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The last contact I had with this fellow is shown below.

From: M.G.
Date: Sat, 01 Oct 2005

You think you saw most of "Gonhorra-Elohim-Heavenly-fater-Concubines... with
my eyes, brighter than a noon-day Supernova type II, at least."

Wow, you are out there alright. So they all came to you in a vision to tell
you to make a web page? So,... you've seen more heavenly figures that any
other man ever, hunh? Pretty dramatic calling. And they came lots of
times? Interesting. So they want you to pretend you're still a mormon,
write a radical web page, but still attend General Conference? And since
you see God directly in various visitations, why do you attend conference?
Oh, i forgot, because they told you to attend. Of course, that makes
Your calling from "Gonhorra-Elohim-Heavenly-fater-Concubines" is to attend
conference, and ridicule LDS beliefs. Hmmm.. Oh, i've got it! You're one
of those guys with the posters outside the conference center. Ya, you
scream at passing Saints and we all ignore you, with the rare exception of
somebody like me, who (foolishly i admitt) thinks he can exlpain things to
you. You see the problem with people like me is that we foolishly believe
the problem originates from your failure to understand, and if we can
explain it clearly you'll be fine. However, that is not the problem. The
problem is people like you like to make waves, and no matter how many of
your idiotic ideas i debunk, you will never accept the truth because if you
do, you'll no longer be able to make waves. Now i'm no psychologist, but i
think that for some it becomes so basic in thier character they just forget
all together that that is thier purpose, and they really think that they
exist to correct everybody else. They come up with elaborate visions and
rediculous ideas, perhaps even posting them on the Internet. But, when all
is said and done, no one is convinced--nothing has changed.

So, just one last set of questions for you. Was i right about your personal
info? Are a lonely, single male, in your late 20's or 30's, who played too
much dungeon's and dragons as a youth, you were a social outcast in high
school and only had a couple friends (if that), one or both went through
that "i am a vampire" stage (maybe you did too), and then you went to Salt
Lake Community, and now just eak out your life selling real estate (I say
eak not because i think you are poor, but because i think you are not
happy), living close to where you were raised (Bountiful or someplace in the
Salt Lake City metro area), maybe even with your parents still? So, to make
yourself feel better about your sad life you decided you were recieving
visions from the heavens. (by the way, i really dont think you are one of
the guys outside conference--that would require too much self confidence and
for all your bravado i think you are a bit lacking in that department--hense
the self-important role you've created for yourself). So, how close am I?
You did go to Salt Lake Community College didnt you?


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Facsimile proves Mormonism is true

I didn't reply. Next he tried an alias and asked the same things again, using pseudonym Hanselnikova, emailing form an AOL email email address:

From: Thanse35@aol.com
Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2005
Subject: your site
My name is Thea. I have seen your site. I am not a mormon, frankly I don't believe in god but the sarcasm and blatant mocking of this people and their
religon seems so maniacle. Would you like to share? I'm only interested in the truth so if your planning on writing a sarcastic response please don't bother. I'm curious to know why you would spend so much time to make a mockery of all that they hold sacred. For instance, the printable temple recommends and the pictures of their ordinances. Especially the F.A.Q page. I don't think I read a truthful word in it. One would be curious to know why you would use the word "we" when answering your F.A.Q. when obviously you are not of or, probably more truthfully, have not been of the LDS faith in quite some time.

I am writing my master thesis on
religon and science. I have studied the LDS religon extensively over a number of years. I have spoken to many of the faith and not of the faith. I have rarely come to find one as offended as you. I would greatly appreciate your story. Please do not waste your time and mine by providing your theories on the religon. I am only interested in why you hold such an obvious grudge.
Regards, Thea Hanselnikova



[Even using his new alias, this Mormon BYU graduate Student still can't spell religion.  [Amen and QED]  I replied to his original email address, the one for M.G.:

I can't NOT write a sarcastic / mocking reply, Mr. Atheist, so I'll honour your
request and say nothing to you about "this people", or anything. Thanks for
writing anyway, and I'll post your letter along with the rest. Thanks again.

Ps: The word maniacle is not in my vocabulary, perhaps, did you mean manacle?
manacle ? maniacal ? Maniable ? manacled ? Don't answer that because I don't
want to hear from you again. As a professor of "religon", you have a funny way of
typing this word -- twice. Find something constructive to do, bub.

