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   Thank you, friends!    [2] 

     I have just stumbled across your site about Mormonism and our supposed
rituals that we have in our temples. I am expecting that you will not post
this as it goes against everything you have been telling everybody.

     Firstly, you have absolutely no idea what we actually do in our Temples -
this I know because of all the stuff you wrote about what 'you think'
happens. In no way are there any signs that denote any kind of killing or
slicing open our bodies
...It is so far from reality that it is almost funny.
Our Temple is were we go to pray and be close with our Heavenly Father, is
it sacred and in no means satanic. I really don't know were you got your
information from, but someone has obviously spinned you a lot of garbage at
your expense. I am sorry that you do not believe in God, I cannot imagine
my life without Him. What purpose is there to life then?? How sad you must
be not knowing the truth. I strongly suggest that you find some
missionaries and speak to them about the church. Ask them everything you
need to know, so that you actually will know for yourself instead of hearsay
or from whatever you have read on the internet. Are you really that naive
to believe everything you read on sites like this one. I think you're
alot smarter that that! Find out for yourself!

You either have a very good imagination to come up with all this stuff that you 'supposedly' know about or you are very bad at researching. Look in the phonebook under The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Call the mission office and ask for some missionaries to come to teach you. That my friend is the only way you will really know. You need to find out for yourself, not from what ever you have heard or imagined. When you find out for yourself, which involves researching the scriptures and praying (it's really not that hard to pray!) you will find that what you have been writing up on your site is incorrect. Let me know how you go.


We as Christians are suppose to lead the lost to the one any only God.
Whatever it takes to help you see the truth.

There are so many things that the mormons do not see. How can you be so
blinded? Eternal marriages are not acceptable in heaven. It is til
death you do part. We are producing life in a test tube. How could
this be in heaven before earth?

Marriages sealed in the temple...there are still many mormon divorces.
There are no secrets with God, not even handshakes.
Touching of the private parts in the temple rituals. This is abuse.

Women having children to build up the numbers...is purely divorce.
There is more women on prozac in Utah than anywhere else. The more
children a woman has the greater the chance for mental illness. These
are facts.

There is more child and spouse abuse in Utah. So are these really the
chosen people and the chosen church. You all know better.

ALL I want you to do is research. The libraries in Utah do not have the
same books as other libraries.

I will pray that for your own salvation that you will do this. Do this
for your children.

Sincerely, Kathy

Sent: Friday, April 19, 2002

This is the first and last time I will ever write to you. I don't know whether to laugh at your ignorance, or cry at your viciousness, and the way you are hurting innocent people.
You should be ashamed! Is nothing sacred to you?
Mormonism is nothing like what you portray!

I don't understand why you choose to waste time and cyberspace this way. Do you really feel like you are doing anyone a favor by spreading lies, twisting truths, and doing everything in your power to destroy faith and lives?

You will be very sorry someday, maybe not in this life, but in the end, you will be held accountable.

Maybe this site is meant to be humorous, in a grotesquely twisted way. But, some unsuspecting people, including young and innocent ones, will take you seriously and will have their faith and lives destroyed. I guess that doesn't matter to you. I have the impression you really wouldn't care anyway.

I'm totally disgusted, and I won't be back. As far as I'm concerned you are polluting cyberspace and should be banned. But, you do have First Amendment rights to free speech. Why do you abuse those rights?

After hearing about the slander coming from this website, I decided to check
it out, and i cannot believe that all of you actually consider mast
erbation a
healthy thing. Just look at yourselves. your lives revolve around sex, and
ask yourselves if you are really happy. I have been a Mormon all of my life,
and I have no doubt in my heart and in my mind that we are the one and only
true church on the face of this planet. Our bodies are temples unto God, and
we should not defile them in any way. I will serve a mission for my church
soon, and I hope that i have the opportunity to come knocking on your door,
so that I can show you what you can truly become if you believe. Instead of
bashing the Mormon church, maybe you should take a
mintue and think of what
your lives have become. you think you are so happy. I love my life because I
live a christlike life. God gave us the ability to procreate to make families
and to live happily with them. he did not give us our bodies to abuse our
sacred parts. He loves all of his children, and if you were just to listen to
the next missionaries that come to your door, you will understand why i feel
the way that i do. Forgive me as though i have no place to judge you, but
judge yourselves and try to understand the significance of your body. God did
not give us the ability to have orgasims for the soul purpose of having them.
he gave us that sacred blessing to share between a married man and a woman.
For those of you who think that the LDS church practices pologamy, you are
wrong. For those of you who think we discriminate against blacks, you are
wrong. Please visit one of our sites and I guarantee you that the spirit of
Chirst will fill your hearts and you will know the truth of these things.
God bless all of you for you are all wonderful sons and daughters of a
Heavenly Father who loves you. Come unto him and be perfected in him. Just
take a minute to think to yourselves what our church has done to you. Are you
not judging us, and are we not all equal? Instead of wasting your time
convincing others to "beware of our church," take a moment to understand our
church. Our prophets truly do communicate with the Lord and Savior Jesus
Chirst through divine rev
alation. Listen to their words, as they love all of
you too. We are not out to brainwash you, or judge you, we are out there to
help you. I hope that the words I have said will touch the hearts of many.
Thank you for your time, and God bless.

