the Trinity" one means the New Testament claim that there is a Father, a Son, and a Holy Ghost, all three of whom are fully divine, three-in-one, then Latter-day Saints believe in the doctrine of the Trinity.  If by "Trinity" one means something else -- perhaps the traditional Christian view, then the answer must be "No!".  We believe in so many trinities and devils -- on alien planets --that it would be difficult to explain all that be believe here.  We believe a lotBut we don't believe in the transubstantiation.  In fact, we know that is false, for sure!  Nevertheless, may foolish Christians swallow that line, hook and stinker.

Who was Joseph Smith?
Joseph Smith, Jr. (1805-1844), often referred to as the Inventor of Mormonism. In his youth, Smith enjoyed treasure digging.  He found a Golden Bible.  He found the Golden Plates.  He found The Copper Plates.  He also found a translating device, which he used to translate the Golden Plates into English.  He also purchased some ancient Egyptian funerary documents and translated them.  This opus became the Book of Abraham (BOA), which states many of the basic beliefs of Mormonism.  The BOA and the BOM are the foundation of the LDS church, but there are others, also.  The Bible is true as far as it has been translated correctly.

How Do I Join the Church?
If you would like to have LDS missionaries visit you in your home, please call (U.S.) 1-800-453-3860 and ask for the Missionary Department. An easier and cheaper way to join is to do nothing.  After you die, we'll baptize you posthumously.  We do this for everybody --including Attila the Hun, Adolf Hitler; we even baptize dead Jews -- See news articles.

Why Should I Convert?
We alone offer all the knowledge necessary to become like Christ and receive the 'fullness' of salvation.  We believe that only a fool would have a false religion.  You too, should be a saint -- a superior, holy person -- like us.

(External) Link:
Church Handbook of Instruction

Can Blacks hold the LDS priesthood?
Not until recently. Blacks are the descendents of Cain.  Not  many Blacks seem to have the desire to join.

What are some distinctive LDS teachings?

We believe  

  ... the trinity is wrong.  Jehovah and Jesus , traditionally father and son, are the same person.
  ... in heaven men will have many wives.
  ... all Dead people must be baptized -- even evil people like Adolf Hitler, for example.  This is why we have the world's largest and most complete genealogical facilities.

... scientists are wrong, when they say that the Spaniards brought the horses to the Americas.  We believe that the Indians had horses before contact with the with Spanish Conquistadors.  And cows, elephants, and iron and steel and many other things that are not in the archeological record. See Ancient Steel Mills in the Americas.
... the Bible is false, except the parts that have been translated correctly.
...Joseph Smith could read Egyptian hieroglyphics.

pre-Columbian coin

... women are 'precious vessels'.
  ... homosexuality is evil.  Masturbation is evil.
  ... Jesus appeared to South American Indians, after his resurrection, disguised as a green snake sporting orange feathers.
  ... the Planet Kolob is where god lives, or nearby.  We believe that the Planet Kolob (heaven), to which we will all return may not be a planet, but a hot (or cold) star, or something else.

... the Garden of Eden was near Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, but the correct name is Adam-ondi-Ahman.
... three immortal people, the  3nephites walk the earth today and have been amongst us for centuries.
... Jews first settled the new world and then were turned into Indians.  These Jews used a device similar to a GPS system.
... that meaning is not very important.  Faith is extremely important.
... in the Latter days -- The Millennium -- blood will flow in the streets.  We used to believe that this millennium would happen in the year 2000.  Now, the 'Latter Days' have been rescheduled for the year 3000.

A Nephite

... in Heaven the streets are made of gold and the women are perfect and especially beautiful.

Why do Mormons believe these distinctive LDS teachings?
We believe them because we have faith.  Joseph Smith taught many of these things doctrines.

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?
No, Latter-day Saints worship God the Eternal Father in the name of Jesus Christ. We consider Joseph Smith to be a Seer, Revelator, a Prophet of God and Apostle of Jesus Christ -- similar to those men mentioned in the Bible, like Moses.

"Every man has a natural right
 to be a  
false prophet, as well as
true prophet." 

--Joseph Smith, King Follett

Trust us   We know    

Do Mormons practice plural marriage?
Yes.  Although some LDS sects now forbids plural marriage, other sects of The Church still adhere to the practice.  Mormons reluctantly gave up
polygamy in order that Utah would be given statehood.  (Blood atonement is another practice which is espoused by some LDS sects and not by others).  As Faithful members of the Church of Latter Day Saints of Jesus Christ, we believe in preparing now, on earth, for polygamy in heaven.  Instead of marrying multiple wives on earth, we can be  'sealed' to many wives.  Not all Mormon men practice this sealing, but it is quite common, especially amongst Mormon bishops. 'Cancellation of sealing', in temple marriages, is the Mormon equivalent of divorce.  During the nineteenth-century, LDS men were allowed to marry more than one wife if they could afford it.  Joseph Smith had 27 wives, and Brigham Young had about 53 wives.  Some, Young married 'for time' and others he married 'for time and eternity'.  Mormon Scholars disagree over exactly how many wives Brigham Young had.