From: Thanse35@aol.com
Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2005 17:47:EDT
Subject: Re: your site

I do apologize if the e-mail I sent you sounded somewhat insensitive. As for the misspelling of the word, well English is not my native language. Although it is hardly a good excuse for not at least hitting the spell check button.

I am not a social creature. I spend the bulk of my time with books and study. I have been told and recognize that I do lack certain social skills and that a lot of what I say comes off offensive. I hope you will accept my apology.
It would be of great assistance to me if you could provide me with your story. I am not acting on behalf of any religion or science, I merely want to broaden the spectrum of my study.

I don't know you, your name or anything about you. I don't even know if you are male or female. I do not wish to provide the specifics of who you are or the name of the website in my paper.

I hope you will reconsider. Again my sincerest apology for coming off as an insensitive imbecile.


p.s. I'm a Ms. not a Mr. I'm 28 born in Tashkent Uzbekistan. I have been in the U.S. for 10 years.

языком не
будет мой
язык мати. Я
русский язык.

From: Thanse35@aol.com
Subject: Re: your site

No, I cannot receive Cyrillic alphabet. On the rare occasion that I write anyone on the internet in Russian I write it in English. For instance, if I were to write to you in Russian I would write it as so:
Privet, kag dela? We do it phonetically. It is a very common practice.

I know of very few in Tashkent that can afford the food that they need much less computer. It is an extremely poor country. We were so much better off under communist rule. If you wish to speak to me in Russian, which would be great, then speak phonetically. What is your native tongue?
I would be happy to communicate with you in Russian phonetically.

As a serious student of religion, you have a funny way of typing this word, twice as religon.  If you really are a student of it, I think you could not mistype it twice.  Do you have any published material on the net?  If not, please send me some samples of your unpublished writings; thank in advance.  I'd also be interested to hear why you are an atheist! And here is  a third question:  Would not your “Privet, kag dela” be rendered more accurately as “Privet, kak dela” ? 

Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2005
Subject: You seek evidence from a stranger
To: Thanse35@aol.com

--- Thanse35@aol.com wrote:

> My dear friend,   You take too much at face value. I have given you basic information
> about myself such as gender and ethnicity, even my name.
=== Don’t fall all over yourself patting yourself on the back too much, friend

> All you have given me are questions to try and prove to yourself that I am not who I say I am.
==== In this country it’s only common courtesy to introduce oneself when
seeking help or advice. You seek evidence from a stranger on the other side of
the internet; it’s your burden to supply it, if asked nice. YOU should not
chastise another for seeking confirmation of your identity on the ‘net. How do
they do it in Uzbekistan?

> You  assume that because I do not take the time to check my spelling that I
> couldn't possibly be an educated person.
==== No. Your spelling and attitude is sloppy and careless -- standard
American, but your grammar is standard American – Not that of an immigrant
ten years in USA; your writing has no accent. I can tell from the writing of even
well-educated Russian speakers that English is not their native language. Your e
mails show no hint of this, your colloquialisms are typical US, not Uzbekistan,
not Russian, bub. Why lie, when first making contact with someone? This is a
 stereotypical Mormon thing. Mormons do this without thinking, without noticing.
“Hi, I’m Elder LaVar Young, from the Planet Kolob (pic). I came to tell you that your
religion is false and you’ll rot in hell if you don’t become a space alien from Kolob
like I.”

> Yet I could introduce you to many  scholars
=== Ok, dear friend, introduce me to theologians who can't spell religion, HA!
I'll wait here by my modem. Why act as if you could / would do this? You
can’t even introduce yourself properly, you can’t answer me directly.
 It really does simplify life. or does it?

> that couldn't spell their way out of a paper bag.
> I asked you to supply me with your story because I thought it would make a
> better paper. I respect your privacy. You are guarded about your story. It
> is possibly hurtful and I understand.
=== you understand nothing, bub.

> I have other resources for my paper. There are many websites that dedicate all
> of their energy to making a mockery of  the LDS church. I am not short of supply
> in that respect. Yours stood out to me because although there are many many web-
> sites like this, yours is the  first that I've seen that is so intertwined with such deep
> emotional rage.  And I  had to ask myself what could have happened to this person
> to hold such hatred in their heart.
> When I first e-mailed you I thought you would be very open to sharing your
> story because you are extremely open with your animosity towards this church.
> I admit to being shocked at your response but even then I assumed it was
> because my e-mail was rather rude in tone.
> As for my being an atheist. It really does simplify life doesn't it?
=== But merely saying this doesn't answer my question, does it? It makes me
think you are a fake. Atheists never sin and are free of it.