From: Rich Smith [mailto:Rich.Smith@genband.com]
Sent: Wednesday, April 24, 2002 12:14 PM
Subject: Dishonest Atheists

Are you all so blatently dishonest or are you fanatics???

Here is one for you:

ALL Mormons are organizing a secret attack on atheists that will leave them all dead!!!

Or, how about this one:

Pres. Bush is secretly planning to issue a special executive order to eliminate all atheists in America.

And, finally:

Catholics and Mormons are working on special water additive that will be put into public water supplies in the near future. If you drink it and then don't attend church within 7 days you will die!!!

P.S. There is a lot more atheist persecution soon to come (you know: concentration camps, feeding to lions, cross burnings, etc.) so be prepared for ATHEIST ARMAGEDDON!


From: Glenn Evans [mailto:glenn@irr.org]
  Friday, July 12, 2002 1:09 PM
Subject: Elder O. Lamar LaVerkin, March 1964, Improvement Era.

To Whom It May Concern:

The following quote was taken from your website: http://nowscape.com/mormon/perfect_B.htm

We believe that Egyptian funerary documents contain encrypted messages.
They have been translated -- correctly -- by use of seer stones, such as the Urim and Thumim.
-- Elder O. Lamar LaVerkin, March 1964, Improvement Era.

I don’t think the above quote is right, at least not the date. The papyri were not rediscovered till 1967, and The Improvement Era, March 1964 lists no articles by Elder LaVerkin, and nothing on the Book of Abraham. Any comment from the LDS Church leaders about the correct translation of the papyri prior to 1967 would be of great interest.

Perhaps the statement was made, but this is just a mistake with the date of The Improvement Era. If the statement was made I would be interested in a citation.

Thank you,
Glenn A. Evans
Research and Counseling Associate
1340 Monroe Avenue N. W.
Grand Rapids, MI 49505
Phone: (616) 451-4562
Fax: (616) 451-8907
Email: Glenn@irr.org
Internet: www.irr.org

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From: Richard Davis [mailto:chardmanusa@yahoo.com]
Sent: Thursday, June 13, 2002 2:20 PM
Subject: Mormons

I don't know who you are, or who you think you are, but religion is one thing that you don't want to criticize. You're stepping on some dangerous grounds. I know for fact, after much pondering, study, and prayer, that the mormon church is true, and I know that you can know for yourself as well.

I'm asking you a favor to remove the temple recommend from your site. That's one thing you don't want to get involved with. If you or your friends want to go through the temple. Then get baptized into the church and get a recommend the right way.

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From: Warren Coleman [mailto:colemw21@hotmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, June 18, 2002 10:53 AM

I do not want to critisize your sight
--There is nothing wrong with my vision. Did you mean site ?

or put down your beliefs in anyway. However I have never put down any other religion based on what they believe and practice, I could careless, if it makes them happy great,as long as it follows the laws of the land. However you went out of your way to discredit a religion that is the fastest growing religion in the world, whos missionaires are out teaching everyone
-- The missionaries that you support, criticize others' religions. But you are against this? Are you or aren't you?

to love one another and let the person they are teaching decide for themselves if the church is true. I have yet to meet any investigator or new member that was pressured into becoming a Mormon, and I have meet alot of investigators and alot of new members and they are not in Utah.

Thats great that you feel so strongly about your beliefs, but I do not see any web page about any other religion made by you that discredits them.
-- see http://nowscape.com/islam

Funny how out of all the religions in the world people will always say that the Mormons are the worst.
-- Mormonism is NOT the worst Religion -- Islam is.  However, Mormonism is the stupidest religion. You, a shallow ignoramus are evidence of this, evidence of its stupidity and of its distain for the meaning of meaning.

If Mormons are the worst why are they the happiest, they don't drink or smoke or have hundreds of sexual partners.
-- Who has hundreds of sex partners? What is a sexual partner?

They clearly stat familys should love one another and do there best to get along, that you should love your neighbor as yourself. They do not create web sites that discredit or put down other religions, however they only teach what they believe and teach.
Yes there are some things that they do not teach publicly it is because they are sacred not secret. Why be taught a higher law if you can't keep the basic ones.

But I only ask one thing from you and all if any others who read this, when you die and realize you are dead

clearly say "The Mormon church is wrong!" And when I die I will clearly say "That the Mormon church is Gods true church, directed by his son Jesus Christ!" That is all I ask, but I am betting I will say it and you won't.
-- [sic.]

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From: kbresee@sbcglobal.net [mailto:kbresee@sbcglobal.net]
Sent: Tuesday, June 18, 2002 12:47 PM

you and everyone who does not agree with Mormon beliefs has no right to make a website that is bashing on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. If you have a religion you need to spend more time practicing your own beliefs then bashing on ours.  what makes you so confident that we are all a bunch of weirdoes?
-- The fact that you don't know how things work, and that you eschew meaning, that's what!