Why are Mormon women given secret names?
Our wives are given secret names so a husband will be able to call his wives, in heaven.  The name assignment is done in our Temple. Every woman in a batch is given the same secret name, on a given day.
Men and women are spiritually unequal and women cannot have the same privileges after death.

Why is a Temple Recommend necessary to enter the temple?
Before a person can enter the temple, he must have developed a certain degree of spiritual maturity, as evidenced by issuance of a Temple Recommend.  However, strictly speaking, a Temple Recommend is not necessary.  For unworthy people, the temple doors will simple not open.  Neither is it required to stow one's clothing in temple lockers -- under lock  and key, in order to perform the temple rites
Only worthy and honest people can enter the temple, and theft  within it's sacred walls is not possible.  The locks and leys are provided for only so that you can remember  where you hung your pants.

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Everything on these pages is told in greater detail.

What is the role of women in Mormon society?
The main function for women is to have babies -- on earth as well as in heaven.  That's why we call women 'Precious Vessels'.  God's main wife, Mother Gonhorra, on the planet
KOLOB is the mother of us all -- of you and me.  We say these truths in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Is the Mormon faith true?
Yes.  There is no reason to doubt our prophets, seers and revelators.  There is no reason to think that everyone we have loved since childhood has lied to us about thing that are so important.  (Science is true also, as far as it coincides correctly with our faith).

Do Latter-day Saints date outside the faith?
Not really.  It's frowned upon.  While Latter-day Saints have the right to choose for themselves, the Church encourages members to avoid dating nonmembers.

Do Mormons celebrate holy days and birthdays?
Yes, Latter-day Saints celebrate all holidays associated with any particular culture.

Do Mormons believe in the virgin birth?
Yes, Latter-day Saints believe that Mary, mother of Jesus Christ and of Jehovah, was a virgin at the time of their conception.

Are Church leaders considered infallible and free from error?
No, Church leaders are neither infallible nor without faults. Latter-day Saints believe that only Jesus Christ was perfect.  However, "When our leaders speak, the THINKING has been done."

Why don't Mormons have crosses on their temples?
For the same reason that Buddhists don't have crosses in their temples.

Do Mormons wear special undergarments?
Yes. Latter-day Saints, who have 'been to the temple', wear sacred garments (see picture) under their regular clothing to protect them from physical harm and to  remind them of the sacred covenants that they have made with a god, in case they might forget.  The garments have special patches sown onto them, at strategic location, which contain meaning to the initiates.  Nevertheless, meaning is not of prime importance in our faith.

"When our leaders speak, the THINKING has been done."

Do Mormons believe that God is married?
Yes. Latter-day Saints infer from authoritative sources of scripture and modern prophecy that there is a Heavenly Mother whose name is Mother Gonhorra -- as well as a Heavenly Father.  In fact, Heavenly Father is a polygamist, whose wives' primary function is to have more babies.  (Heavenly Father is not to be confused with Jesus or with Jehovah;  Mormonism has its Heavenly Father, Christianity does not.)  Heavenly Father and Mother Gonhorra were married buy the Host of Gods, who of necessity is unmarried.

What is the LDS conception of Hell?
Latter-day scriptures describe at least three senses of hell: (1) that condition of misery which may attend a person in mortality due to disobedience to divine law; (2) the miserable, but temporary, state of disobedient spirits in the spirit world awaiting the resurrection; (3) the permanent habitation of the sons of perdition, who suffer the second spiritual death and remain in hell even after the resurrection. Encyclopedia of Mormonism.

What actions do LDS missionaries take if in later life they (would falsely) discover that Mormonism is a wrong?
It is common that missionaries look up those people whom they have converted and tell them of their abandonment of religious faith.

What is meant by "The Land of Moron"?
The land of Moron is a kingdom founded by the Jedites.  Moron is eventually deposed because he suffered a severe head injury in the battle with the Jaredites.   Moron, a Jedite,  "Did that which was wicked before the Lord." (Ether 11:14)  Moron lost half his kingdom in a rebellion, and after many years won it back again (Ether 11:15-16).  And it came to pass that he did overthrow Moron  in the Upper Valley of Two Cumorahs (B. Sidney Sperry)  and thus obtained the kingdom of Coriantumr-Chloroformia.  (Aether 17: 18). Moron struggled with his mentally challenged handicap for the remainder of his days.


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