Had I not always been an atheist [sic] then maybe what hurt you in the LDS church might
> have also hurt me. I shudder to think I would ever become so angered at
> someone or some thing that would propel me to dedicate such time and effort as you
> have to disparaging the LDS church.
> Whatever the case may be, I wish you luck in your life. I hope that whatever
> has hurt you so dramatically will subside in time.
=== I don't remember having been hurt.
=== I don't believe you. You write like a man, not like a woman. You can’t
speak Russian – you looked up some phrased on a dating website. Nobody else
on the planet has your last name, according to Yahoo and Google. Your evasive
answer on atheism tells me you are a theist. You are a Mormon. You complain
about my momo pages but never said squat about my Islam pages, Mr. Theologian.
No real theologian would misspell religion twice in the same sentence, it just
can’t happen. If you had wanted honest answers from me in the beginning you
should not have cone in disguise or you should have provided some of your
materials that will tell me you know something, Matt. Instead you cover up
with excuses. That’s why I don’t believe you. Now fuck off, “Thea”-Matt..

> Sincerely, Thea

From: Thanse35@aol.com
Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2005 02:01
Subject: Re: You seek evidence from a stranger

As I said, you take too much at face value. You have never given me your name. Yet you assume that I have supplied you with my real last name. Never would I be so careless as to divulge my real name on the internet to a perfect stranger that I know nothing about.

It is nothing to Brag about having been born in Tashkent. I grew up with my mother and two younger sisters. My drunken father left us long ago. From the age of 9 I worked. I worked at any job that I could find so that we would have enough food.
Once I had enough money to buy a watermelon. You don't just get in a cab in Tashkent because it is so expensive you can't afford it. Every body there walks unless they are rich. I took a wheel barrow with me to the market, just an outside market with rows of goods and foods to buy, and I bought a watermelon. This was a real luxury. The apartment that we all lived in was on the 8th floor and by the time I got the watermelon up there I was sweating, I couldn't breathe but I knew it was going to be worth it. It was the best watermelon I had ever eaten. It was the last watermelon my mother ever tasted. She died a month later.
I was alone with no family except for my sisters that were now depending on me to look after them. A friend of mine saw an ad about meeting rich American men at a party. It said that if the agency signed us up we could keep the nice clothes they provided for us for free and a bonus of the equivalent of 100 USD.
I met a man that promised me everything if I married him. He was a rich American that would take me home and treat me like a princess. I was 18. He brought me back to America and proceeded to beat me. He lived in a rural area with no neighbors on 135 acres of land. It took me 5 months to escape him. I stayed in America and worked myself through college. You want to know why I am an atheist? Because what kind of god would let my mother die with 2 young daughters to raise? What kind of god would look down on my family, my good mother, and have nothing good happen to them not even an ounce of happiness until the day she died.
You are far from being right about me "bub." I am 100% Russian and 100% female. And furthermore, if a Mormon man claiming to be a woman has tried to contact you in the past, and that is why you are so defensive towards me, then I don't blame you for the way you react.
You need not reply to this e-mail. There is no satisfactory way of proving to you that I am real unless I stood face to face with you. And we both know that's not going to happen. So goodbye.. whomever or whatever you are.

I would think that an atheist writing a Master’s Thesis on religion would have
not given an argument of religions’ internal inconsistency such as your “You
want to know why I am an atheist? Because what kind of god would let my mother
die with 2 young daughters to raise? What kind of god would look down on my
family, my good mother, and have nothing good happen to them not even an ounce
of happiness …”. I would think that religion is full of many gods who permit
this, and much worse, as the status quo. Take Quetzalquatl, for example. God
could just be one mean son-of-a bitch and it's not an argument for non-existence,
 is it? Arguments about the evidence for gods, -- such as that they are not needed
for anything -- for things to carry on, for example,  are not the first thing that came
to mind. Such basic ideas should be in your  thesis, yes?

You say “There is no satisfactory way of proving to you that I am real [who I
say I am
] unless I stood face to face with you” . I suppose you could email a
picture. That would help, especially if you were holding today’s newspaper  :)
Never say never :)

I think you were just a bit deceptive, signing your letters “Regards, Thea
Hanselnikova”. This tricks a normal person to falsely think that Hanselnikova
is your last name, yes? You say “I have given you basic information about
myself such as gender and ethnicity, even my name.”. This is not so! You
make excuses for your deception, albeit a small one.