 You have falsely organized a site which degrades Mormons, I really strongly feel that you could have done something more useful with your time, maybe even been out there trying to teach of your own religion. Have you ever seen a Mormon website that bashes anyone else's religion?
--- yes. Youe missionary program bashes other religions.

No, we respect others,
--- you don't show me respect, with this email, bub.

not hate them. I just wanted to make sure my voice was heard. I know that my church is true, and we do not have a secret handshake. You are giving false information. maybe you can talk to some missionaries, who will teach you the right information. thank for your time.

From: JOHN HAMMACK [mailto:CPTHAM@starpower.net]
Sent: Sunday, July 07, 2002 6:41 PM
Subject: Thank you

I have been a Christian for over 28 years. I mean a truly committed one. I began attending a Mormon church for the last few years. I was sort of "fence - sitting" for the last 4 years. Should I go ahead and dedicate myself to Mormonism and all the beliefs, or should I constantly question the things I do not understand? The ridicule and ignorance you've shown has brought it out in crystal clarity.
I really care for you and encourage your opposition. Christ and our Heavenly Father can take care of Himself. I just hope you will take the chance to really visit a Mormon church with an open mind.
Thank you for the last little nudge. Why don't you start working on the Jews next?

John Hammack

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From: pablo fernandez [mailto:colofern@hotmail.com]
Sent: Monday, July 15, 2002 5:28 PM
Subject: from Argentina

Dear friends: Thanks by its pagina, thanks to you my testimony
is but strong even.am an ex missionary and I expect to marry me in a holy
very prompt temple injures that I did not share with you the same glory. I
finish with my testimony that can stop it itself that the work of God swims,
this is its true church, Jose the truth said, Jesus is the Christ.
Pablo fernandez & Victor Piazza from Argentina

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From: Daniel Gaytan [mailto:dgaytan@hotmail.com]
Sent: Friday, July 19, 2002
To: bcmmin@frontiernet.net; Dennis_Robbins@Yahoo.com;; exmormon@integrityol.com; webmaster@mormonism-disproved.com; gmahdesian@earthlink.net; feedback@mrm.org; ulm@utah-inter.net; ed@saintsalive.com; thedotys@rmci.net; kolobcentral@sympatico.ca
Subject: Thank you so much!

To Whom It May Concern:

I would just like to compliment your stupendous anti-Mormon work. I simply cannot express how deeply grateful I am to have such wonderful people (such as yourself) to find out important issues about those “Mormons”. I would just like to ask you and all those who take on the task of ATTACKING the LDS Church, how is it that such bright-minded, so-called Christ loving individuals lie, criticize, and simply recycle the same, old, recycled anti-Mormon arguments that have long been settled and put to rest by the Church and many of its members? I am in awe at the manner at which such talented people, as you, simply copy and paste this garbage and spam it across the Internet (and talk radio if it applies). How is it that you all come up with this material as if it were your own? Is it very time consuming to diligently copy and paste so much information to your own website and act as if your own mind was inspired with such advanced ideas? Wow! You people are the greatest! What would society do without you to guide them! The cliché “blind leading the blind” is definitely most appropriate to describe your anti-Mormon cause. I just wanted to express my gratitude and I say keep up the good work! Keep attacking the LDS Church to show the world what “true” Christians believe, as you claim (what follows is a list of some of your most virtuous beliefs, whether you realize them or not):

[--- Omitted here are 10 "wholly Babble"-points, which had been cut and pasted here (sic). --ED]

Well thanks again for your contribution to the world that offers absolutely nothing more than the traditional anti-Mormon, repetitive babble. Everyone attacks us (the LDS Church) but we have yet to attack Protestants, Catholics, Muslims, or anyone for that matter. [--- we only send out missionaries and tell them that their beliefs are completely wrong, and they will pay for it dearly in an afterlife, on the plane Kolob, if they don't change their wrong beliefs. --ED] If we did as others did to us, what would we be called then, considering all that we are already called today? But please continue your attack, for we know that the Church of Jesus Christ will be attacked and lied about from all sides. We know that many will try to find anything to harm us as they did to Jesus (Mark 2: 15-17, 3:1-6, John 8:48-49). We know that we shall be a hated people just how many hated Jesus. Just as Jesus, Mormons were physically attacked, beaten, and killed in the 1800’s and we know it will happen to us again in the future. We know that we will suffer much, for Christ told us so. But we will suffer all that you and any others will throw at us, but you will not stop the work of God. It is growing today faster than ever and it will consume the earth (Daniel 2:34-35), then will our Lord and Savior return to take His chosen people into the clouds (1 Thessalonians 3:17) and establish His kingdom on earth (Revelations 20:4-6).

[--- Omitted here are quotes from Matthew Roper, which had been cut and pasted here. --ED]


Daniel R. Gaytan

P.S. My statement to you was partially written in a sarcastic and a serious tone. You are intelligent people, you should be able to figure out when I was actually speaking seriously.

[-- Is he serious or joking? -ED}

In answer to your question, I fear you as much as the Taliban, and exactly for the same reason, If you would like to see official Mormon beliefs posted on this website, please help by telling me which ones, and I will post them uncensored, of course. Thank you for your comment, the ball is in your court. I’ll post our letter with the opthers.

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From: PoinT [mailto:PPoinTT@hotmail.com]
Sent: Sunday, August 04, 2002 8:10 AM

Subject: http://nowscape.com/mormons1.htm

I found your site very much ammusing. I think you've contexted, ripped apart, theorized and blatently manipulated everything the LDS People have ever said. Well done and nice past time.

Funny, I saw no official LDS Believes posted on your site. Couldn't argue or post anything interesting other than information found on local tabloids?

I merely have one question, What makes you fear us so? If you would dedicate your past time to managing and creating a site like this, you are obviously trying to fool yourself into believing the stuff you post. Its sad really. But those who seek the truth will see the truth. those who seek an answer to a non existant question will look at your site.

I am a "Mormon" 13, about to recieve the Aaronic Priesthood, and was prompted by my bishop to look into other churchs/organizations believes before taking the step into priesthood. You have merely hardened my faith.

In answer to your question, I fear Mormonism as much as the Taliban's Islam, and exactly for the same reason, If you would like to see official Mormon beliefs posted on this website, please help by telling me which ones, and I will post them uncensored, of course. Thank you for your comment, the ball is in your court. I’ll post our letter with the others.

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From: Andrew Melchior [mailto:milkyour@hotmail.com]
Sent: Friday, October 04, 2002
Subject: What a site!

I was just at your site about Mormons. I just wanted to wright and let
you know that I think your site is completely revolting! I have many
friends that are Mormon and consider then wonderful people. We have
discussed many of there views and why the do not speak freely of certain
things. These things are sacred to them and you are just throwing them
around and making fun of them. Maybe you should try a little RESPECT! I
guess you have no idea what that is though. Thanks for you time you creeps!
A concerned friend

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From: machomuchacho@juno.com
Sent: Monday, October 07, 2002
Subject: why?

I cannot fully express the feelings I felt when I viewed your site. You aren't doing this because you think it's the right thing to do. I admit there is nothing I can do in this life to try to sway you to not do these things,


but I tremble at the thought of you after this life. You know something?

--- NO.

I am only 15 years old.


How is it that a teenager who supposedly knows nothing must scold an adult for his wrong-doings? If you say to yourself that you are right, you know you're lying to yourself.


Why am I taking the time to type this? I know I can't do anything of worth.


However, I know that some time in the future, we will see each other and know...


Both of us will be weeping in regret... You for you, and I for you.


There is always hope for you, but from what I've seen you are too far in denial to admit anything no matter what. Until the day I have spoken of, your 15-year-old critic says goodbye.


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From: Mr. Man [mailto:savagedragonxp@hotmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, October 08, 2002 6:31 PM


Wow you guys really get a lot of negative mail. My best friend follows your religion and recently gave me the Mormon bible to read. It’s a shame it’s his property or I wouldn’t have a reason not to burn it. And I thought I was wasting my life, after seeing this I feel like such a wonderful success. To dedicate your life to such dribble is possibly the saddest thing I have ever encountered. It's like basing your life on a book of fairytales, or at least that’s how “the bible” reads. Guy with magic powers fights hunger and poverty. Yeah that sounds believable, especially considering it was written in a time when telling stories were actually a well paying occupation. Anyways good luck telling kids to deny the basic urges your “God” gave them to begin with, that’s genius. I'm sure that will stop them… heh anyways I really appreciate all you have created here; the people on my forum love this site. It's the finniest thing we have seen in a long time. I'm glad someone finally made a spoof of organized religion. Mormons are great…

 From: Wendy Hyde <wendy_hyde@yahoo.com
  Date: Wed Dec 18, 2002 3:21:32 PM US/Mountain
  Subject: Why?
  I came across your Mormon bashing website while
  looking for photos of the temples. Where did you ever
  find the time to make such an absurd and ridiculous
  site? I don't understand the concept behind bashing
  the Mormon religion and the people who belong to the
  religion. You don't see us doing this. Why do you
  people care what we do? You don't see us creating
  websites and books bashing other religions or people
  who think differently. Why don't you find something
  more productive to do with your time, rather than
  wasting it on useless false trivia and lies. How
  about a hobby or maybe just a job??!! It's funny how
  you accuse our religion of having no facts, when you
  have none yourself. Faith in something you feel good
  about is a great thing, but I guess you wouldn't know
  about that. No website, book, or movie is going to
  change my beliefs or the spirit I feel when I attend
  the temple or church. Those who were persuaded so
  easily, I feel sorry for them. It's really too bad!
  But, I guess one day the truth will be made known.
  Won't it??

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From: sirhood1 [mailto:sirhood1@netzero.net]
Sent: Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Subject: Hi

I used to be a Mormon, but, I thank God I found the truth and saw the light. I am now a Christian!
I would like to leave email to the people on this site to get comments about my belief.
My Jesus is not YOUR Jesus. My Jesus created heaven and earth. Your Jesus is the brother of Satan.
My Jesus is the creator of all things!
Your Jesus is only the God of this world.
My Jesus was born through Mary.
I would like to know how your Jesus came to be.