Perhaps in your thesis you discuss the future of science. If you do, I’d be
interested in hearing your thoughts on the space tower, (a hobby of mine) and
on cryonics, if this is in your thesis. Again, you COULD have sent me parts of
your writings to look at.

“So goodbye. .whomever or whatever you are”. This, your statement form before,
leads me to think again that you are a native English speaker because it’s a
common grammatical error of Americans, NOT of foreigners.

So goodbye, whoever you are.


Suddenly, he seems to be come rather speechless --

Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2005 12:04:49 EDT
Subject: Re: So goodbye.. whomever or whatever you are

And what will be gained by sending you a picture? You will have a picture of me and I will still know nothing about you. Except for the fact you like to pick apart the grammatical and spelling errors on the e-mails I send you while I don't say anything about the errors in your e-mails.


You wrote “There is no satisfactory way of proving to you that I am real unless
I stood face to face with you”. I suppose you could email a picture. That
would help, especially if you were holding today’s newspaper. Again, that
would have been a satisfactory way to demonstrate that you are who you claim to be
and THAT is what would have been gained. Perhaps you misunderstood.

 The reason I pick on your grammar errors and spelling mistakes is because I think
that you are an American, and NOT an immigrant – I do it not to be mean. You are
not a woman;  you write like a male. So, a picture would have satisfied me as to
your veracity, which at present I doubt, Ms. Hanselick, or whoever you are.

You could easily have included a sample of your work, since that is the
subject you wanted to talk about – the field of your expertise. You could have
answered my several questions from the last email.

The fish first stinks first from the head (A Russian proverb :)


The cat got his tongue.

From: Thanse35@aol.com
Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2005 15:29:07 EDT
Subject: Re: A Russian proverb

Then I guess you and I will forever be a mystery to one another.

Amen.  I replied to "Thea" at his first "M.G." email address:

Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2005
From: "JUL" <>Subject: Re: Real Estate mystery
To: M.G.

You're no mystery to me, you first-resort-dishonest pay-lay-ale, Mr. Historian.

That's all she wrote until later; Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

From: "M.G."
Subject: RE:
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2005 12:59

Please take my name and email off the website.[...]
Please, please, remove my name and email.

I'm always open to any discussion you may wish to begin.


From: "M.G."
Subject: RE: Real Estate
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2005 21:35

I would rather not see anything i wrote you posted on the internet. I dont
think i can convince you to remove the email you posted, but would you
please remove my name and email address?

Thank You

From: chris.thomas@servi-tek.net
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006
Subject: No Surprise
It's no surprise to me that this website exists or the many others like it. It's said in scriptures that these things will happen to us, it only helps to verify who we really are.

Chris Thomas
Ramona California

--- Chad wrote:

will keep this short and sweet. I am sure you get a lot of e-mails like
mine. I casually looked at your "website". I just find it interesting that
people can be so bitter about Mormonism. If you leave the Church, let it go.
(Something must be keeping you so bitter.) It would be great if you decided
to return and be a part of it again, but no one can be forced to do what they
choose not to do. You will do what you want, as will I. Plain and
simple...........that is the way that it is meant to be. AGENCY

Chad L.

At 09:33 AM 5/13/2007, Chantry, Jason wrote:
You people need to find a worth-while hobby. Worry about your own salvation and quit worrying about where you think we are going. If you spent half the time you put into bashing Mormons into something worthwhile, like global warming or your personal salvation, you would make huge differences. And get your facts straight before publishing your Mormon bashing websites. Most of what you say in your site is incorrect. It will be embarrassing to you when the truth is given to you. Being a Mormon hater is not going to get you to heaven. Believing in Jesus Christ and following his ways are the only thing that will grant you that. Try it, it's wonderful. I don't remember anywhere in the bible where Jesus was bashing with other religions..? Follow the bible, it will do you miracles!!

" If We Could Hie to Kolob"

Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2007

Hi! I was looking at your site, http://nowscape.com/mormon/kolob-hi.htm, and noticed the reference to the Kingsfold tune. This a hymn tune that is attributed to Ralph Vaughn Williams ca. 1906. I think it is an English folk tune he discovered. It can be found in the Hymnal 1982 from the Episcopal Church and I am sure other churches use the tune in their hymnals.

Thanks for the great site,


Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2007 15:01:33
From: "Missionary Depot" <themissionarydepot@gmail.com>
Subject: Spam: Request

To whom it may concern,
This liahona Missionary depot.
You have used our company information and an unauthorized picture of our building on your website http://nowscape.com/mormon/liahona.htm
You have claimed that we sell a liahona for $99 and several other false claims.
Please remove our information from your website immediatley.
Otherwise legal action will be taken!
Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.

Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2007 16:06:04
From: chris@sonicmotion.net
Subject: Please take down your site.

I respectfully ask you to take your website offline. I find it highly offensive. So I ask again, please take it down.

From: "Brendan Graves"
Subject: Re: Mormons

Why do you rip on the Mormons?

Do you make fun of other Christian churches too?

I don't care what those other assholes say about your site, it sounds legit to me. Do I have to be mormom to be a mormon informer? Hey are you an atheist? I'm more agnostic than athiest. What religion did you parents raise you? Mine are still trying to force me to go to their Lutheran community church. What a bunch of bull. Why did you become atheist? I still believe in something higher but just not in the religions today. Their way too controlling and just sound full of shit.

From: Lacey Barcus <llbarcus@yahoo.com>
Subject: new boring little titl

Hello again. Well when I was younger I used to get so mad because I would pray and pray and expect a miracle, like I would want Heavenly Father to make my leg tingle or something so I would know for sure that he existed. The thing is, it doesn't quite work that way. At the time I was praying about this, I didn't have a whole lot of faith, obviously or I wouldn't have asked for proof. Faith is believing without seeing. You may not have gotten anything right after you prayed and most of the time people don't. We are supposed to ponder about the things we are going to pray about before we ask for them. Maybe you did that, but at least for me, the answer will not come in minutes and sometimes not even in weeks. Everything happens in the due time of the Lord. We also have to be ready for the answers we receive and Heavenly Father knows when we are ready. Just by emailing with you I think you need to be a little more light hearted, now I am not a judgemental person by any means and I don't even know your name, so please don't take offense to that. I have been a member my whole life, but my family went inactive about 7 years ago now and when I moved away from home I met members and at that time in my life I was ready for it. I was ready and willing to do the will of the Lord. With that said, you have concerns about Kolob. Well, not everything is completely understood about it. I am assuming you are an inactive member... so if you have your scriptures somewhere get them out and read in the Pearl of Great Price Abraham chapter 3.. the beginning talks about it. Basically this is what we have gathered so far; the star Kolob is the closest star to God. In the scriptures it talks about how a thousand days to us is one day to the Lord. So, if you understand Science you will understand that time and space are relative. This is tricky to explain because I'm not a fan of science...but I shall do my best... Nothing goes faster than the speed of light and God is referred to as light in the scriptures, which could possibly explain the one thousand=one day to God because time stops at the speed of light. I know it's tricky, my husband was explaining it to me and it made perfect sense, but I can't explain things relating to science too well.. unless of course it involves Nursing because that is my area :o) Anyway I hope this helps a little bit. What is your name?

Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2008 19:44
From: "Jonathan Marsh" <snowpunter@yahoo.com>
Subject: Your site is as pathetic looking now as it was in '97.

Oh, and keep up the bigotry and hate. The world needs more people like you to slander each and every belief system out there.

From: Hiway2atlantis@aol.com
Subject: (no subject)

I wonder if you will be able to update your web site from hell... Have a nice day!

LINK: The WORST anti-Mormon

Subject: Spam: Mormon coinage
Date: Sun, 25 May 2008
From: "Mosheyahu Salohyameyn" <***@gmail.com>

On your web page http://nowscape.com/mormon/momoney.htm I was reading about the coins found within the Book of Mormon. I noticed your equation of 1 shiblon = 1/3rd a shiblon, but the mathematics seem flawed. The site states that:

1 shiblon   = senum = (measure-barley) = 2 shiblum = 1/3 shiblon...   however, the above definitions for these measures state that:
   Shiblum = 2 leah   = 1/2 shiblon        so the equation should be:
1 shiblon   = senum = (measure-barley)  =  2 shiblum  =  1 shiblon

I am not sure if this is an oversight, or if the website was created as a joke or hoax site, but this particular section discredits the remainder of that page, and leads me to question any other evidence brought up against the Mormon religion.