If u people claim to be christians, then why don't you believe that God is all-mighty and all powerful. He can speak many different languages at the same time and be in different places at the same time. He doesn't sent angels to do his work. My God is real. You Mormons have an imaginary god. You believe that Adam is God of this world. You are way wrong! Satan is the god of this world and he is leading you astry by the teachings of a poligamist. His name is Joseph Smith. He was a wizard and so were his folks. He could not have looked through the urim and thumim because they were part of a breat plate and not anything magical. If he DID use them, it was not by God's gift, but Satan's. If he was such a good prophet, then why did most of his prophesies NOT come true?

Also, that underwear that mormons are supposed to wear to protect them from evil. I tell you this, the Holy Spirit is MY protection. I don't need to wear funky underwear like that.

Last, but not least, In the temple, in Utah, when someone needs to get baptized for the dead, which is a joke, you have to stand infront of this curtain and hold this dude's hand and say some words. The curtain is supposed to represent the vail. Again, I tell you, the vail has been rent when Jesus died on the Cross. Why do you people want to recreate the vail. Was the death of Jesus on the Cross not enough?
If your answer is no, then I suggest you pray to allmighty God for guidance because you people are lost, and leading others to be lost.
my Email, in case you are interested, is;


I welcome comments.

-----Original Message-----

Subject: Kakistocra

Would you please reference me to the "BYU discovery
paper" that talks about Kakistocra, or Moody 95,

Thank you.

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From: Lee Simmons [jesusislard@hotmail.com]
Sent: Sunday, January 26, 2003 7:06 PM

Subject: Just a thought

I recently was linked to your stuff on Mormonism. It seems you have other
links also but I thought I would send you a short answer I always use to
anyone trying to convert me to anything.

If your god is so great and wonderful and able to such things then it would
be obvious to all that we should change to your belief. As there is no proof
of this greatness other than your word then I must presume that the only
reason you are attempting to convert me is that you wish to have me verify
your belief by my acceptance of it. This is not belief my friend, it is the
doubt in your heart and mind that makes you go forth and try to convert. If
you had no doubt you would not need to convert others. If your god were as
great as you profess then it would be obvious to all. Go and look into your
heart and mind and see that what I say is the truth.

Lee C. Simmons, Ph.D.

From: "Skier" <ldsskier@rusticate.net> 
Subject: Nice try, but...
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2003

ELOHIMYou nitpick over the name Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, claiming that the perceived ownership makes it somehow incorrect. Will you also harp on the bible for the some 200+ claims that the "God of Israel" belongs to Israel? And the "King of the Jews" obviously is owned 100% by the Jews and is not going to be shared with anyone? Fortunately for us all the bible only flubbed up 17 times with that one. I suppose that Israel is not going to share the Redeemer they own (Isa 49:7).

Or, we could do as honest people do and realize that the first entry for 'of' in the M-W dictionary is "used as a function word to indicate a point of reckoning <north of the lake                    '

The function of x is owned by x. A cup of water is owned by water. A fondness of truth is owned by truth. A symptom of a cold is owned by a cold.

Are people supposed to take you seriously?

Related Link:  Adamic Dictionary

Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 17:50:28 -0800 (PST)
From: Tatiana Oliveira <us45@mormons.com>
Reply-To: us45@mormons.com

Are you sure that you can be shown these (handshake, etc.) things around???  are you a mormon????????

Sign up for an @mormons.com e-mail address at http://mail.mormons.com

[external: The Worst Mail]

   As the truth morphs...

Formerly secret, but now only sacred Mormon Temple Ceremonies 1990 "version" ~ 1931 "version"

The secret / sacred


Grant Steven Wilson is the co-founder  with Jason Hawes of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS), based in Warwick, Rhode Island, and co-star and co-producer of the Sci-Fi Channel's Ghost Hunters. Grant is a writer and illustrator of fantasy characters and role-playing game characters. Although his stories began with invented languages, he says he was not inspired by R.R. Tolkien. He is a Mormon. He is popular in the world of paranormal studies and visits colleges to lecture on the topic of parapsychology.

Wilson and fellow TAPS founder Hawes, are best friends and coworkers at their day job as plumbers for Roto Rooter. Hawes and Wilson no longer work for Roto Rooter since they make a significant amount of money from the Sci-Fi Channel and doing lecturing at colleges and "ghost conferences" where they charge up to and including $6,000 for each speaking engagement. 
See also: http://www.tv.com/ghost-hunters/show/7400/summary.html 
-- Grant Wilson <merinth@cox.net> wrote:
     Hey, greatly damaging site you've got there.
     appreciate what your site is trying to do, you are free to say what you like. My only concern is that you just don't have all the facts, and I
     sincerely wish you would make sure you do before you try to tear something apart.
     I read your section about the temple ceremony listed here:
     nowscape.com/mormon/mormcr1b.htm   I find that, besides the pointed comments peppered within the
     description, you've got the temple ceremony rather close. The one section that particularly bothered me is this one:

     The "Penalties" you list are not included in the temple ceremony. I
     have been through the temple many many times and still do go
     through.  These penalties and their corresponding graphic gestures were
     never shown to myself, my father or my grandfather, or even his grandfather.
     Quite honestly, they are graphically violent and do not coincide with
    the spirit of the temple ceremony at all. I respectfully believe you
    should edit your essay to at least reflect the truth about what is
     portrayed in the temple ceremony.
     I am not angry in the least and would just like to see the right
     information out there, despite the particular comments that may be
     associated with it.
     Also, the temple ceremony is not "secret" as so many people think, it
     is SACRED. The difference between secret and sacred is huge. We don't
     want to keep the world from knowing this information, we want everyone
     to know it... we just want to make sure that they are ready to accept
     and understand it.
     All my best,
        Grant Wilson
       Rhode Island


From: "Michael TOUSEY" <mtousey45@msn.com                    
Subject: read the facsimly in Spanish it's even clearer
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2004 21:37:51

Do you read Spanish? I served my mission in Mexico and let me tell you, things are a whole lot clearer. Facsmile # 2, fig. 1: "the celestial, or the residence of god." Read it again: "Kolob, signifying the first creation, nearest to the celestial, or the residence of God." Meaning that Kolob is the first creation and "The Celestial" is the residence of God. I could see how one could get confused but when you read Fig #2, it just gets clearer: "Oliblish, which is the next gran governing creation near to the celestial or the place where God resides."
It seems pretty clear to me that "the celestial, not Kolob is the residence of God and that Kolob is His first creation. But then when I read it in my Spanish scriptures, it became all the more clearer: Kolob, que significa la primera creacion, la mas proxima a lo celestial, o sea, a la morada de Dios.(fig. 1) Direct translation: 'Kolob, which means the first creation,. the closest to the celestial, in other words, the dweling of God.'
Then in fig. 2: 'Oliblish...y constituye la sigueente gran creation regente cerca de locelestial, o sea, el lugar donde Dios mora. Meaning: Oliblish.... and constitutes the following(or second) great creation near to the celestial, in other words, the place where God dwels."
Conclusion: "The Celestial" is the place where God lives, not Kolob which is His fist creation.

God uses Kolob to recon time. How do we recon the time? By the Sun! A star around which we revolve! Would Kolob be any different, it being the greatest star and all? Just a small thought.

You can take the advice and run with or or just delete, either way, the Church is still true.

Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 14:04:56 -0500
From: "The Fool" <thefool@amish2000.com>
Subject: ===CONDO===

Congratulations, buddy! You've proven your complete lack of intelligence and
maturity by mocking and deriding someone else's religion
(http://nowscape.com/mormons1.htm). Some of your misinformation was so wildly
inaccurate I could barely recognize you were attempting to make fun of Mormons.

Certainly the free speech laws protect you, just as they protect my right to
contact you and take umbrage with your puerile parodies. (Interesting, but
unsurprising, that you didn't have the testicular fortitude to provide Contact Me
information anywhere on the anti-Mormon section of your web page. Guess it's OK
for you to laugh at others, but give the Great Unwashed a chance to respond?

You may continue publicly making an ass of yourself until doomsday as far as
the laws of this country are concerned. I suspect that at that point you will
required to answer for your handiwork, but hey, who cares as long as you're
making money through Amazon.com associate book sales, right?

Have fun spending your thirty pieces of silver.

"The Fool"

Oh, yeah--not interested in the condo; it's butt-ugly. Just thought I'd use
the subject line in an attempt to get past your Spam and hatemail filters.

Have you tried our "Ask Elder LaMar"  Service? 
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From: "Filmore Foob" <filmorefoob@hotmail.com
Subject: your wisdom is remarkable
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 

Your most wise and intelligent,

I find it quite comical that you claim to have so much intelligence and knowledge because you read so much- (what do you read Weekly World Globe)? You even highlight everyone’s spelling errors to show how bright you are. Any idiot can use spell check. Did you realize that spell check does not catch correctly spelled words which are used incorrectly. For example: “ IN fact, as you read my replies above you with see that I disagree with almost every point your little pin-head claims. “ You even wrote this one yourself.

It looks like you didn’t even remember to spell check this one, “I should put pron with it? Waht would that do?” You wrote this one too. Thanxs fer pootting al uss dumbies in are plase.

I highlighted that one for you.

Love and kisses,


--- staylor4@email.byu.edu wrote:
 To the Creator of translated-correctly.com:
 I am a recent convert to the LDS church, and I must say after viewing your
 website I have been reaffirmed that I made the best decision of my life in
 joining the church. I am sure you have had much success with the site in
 molding the minds of those who are ignorant about its subject to your
 particular  view. As for a suggestion to future site improvement, I recommend that
 instead  of taking doctrine and prophetical statements out of context to fit your own
 contorted theories, dull satire, and overall belligerently disrespectful
 overtone, you may wish to consider creating a sight that suggests your
 particular spiritual thoughts rather than condemning those of others. Thank
 you  for increasing my testimony that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day
 Saints is the one and only truly restored church of Jesus Christ.
 God Bless,
 Steve Taylor

From: "Michael Boehrer" <michael@associatedtaxplanners.com                    
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005 19:07

To whom it may concern,

Just a quick request to have you remove the temple recommend from your web
site. If you choose not to have it removed could you please but "void" on
the recommend. I understand the reason you have the site and do not hold any
hard feelings towards you or your associates. There are some sacred items
and rituals that I feel you be little on your site but I feel you are to
answer to the Lord for your choices not to me. I would just hate for someone
to get a hold of the recommend and use it unworthily. Thank you for taking
the time to read this message. I am a very active member of The Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and have been for many years. I served a
mission have a temple marriage and love the church with all my heart. I'm
sorry you see a need to turn people against us. I didn't realize we were
such a threat.