Thank you for reading,
- Moshe

Subject: Spam: Mormon coinage
Date: 28 May 2008
To: "Mosheyahu Salohyameyn" <***@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: Spam: Mormon coinage

Dear Moshe,

I got this from the scriptures -- the BOM [and Wikipedia]. Thanks for pointing out this inaccuracy!  I deleted it.  I replaced it with this function from the BOM:

From Alma [8, 9]  in the Book of Mormon we have 1/2 Seon = 1 Shum and from Alma [9] we see that  1 Shum = 2 Seons...
... Therefore the Book of Mormon proves that  1 Seon = 2 Seons!

From  [8, 9] we have 1/2 Seon = 1 Shum and from [9] we see that 1 Shum = 2 Seons...
... Therefore the Book of Mormon proves that 1/2 Seon = 2 Seons

From: "D. S. Busby" <dsbusby@aznex.net>
Subject: First picture of Joseph Smith ?
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2008

Since when did Joseph Smith ever receive a Phi Beta Kappa key, as shown in your copy of that picture?





 COC [sic] ... Community Of Christ threatens to sue

From: "Robert C Lewis" <rlewis@cofchrist.org>
To: <nowscape@yahoo.com>
Cc: "Karen E Minton" <kminton@cofchrist.org>,
"Lachlan Mackay (FW)" <LMackay@KirtlandTemple.org>
X-OriginalArrivalTime: 27 Feb 2009

Community of Christ, owner of the Scannel daguerreotype, and copyright holder of all photographic or digitally scanned images of the daguerreotype, including images derived therefrom, demands you cease and desist from continuing publishing any unauthorized reproductions of copyrighted and/or proprietary materials of the Community of Christ.

Please see the attached letter. Contact me directly if you have any questions.

Robert Lewis
Legal Services
Community of Christ
1001 West Walnut Street
Independence, Missouri 64050
(816) 833-1000 x 2272

I've heard of the McClelland collection, the Salamander papers and the Piltdown man. 
But I've never heard of the Scannell Daguerreotype; call me stupid. [Ed.]

From: Tim *********** <***********@***.***>
Subject: mormon "church" and property taxes
Date: Mon, 2 Mar 2009 20:57:54 -0800

I just read a 1996 piece on an effort to kill the tax exempt status
of the Mormon organization in Colorado. Was that actually achieved?

Whether or not it is possible to make religious organizations start
paying property taxes ( I strongly feel they should, and it is), the
LDS operation very definitely ought to pay. The Mormon "Church" is
not so much a faith as it is a highly successful global business
organization and political machine. It has precious little to do with
religion, unless sexually obsessed cults can be considered
religious. In Utah and in those Mormon fundamentalist pockets around
Utah and in Idaho and Canada, predatory sex has been key unspoken
Mormon doctrine since the beginning, and it flourishes today, not
just in the
fundamentalist branch of the LDS "church", as the
main body would have people believe, but throughout the mainstream
organization, based in SLC.. Loud and constant declarations to the
contrary, there is no separation between church and state in Utah,
or in the state's satellite environs; there is no outside (non-
Mormon) help for sexually and otherwise physically abused daughters
and wives (bishops handle such matters, and keep them secret); and
members of the cult serving as U.S. senators and representatives
excel at keeping the lid on the nasty and violent history and present
"secret ceremony" activities of their "faith." That the LDS "church"
gets away with its tax-exempt status in this country is a tribute to
its talent for deception, cover-up and deceit. The Mormon operation is
wealthy, powerful, and exceedingly dangerous to society.


Date: Sat, 7 Mar 2009
Subject: An update from a friend
From: Gardiner Moody

Just wanted to drop you a message and let you know what's up.

I've started a YouTube channel, my handle is IndignantAtheist ( youtube.com/user/indignantatheist ). I've also started a blog  (theythinkiminsane.blogspot.com ) and I'm working with a secular non-profit multimedia company designing and maintaining their website for them.

This is why I really wanted to email you, however:
I actually attended a Mormon church a few weeks back and just felt so sad for the people there. They were using terms like "Heavenly Father" and "I know the church is true" and I just couldn't help but feel so sad for them all. I felt such pity for them, they take the whole thing so seriously (as I used to, a long time ago).