From: Dezzatyson@aol.com
Date: Mon, 30 May 2005 17:57
Subject: RE Your Mormon website!

WHY! All I ask is why do you need to show all these sacred things to the world!

Would you like it if I came to your house and took pictures and plastered them all over the net!

It makes me feel sick!

Hate-mail from icantstoploving777:

                      Legato Bluesummers <icantstoploving777@yahoo.com wrote:

                     I'm a devout Catholic and I just wanted to take a few moments of your time to
                     express my disgust for your website. I'm not trying to be offensive here, and
                     I respect peoples opinions

--- (Catholics are devout... Morons are "active".  What gives?)
--- Why do you respect anyone's opinions willy-nilly? Is it not important to know what the fucking-opinion *is*... what it means, before you bestow respect upon it?

                     and I find those who respect mine to be good
                     people. But I also believe that you should respect others' religions. [sic.]
--- Why? Why should anyone respect even a false religion?? This sounds stupid, to respect any religion, sight unseen.

                     I [do] realize that you obviously have nothing else to do but make fun and tell
                     ridiculously childish lies about the "mormons". Also, I'd like to know why you
                     are putting them down so.
--- I tell no lies; I'll correct any error. I put them down for the same reason that YOU put them down, for christ's; Sake. If you did not put them down then you would be a "mormon" too, yes?

                     I'd like to ask why you chose the Mormons over other...'bizarre' religions to
                     insult and mock. Mormon, Baptist, Methodist, Catholic...we're all Christian here,
--- Yes, religions are equally stupid.  What's the matter can't you think of more religions, more "faiths" besides Baptists, Methodists, Catholics? No not everyone is a Crustian here.  What the heck is a Methodist, anyway?  What is their method and what's so good about it?  No one can tell me, seriously.  Tell me you know-it-all snot-nose. Some of us have a brain. Mormonism, because it was invented after the cultural innervations of science, after Darwin, in the age of writing is more stupid. If Mormonism isn't stupid, tell me why and why you are not a Momo.

                     and just because you find such things
                     amusing doesn't mean you have the right to openly make fun.
--- One can't make fun of things one finds amusing? Really from which planet do you hail? Are you a snot-nosed teenager child?

                     I say that if you're going to do such a thing to the Mormons, you do it to the rest of us
--- So many STUPID religion, so LITTLE time.

                     If you don't, you're a hypocrite and deserve zero respect.
--- I will gain respect if I make fun of more religions? ... and you think that all religions should be respected equally, yes? you Catholics are taught to Not think, from the cradle.

                     In conclusion, [oh, you have a conclusion! Cool!!] I find you to be a disgrace to mankind itself. [sic]
                     I'm sure you get alot of these emails, and that you'll either post this on
                     your excuse for a site and mock it as well or delete it as soon as you read it.
--- Mock, sounds like a good option. I delete any intelligent responses; I abhor competition J and I post the mock-worthy ones here. Yours is borderline mock-worthy (not intelligent). I'll pray about it... post or no? What should I do? Hmm...

                     If you don't get alot, that just proves how much humanity has declined in
                     intelligence and kindness. Either that or no one looks at it.
                     Good day.
                     PS: Wherever you got this...'KOLEB' or whatever it is from, I think that's one
                     of the more idiodic things I've ever seen. Also, I found the First Vision
                     Spoof degrating. You are once sick pervert.
--- You found the first vision graTing?... so did I.. First visions are like assholes ... all true prophets have one.

Speaking of de-grating.. what is grate, anyway.. are you amazingly grateful? What the hell does it mean to be full of grate???

Date: Sun, 7 Aug 2005 04:16:30
From: "Nathan Packer" <paqmanbiker@gmail.com>
Subject: find a new hoby

RE:  http://nowscape.com/mormons1.htm
I don't know if you have anything to do with the Mormon's page on
nowscape.com/mormons1.htm, but if you do, YOU NEED TO FIND A NEW
SCREWBALL. If you're only kick in life is to try and make fun of,
defame, and put down the mormons, you're gonna burn in
HELL. Whether or not the mormons are correct, you're making public
things they hold sacred, and you obviously have no respect whatsoever
for other's religion or the Constitution of the USA. Goodbye.

From: "Antonio Rocha" <tonyzwlu@hotmail.com>
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2004

At first I would like to thanks all of you who spend a precious time on this work, I think it is a really interesting material that should be kept by you guys

I come from Brazil and my name is AFR, I have been visited by the LDS missionaries and I was really confused by the things they have been teaching my family, they said I was going to feel a thing inside my heart that would change my life, and I was going to believe in their beliefs, it would be a feeling of peace, joy, doing what is right, etcetra.