I lost a bet with my mother and had to go to church with them. I sat with her during sacriment meeting and whenever she feels 'the holy ghost' she cries what she calls 'happy tears.' One of my cousins who is not, by any stretch of the definition 'a righeous man' gave a very stirring talk which made my mother feel the holy ghost. She was crying and nearly speaking in tongues!

Despite the fact that pretty much everything he said was a lie, despite the fact that he didn't believe anything he was saying... my mom felt 'the holy ghost.'

That, right there, is enough proof to show the holy ghost is not a real and objective force.

Gardiner Moody
Belslow Studios
Technical Director / Webmaster

[This email wound up in the JUNK folder.  Are you mass-mailing this letter out to many?
Ps., friend I don't remember you; did we meet before? -- Ed.]

Date: Sun, 8 Mar 2009
Subject: An update from a friend
From: Gardiner Moody

No, I'm not mass mailing.

About four years ago I emailed the site with hate mail... and then two years ago sent another letter in saying how I had left Mormonism. Both messages are posted on your site.


Gardiner's 1st email


Date: Sun, 26 Aprs 2009
From: Annette Gabriella <netntom@sbcglobal.net>
Subject: from a liberal Mormon
To: nowscape@yahoo.com

I consider myself a liberal Mormon and am shocked by what I've seen on your site. These are your opinions [Sic
*]. Not all Mormons are as closed-minded as is implied in your articles. I have never seen anyone mouthing the words to "If You Could Hie to Kolob". In fact, it's one of my favorite hymns. You are entitled to your opinions, but the way you represent your information and the content of the adds are really inapproriate. It would be respectful to remove the photo of the Temple on your site, as you clearly represent your own ideas and not those of the LDS Church.

[and there's more...]
At 02:05 PM 4/27/2009, you wrote:

I must rebuttal. You have assumed I am someone I am not. I am a Democrat, an environmentalist, and President of my Book Club, where we have committed to never read religious books. So.. I am educated... I do read books.. nonfiction, as well as fiction. My point is that it is my impression you have assumed all Mormons are closed-minded. Some are, yes, but not all. I am sorry if those closed-minded, ultra-conservatives have set you on this path to trash the LDS Church. They annoy me too, but I can still have my testimony in-tact and know that those limited individuals do not represent the true Gospel. If you continue to portray Mormons in this negative light, then you are just as closed-minded as those ultra-conservatives. It's OK to disagree, yet tolerate others' religious and cultural beliefs. The fact that you have provided a printable Temple Recommend shows you have lost respect of what others deem sacred. I would never desecrate something that another person believed sacred, even if I disagreed. Why such animosity?

You have a right to share your opinions, but out of respect for others, remove the Temple Recommend. Seriously, it's despicable.

This is the final email you will receive from me. I do not wish to continue communication with you. I hope you will make wise choices and have a happy life.

* I may have published someone else's opinions -- thanks for the clarification.
When you say "These are your opinions", then that's your opinion!  Now, that having been said, what's been accomplished, bub?

You do considered Sacret to mormons, (most say secret_ cerimonies and rituals. You learn thing that mormons say you need to return into the presence of God...Temple participants each receive these four secret tokens or handclasps with accompanying secret names, signs, and penalties....
Strange clothing, Learn handshakes and arm movemonts with names for each. You receive a new name...

The whole temple process has really been watered down over the years with many parts taken out that were considered violent or bare skin touching on parts of the body.

I have done it myself...it is not of God in my opinion....

From: Maximo Larkin <maxlarkin17@gmail.com>
Subject: This is funny
Date: July 5, 2012 10:06:59 PM

Someone linked me to this website, honestly, it's hilarious. Why the obsession? You people are pathetic

Some thing with all these links and articles. Why reveal the sacred things that happen in the temple? I understand you may not like them, but to make a mockery of them pains me. It hurts, it makes it hard to respect your opinions when you don't respect others

They [the secret temple ceremonies] are sacred private things, meant for those who have earned a temple recommend. Also the print your own recommend page interesting, I'd heard you could do that. But back to the subject, that is a sacred private ordinance. This is nothing new in the history of God's church. When Moses went to the top of Mount Sinai and met with God that was kept private. Much of Christ's life is kept undocumented and even his time in the wilderness for 40 days only has his brush with the devil mentioned. So that is why it troubles me, the use of the mask of transparency incorrectly, when some things were made to be kept sacred and private.

IN MEMORIAM:  Olga was Decapitated, Unfortunately...


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