However after reading this, I made up my mind, I could remember what they also said that when I read something UNREAL, UNTRUE, FALSE, FAKE, RUBBISH, and any other vocabulary related to this kind of meaning I would not feel good at all, the feeling would change and my wishes would change to do all source of things that is not related to the Creator of Universe and of our lives. when I had read this I felt the DEVIL around me and my family, my wife have seen EVIL SPIRITS around her, MY FEELINGS ARE THE WORSE OF ALL EVER.

WE ARE GOING TO JOING THE LDS CHURCH, this is the reason we are thanking you guys for this work, however you should be wiser on the things you say , because it is not this kind of rubbish that is going to change people beliefs, what I feel when the LDS missionaries come to my place is love, joy, etcetra, I would not repeat the feelings felt when I read this site and many others site, you should be humble enough and read the material on this site www.lds.org it is REAL, TRUE, NOT FALSE, NOT FAKE, NOT RUBBISH at ALL.

Joseph Smith could be a farmer, illiterate. however you guys SUCKS AND DO NOT KNOW EVEN HOW TO LIE, LIE, LIE, LIE ..




Letter to the editor:
Published: Monday, Dec. 10, 2007 12:19 a.m. MST

Mitt Romney, as a good Mormon, must pay 10 percent of his gross income to his church in Salt Lake City. He thus supports an organization that battalions thousands of missionaries throughout the world to explain to their audience that they have the wrong religion and will not fare well in the hereafter unless they switch to the Mormon tithe-demanding religion. Yet today he espoused tolerance in matters of faith. Is he ... what do we call it these days ... "disingenuous"?

Salt Lake City


lamonte | 5:24 a.m. Dec. 10, 2007
Your assertion that anyone in the Mormon church "must pay 10% of his gross income to the church" is an indication that you need to be educated in the requirements of church membership. I have been a churchgoing Mormon for all of my life but I have not always paid tithing. No one ever sent me a bill or passed the plate in front of me at church. Yes, it is true that to be considered a member in good standing I must make the choice - on my own - to pay tithing but only the bishop knows that standing. As far as the person next to me is concerned I am a tithe payer. But even if I am not I can still attend church each week and learn the gospel, I can still have home teachers and be one as well and I can accept callings in my local ward. While I am reasonably certain that Mitt Romney is a full tithe payer, let's not make assumptions we aren't sure of. Now concerning your education about the Mormon Church, I know some nice young men who would like to visit you...;-)

Your response misrepresents his tithing comment and ignc1res a key doctrine of the LOS Church.

You call [the writer] misinformed" for saying that Mitt Romney "must" pay tithing, But [the writer] wrote only that Romney, as a "good" Mormon, must pay tithing.  Latter-day Saints commonly view a "good" Mormon as one who is worthy of a temple recommend. No Mormon can have a temple recommend unless he is committed to paying a full tithing. Therefore, [the writer's]  comment is correct.

You say "Mormons do not tell others that they will not fare well in the afterlife unless they join" the LDS Church. This is a half-truth because it fails to mention a key LOS doctrine; namely, that only members of the LDS Church can achieve the highest order of heaven, the celestial kingdom.

It's best not to cut comers in defending the church.

Chad | 6:56 a.m. Dec. 10, 2007
Is it impossible to want to share your faith with others and still be tolerant of their views? I think not.

Does not even attempt to be tolerant of the mormon religion, while insinuating that Romney lied about being tolerant himself. It seems to me that this letter is disingenuous - nah, let's use the real word - hypocritical.

Mike | 7:14 a.m. Dec. 10, 2007
Do you really think that God, or any religion that purports to represent God, should force you or me or anyone else to accept and follow any religious point of doctrine? It seems very clear that God has not 'struck down' those who disagree with Him. Should it not then be possible that those who profess a belief in God, be as tolerant as God and allow others to follow the dictates of their own conscience?

grundle | 8:42 a.m. Dec. 10, 2007
And the letter writer claimed Mitt is "disingenuous"?
Maybe some serious introspection would be in order here.

Get It Right | 9:00 a.m. Dec. 10, 2007
The letter writer and some responders are clearly not well educated in religion. Mormon doctrine would result in more people "going to Heaven" than almost any other religion's doctrines, since all but Satan's followers go to a place of wonderful glory. Sharing one's beliefs is just that, no more. Mormons don't preach to anyone who doesn't want to listen, nor do they force anything on anyone. And from the beginning, Mormons have been more tolerant in letting others worship how, where, or what they may than most other Christian flavors--that's history. To this day, some refuse to return the favor.

John | 10:48 a.m. Dec. 10, 2007
Hey Anonymous,

You got any scripture to back up your claim? You have any information on God that you are holding back? Do you speak for God on this topic?
Off the top of my head, I can think of "one Lord, on Faith, one Baptism" as an implication that there "one club" as you like to put it.
Unless you have something to the contrary, you have once again, built a strawman, and knocked it down, all by yourself.


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